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Yummy, Scrummy Banana milkshake.

AdvantagesGreat taste, High in protein, Low in fat

DisadvantagesNothing that I can think of!

"...am reviewing is made by Yazoo who is well known for making delicious milkshakes that come in Chocolate, Strawberry & Banana flavour. The milkshake itself is actually produced by Campina and is a sterilised milk drink made with skimmed and whole milk. The milkshake is suitable for vegetarians and is a great source of protein and calcium and is low in fat. The milkshake contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. I have tried the chocolate ..." Read review

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Yahoo it's YAZOO!!

AdvantagesLovely taste & reasonable value..


"...three alternative flavours of the Yazoo milkshake on offer in the shop I was in recently, and these were Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate. I chose to buy one each of the bottles in the Banana and Chocolate flavours. The bottle is made of plastic and so can be washed out and recycled after use. There is a plastic cap on top of the bottle which is a screw-off design, and underneath this is a small foil seal which keeps the milk drink fresh. This ..." Read review

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Milky Banana Goodness!

Advantagesgreat banana flavour

Disadvantagesnone, but of course it isn't as good as the real thing

"...just for a milkshake!) These yazoo banana milkshakes are my next option! In my local 99p store (oh dear, I really do shop in there often don't I?!) they have the little packs of 3 200ml bottles for 99p. They come with a screw cap lid and also a foil seal underneath which can be pierced with the straw that is attached to the bottle, or just peel back the foil seal and sip it as normal I suppose. Not too sure why Yazoo feel the need to give us so ..." Read review

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"I remember drinking Yazoo Milkshakes when I was younger, and never had the Banana one. The Chocolate was rich and sweet and the Strawberry one was just delicious, but I was a bit put off with the Banana one. Not sure why as I like Bananas, but you know what it's like when you get something in your head. I tried a small bottle of it the other day while walking home from the local shop, but that was my fill. I've satisfied my curiousity, and don't need ..." Read review

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A banana milkshake with not much banana!

AdvantagesTastes great, reasonable price

DisadvantagesCan't be stored long once opened, not very good lid and high calorie amount!

"I drink the banana Yazoo so much that I thought it was essential I write a review on my favourite milkshake drink! I've tried other banana milkshakes and 'banana flavoured milk' and they just don't meet the taste of the Yazoo! It's so easy to come across a cheaper/less well known brand of banana milk and buy it with no alternative, but it's never as enjoyable as the Yazoo's drink. This drink is in fact a 'milkshake' and not a 'banana flavoured ..." Read review

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