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Its only natural to like this



"...kinds I recently consumed some Yeo valley natural yoghurt. Yeo make several yoghurts with the name natural in it. There is the organic natural yoghurt or, fat free natural yoghurt and, a Greek style natural yoghurt Natural describes yoghurt with out any added flavour. Yeo valley natural yoghurts are all live yoghurts. The tastes of natural yoghurts has certainly improved since I was a nipper 40+ years ago then it was a sour taste and you could ..." Read review

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Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yogurt. I Love it!

AdvantagesTastes great and has a nice smooth consistency.

DisadvantagesCan thicken up at the edges of the pot.

"Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yogurt comes in individual pots, larger pots of 500ml and big 1l pots. They are packaged in plastic with green cardboard covering a plastic cover sealing the top and a plastic lid that can be clicked in the keep the yogurt fresh for later use. I first bought this yogurt for my daughter when she was being weaned on to solids. I did not like the sugar content of some of the kiddies yogurts and, being thrifty, I also found ..." Read review

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Yeo valley organic yogurt

AdvantagesMade from organic milk, very tasty

Disadvantagesmore expensive than other brands,fat content (low fat yogurt is available from yeo valley)

"...own yogurts. My husband brought Yeo valley organic yogurt recently and i was very surprised with its good taste, quality and the organic ingredients used in this product. The yogurt is creamy, white in colour, thick, smooth and delicious. The real taste of natural yogurt can be felt once put in the mouth. It does not taste too sweet as there is no added sugar and the natural mild sweet taste comes from the ingredient organic milk's naturally occurring ..." Read review

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A delicious way to eat organic

AdvantagesWhole milk, organic and delicious tasting


"Yeo Valley Organic Lemon Curd Probiotic Yogurt Product Type: Yeo Valley in Food Newest Review: ... this bill in this mission. I usually buy my Yeo Valley yogurts at Tesco where they are usually about £1.68 a pot, or 2 for £2.50 usuall... more Ads by GooglePrintable Coupons www.kgbdeals.co.ukLike to Go Out? Join Now & Save Up to 90% at Your Favorite Activities .Price ComparisonRead 2 ReviewsWrite a Review.More Offers Yeo Valley Organic ..." Read review

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Quick review of Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yoghurt

"As a yoghurt lover, i can highly recommend Yeo Valley Organic. Normally when natural yoghurts are eaten, they may leave a sour taste in your mouth or 'hairy teeth', not with this one... (: The best way to eat it is either with fruit, e.g, berries, strawberries and bananas or with cereal such as muesli... Love it, love it, love it!!!

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