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~A Multi use Fluid~

Advantagesgood lighter fluid


"...have a can of this Zippo lighter fluid in the cupboard at home and I must say that I do use the fluid on a fairly regular basis. Firstly being a smoker (when I’m not pregnant) means that we have a few fancy lighters that need filling up with this type of fuel. These lighters never leave the house because they are far too nice and too expensive to go and loose like we do so many others. The second reason would be because I collect stamps (believe ..." Read review

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A premium lighter fluid

AdvantagesPremium quality, no contamination, clearer stronger flame


"Zippo lighter fluid is a product I use on a regular basis and it is in my opinion becoming slightly difficult to source at the present time. I have one Zippo lighter, which I treasure and this is the preferred lighter fluid I choose to use in my lighter. This particular lighter fluid is long lasting and high quality and is a brand I personally prefer to use. The can is fairly deistinctiv ein design and stands out on the shelf from other brands. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sceneguy


Feed my flames

Advantageseasy to use, insturctions on side, lasts longer than other fluids. safety feature


"...used after filling my thirsty zippo it lit up first time no trouble. when i used other brands on the cheaper side it took at least three attempts with my old fliptop lighter. It is alot cleaner burning than other fluids as theres no messing around and trying to get the right amount just fill for five seconds stop and fill for another three. If you use other fluids and your zippo breaks it may void your warranty so it's better to be safe than sorry. ..." Read review

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Zippo Lighter Fluid

AdvantagesAffordable, well packaged, easy to use.

DisadvantagesCan be dangerous in the wrong hands.

"...regular basis, topping up my Zippo lighter with it. Although a size of 125ml doesn't sound a lot, for around £1.50 you are getting enough lighter fluid to last quite some time. I don't but the Zippo Lighter Fluid that often, but I always have it bookmarked on my homepage for when I do need to make an order. The Zippo Lighter Fluid comes in a 125ml metal can. The can is mainly black in colour, with a red top and a silver rim which gives away that it ..." Read review

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Burn baby burn

Advantagessafe to store


"When you have a zippo lighter the best fluid to use is Zippo branded fluid because it is clear buring and does not contain any impurities. *Price and availability* The zippo lighter fluid can be bought at supermarkets and at silversmiths where they sell zippo lighters. A 125ml bottle will cost you around £2.50. *Description* The lighter fluid comes in a black tin with a red easy pour spout. The lighter fluid looks the same as any lighter ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LipCocaine


Zippo Lighter Fluid - very long lasting!

AdvantagesGood Looking, Long Lasting, Works Well.

DisadvantagesA tad more expensive than other brands.

"...last christmas to buy actual Zippo Lighter Fluid, rather than the generic yellow brand you can also get in most shops. I bought my other half a Zippo lighter and got offered a cheaper deal if I bought some flints and lighter fluid of the same brand so I did. It seemed to last a lot longer in the lighter than the other brand I've used in the past, as well as looking better on your shelf in my opinion. It was still going up until 2 months ago, meaning ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Zippy Zippo

Advantagesgood and not too dear


"Lately we have been using Zippo Lighter Fuel for lighting the barbeque when we have peple come over at weekends for something to eat, either friends or family. Zippo is something I usually have in the garage for such things as lighting the BBQ and there is always a tin handy as it is long lasting and you don't really need to use to us too much of this stuff so it willl last you for ages. It comes in a 125ml can which I buy from Halfords and it ..." Read review

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Zippo Lighter Fluid



"Excellent and cheap alternative to the more expensive brands and made by reputable manufacturer called ZIPPO. IN MY OPINION this is a most excellent product and costs £2 for 125ml can. Very easy to use and comes complete with full instructions on the back and side of the container for the purchaser so no mistakes or errors occur which may be fatal. Will not be sold to the purchaser who is under the age of eighteen for safety reasons. It ..." Read review

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