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Not just good for German things

AdvantagesExcellent source of foreign-language items.

Disadvantagescan't think of any

"...find the German Amazon site Amazon.de excellent for all sorts of European publications that are difficult or expensive to obtain from UK book or music sellers; for example, I'm a big fan of the Italian rock group "I Pooh" who have been around for at least as long as the Rolling Stones but are virtually unknown in Britain. I can buy their CDs easily on Amazon.de It's also excellent for classical music and opera. Last time I ordered a DVD it took ..." Read review

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Community Level 2daylight


My first buy, with amazon.

Advantageseasy to use, very reliable.

Disadvantagesnon that I can think of.

"Just recently I have started to use my computer a lot more. One of the ways I use it is to do online shopping. I didnt really have to look to hard to find a decent site. The D.V.D that I intended tio get had only just come out, which was no problem at all. Once I decided to use Amazon, I found it very easy to navigate, and it had loads of pictures of the goods for sale. After carefully choosing the item which I wanted I then went to the payment ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Daimonion


The best book shop in the internet

Advantagescosts, choosing of book's, sérvice


"Hello dear Ciao reader, today I might have presented the probably largest and best Internet internetversandhandel. It concerns itself and no smaller names than Amazon.de. Often I already placed myself the question of conscience, am I my books, Video's or also D'S in the Internet to rather order, or am I the trouble to make itself with one bus into the city to drive. There are advantages guaranteed on both pages. In this report I try to make tasty ..." Read review

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Community Level 4richardash...


If the book you want isn't in English ...

AdvantagesWide range

DisadvantagesKnowledge of German needed to use the site

"The internet makes many things possible. One of the best is the ability now to buy books from suppliers in other countries. Often, if they are not in your own language, it will be hard to find them at shops in your own country. Even internet sellers in your own country will often be unable to help. But now we can search the world. If you have any proficiency in another language and are happy to use that to search for what you are looking for, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Alfred_Jod...


Books from the postman

Advantagesmany book, many CD amd a good service

Disadvantagesan half year ago it was cheaper

"I order my books already for a long time almost exclusively in the InterNet, and here particularly with amazon.de. THERE WHAT GIVES IT EVERYTHING TO ORDERING? It gives as with almost each book dispatch in InterNet naturally also music CDs, software CDs, to order videos and DVDs. My experiences are worthwhile itself the music CDs however to few, because they are not more cheaply, whole compared with retail trade (due to forwarding expenses) ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tatootart





"I Have had CDS, VIDEOS and COMPUTER Games from AMAZON.They are very efficient and fast.I have had 1 game that arrived incorrect and was able to return the item with no fuss and received my money backno questions asked.I have also ordered CDS EG:JOHNEY GILL also ENRIQUE and was able to listen to tracks before I ordered which was a bonus. Thet have a wish list which lets you pre-order goods before they are released, I was after "ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES ..." Read review

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