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PC Perfect

AdvantagesExcellent place for computer components,

DisadvantagesNone really.

"One of the things that was top of my list before coming to uni, was getting a new computer. Originally I thought a Laptop was the best way to go, the portability and the fact I would be able to use it on the train home were the main reasons for that, I knew the one I wanted too, it was a HP laptop Iíd liked when I worked at John Lewis. It was about £1000 I think, so I had some saving to do. However, my best friend Jam, told me not to waste my money ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PaulMCC08


Paul MC

AdvantagesThey sell gift vouchers

DisadvantagesYou probably won't receive your orders

"My experience of Aria is as follows - I had a gift voucher purchased for me by my previous employer when I moved on to another position. Unfortunately Aria addressed it for the employer's attention and not mine. The order specifically requested that it be sent to me (it was a gift voucher after all - the logic of this is obvious I'm sure). In itself this is not a major crime, these things happen and I wasn't overly bothered. The wheels came off ..." Read review

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Community Level 1peteruk08


Aria - the top name for great prices and service

AdvantagesGreat prices, amazing loyalty deals and competitions, good customer service

DisadvantagesLimited options for delivery (only next day or RM)

"Aria is a company who really do treat their customers in an exemplary manner. A great example of this is to look at the way they treat their forum users. All you need to do is sign up there and you'll have two opportunities per day to win some great prizes, simply by making a post in a topic. In addition to this, there are also some amazing deals for remaining active on their forum and helping in constructive discussion. The deals to be had are really ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gabriel959


A perfect online shopping experience...

AdvantagesPersonable, Nice website, speedy delivery, wide range of stock, excellent prices


"== Introduction == As a customer for computer parts I always look at who can provide me the cheapest parts with good customer service. I have been mainly, over the years, a Scan Computers and Overclockers UK customer but one day whilst looking to buy a new monitor I came across Aria.co.uk. I noticed they had a shop forum running and decided to register as a user, I was really pleasantly surprised with the amount of offers for normal users and regular ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rustybrown0


Sacrificing customer services for cheaper prices

AdvantagesCan offer cheap prices and bundle packages

DisadvantagesAwful customer service

"Discovering online stores that offer value for money products as well as prompt customer service has become somewhat of a rarity these days. I am comfortable in saying that when dealing with Aria Technology you see the good and the bad sides they have to offer. Before making my purchases with Aria, I spent months studying the different online prices for certain pc components I would need to build my dream gaming machine with. After much research ..." Read review

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Aria PC is the best

AdvantagesReliable, good pricing, good delivery, tracking, safe


"So, if you're looking to buy PC parts or anything else that they can provide, you'd be silly not to buy from Aria PC. They are at the top of the food chain thanks to their amazing support, reliability and pricing. I bought most of my PC parts there, and I had no problem at all. They delivered on time, and gave me a nice tracking interface so I could track my order's status. I spent around £400 just at Aria PC and I do not regret it at all. Every ..." Read review

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Service and Support is good.

AdvantagesQuick delivery, lots of choice in stock, very knowledgeable staff..

DisadvantagesRMA process a ltitle slow.

"I recently had to purchase new computing equipment for the office, free reign to use whoever I wanted, I opted to use aria... prices are normally very competitive. I've no idea about current computers and what's good or bad, what will do what I require etc. I didn't really have the time to sit there and do the leg work, so I made a phone call to aria sales. Steve picked up and I told him what I wanted, explained what the computer was to be used ..." Read review

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Never again

AdvantagesCheap prices - to the cost of customer service

DisadvantagesTerrible customer service

"I bought a monitor from these jokers. The monitor arrived with a broken screen. No problem I thought, Aria will send me a replacement straight away. But this wasnít the case. Apparently they would first have to make a claim with their courier before they could refund or replace the item! In the end it took nearly TEN WEEKS TO GET MY MONEY BACK! They didnít pick up the item for five weeks. It took many phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gsbg09071


J Stephenson

AdvantagesVery fast delivery

DisadvantagesCustomer Care is "Customer? We don't care" or absolutely appalling

"Aria, I have used them for a couple of years and up to now have been more than satisfied. Usually you order and get a delivery date 5-7 days hence but invariably it arrives next day. However My luck has run out. I ordered a 19" TFT monitor which arrived within 48 hours, Next day I took it to my clients house to install on his brand new system. On unpacking it was found to be slightly damaged, in transit something had pierced the box and come into ..." Read review

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Community Level 1NickCPC


Samsung HD103SJ F3 1TB HDD from Aria

AdvantagesExcellent packaging, very fast delivery, brilliant customer service, price-matched the HDD.

DisadvantagesHad to call to make my order at the price-matched price, when I prefer ordering online.

"Though Aria haven't had the best customer service a few years ago, I'd like to publish my experience of dealing with them recently. I have been a regular forum member since about March, and we've had a wide variety of competitions, as well as tech discussions, and off-topic threads. However, I was desperately short on space, so I PM'd one of the staff (the MD no less) and asked if he could do a deal on an HD103SJ (F3 1TB). I was offered an extremely ..." Read review

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Aria Can't pay County Court Awards to Consumers?


DisadvantagesHeld in law to have been unlawfully & purposedfully confusing consumers

"Aria Technology Limited ('Aria PC Technology') attempted in writing stating to have teasted it to deduct a 'testing and a re-stocking fee' for a motherboard which was never even returned to it! Matters such as the following, my dealings with it having involved much more than the above and of that nature, were copied it as being intended to be published, with opportunity to comment if it wanted to -it has not; the following is based on my familiarity ..." Read review

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Do not do it ! Shocking after sales ! Fake reviews !


DisadvantagesShockingly bad customer service , Expensive shipping, Plenty of fake reviews on Internet

"This company is an utter disgrace to entire industry.- A graphic card that developed fault (noisy fan). In the end, I gave up as they didn't bother to respond to my emails (the card was still on warranty).The card was cheap so it didn't make me cry.- A motherboard which often failes to boot.Aria tech support couldn't find the problem, even though I sent them video and explained how to test it (I used ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Stromatoli...


Aria offer a service that surpasses all others.

AdvantagesGreat prices/price matching/ friendly

Disadvantagesonly one delivery courier option

"...the last few months, Aria.co.uk has started twice daily give a ways, which have included 6 bare bone overclocked bundles, an AM3 crosshair motherboard worth £169, computer cases, and many more smaller prizes. Aria have also reinstated the loyal forum member deals which entitles users who are active on the forum to received heavily discounted items put on offer. Overall I have not come close to the service provided by Aria.co.uk at any other e-tailer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Steve_to_h...

Quick review of aria.co.uk (since 2007)

"BE WARNED! Aria had a wonderful reputation with me....once. I even got my company and friends to buy from them, who made major purchases. I bought mobo, CPU, RAM, graphics card and case from them, and the graphics card was dead out-of-the-box. My friend proved it. Sent back to Returns and it has been 2 weeks. I have (eventually) spoken to 3 liars (no promised call-backs or e-mails - "...our e-mail guy left 2 weeks ago......". Today, you can't get through on the 0870 or other standard rate numbers - permanently engaged. So, 600 pound order, so far, 6.60 on return postage and a total of 94 minutes at 6p per minute in phone calls, and IF you can get through, they lie. DO NOT BUY from this company.

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Community Level 1mikantchap


Don't bother taking stuff back

AdvantagesWebsite's OK

DisadvantagesReturns policy is bad

"Before you shop at Aria I would advise you read their returns policy very carefully - there's a wapping 25% charge on any refund they don't consider to be due to faulty goods. I would also advise a visit to the technical/returns desk which is hidden away from the shop floor. Apart from the long wait, you get will get to witness first hand how 'helpful' Aria staff are when it comes to changing any item. Of the 3 transactions I witnessed here, all ..." Read review

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