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Community Level 2SarkeBeeley


But it was a birthday present!!!

AdvantagesPretty good website

DisadvantagesAwful customer service, products leave a lot to be desired

"Ok I'm going to try and keep focussed so this ends up being a review and not just a long moan. It was my birthday back in April and I eventually decided that I wanted an mp3 player as I couldn't think of anything else other than a round the world trip which was frankly unlikely. It was my first major online purchase and I enlisted the help of someone who knew a bit about both online shopping and mp3 players. My little helper had previously bought ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sshutt


Bought most my hardware there

Advantagescheap, good selection, lots of offers

Disadvantagesmissing some of the latest products, delivery can be expensive

"I discovered Aria when one of my friends recommended them, so I thought I'd give them a try, I've now had quite a lot from them. The website: At the time of writing, when you visit their site your greeted with a selection of their latest offers and newest products, its definatly worth keeping an eye on these offers as you can sometimes pick up quite a bargain. The layout shows you what you need to see first, the best offers, the search bar ..." Read review

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Community Level 1terra


Cheaper price, nice support and the problem was..

Advantagescheap, good support

Disadvantageslack of order tracking system

"I bought some pc parts from Aria Technology. A first time for A CPU fan, silver compound, and second time for CDRW drive and speakers. At first time, I placed an order on their website and they had been delivered without any trouble. I received them within 3 days. Aria uses Citi Link as their shipping agency. At second time , I found cheap CDRW drive and ordered it and speakers on Saturday. What I failed to do was to confirm what was included ..." Read review

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Community Level 2marc_ely


Chaotic Stock management

AdvantagesLow prices, good range, simple fast website

DisadvantagesAwful stock management, unreliable

"Background: I've been into PC's for almost 10years now. I've built loads and modified loads. I have used all sorts of suppliers of parts and components, both mail order and local. I decided I needed a new graphics card as mine was looking long in the tooth so I started the hunt. I couldn't really warrant the £250+ for a geforce3 so I looked for a geforce2 gts/pro. I found a great price on a 64MB Pro card on Aria, and my local man was waaaaay ..." Read review

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Community Level 4weirdstop


We keep going back

Advantagesvery good website and the prices are the best around

Disadvantageswhen things go wrong it can be a bit of a battle

"...deliver reasonably quickly. WHAT IS ARIA.CO.UK ? It is a website that sells computer components and on their welcoming page, you are greeted by the Deal of the Day which comes in different categories but it always worth a look, plus super special offers which speaks for itself. From a small item like an MP3 player, to the best flat screen available, this site caters for the computer whizz very nicely. The website has a simple no-nonsense ..." Read review

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Community Level 2thera_42


Cheap components, bad support. Updated Again.

AdvantagesCheap, fast (if you don't have a problem)

DisadvantagesBad service, bad support, no timed deliveries/returns/exchanges

"I guess you get what you pay for. That's a motto for many people, and it seems suitably apt for anyone who has had problems dealing with Aria. I thought that although there had been bad reports about the company in the past it had been over a year since I had seen a bad report, maybe they were getting better. Their website has certainly improved it's looks, although their total reliance on JAVA seems a little odd, and the Java pop-up links don't always ..." Read review

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perfect, all you need!

Advantagesfast, reliable, good communication


"Aria is the perfect source for electronic goods. it is a very reliable service. my order was dispatched within the hour, amazing. i definitely recommend this site and i hope they continue to prove an amazing service. i like the style of the website and the communication given by the team at aria as they fully described and answered any queries i had about ordering from aria. aria also offers the cheapest service around and after a lot of national ..." Read review

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Community Level 1maybe_baby


excellent stuff aria!!

Advantagesvery speedy returns and excellent people at customer service

Disadvantagesthey probably dont pay the customer service agent i spoke to enough money!!

"I bought twin MP3 players for my granchildren last september for their 10th birthdays and they loved them - probably because they were pink! and they used them all the time. however 2 weeks ago one of them went faulty so i rung customer services to find out what to do. firstly, the young man i spoke to on the phone was LOVELY and you really got the feeling he really really wanted to help, he was polite, courteous and very enthusiastic, maybe ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adehh


Aria's returns policy

AdvantagesCheap, Nice showroom

DisadvantagesPathetic returns department, Stock variety isn't amazing

"Aria is actually a short drive away from where I live so this review is based on an in-store purchase rather than an online purchase. I have bought products from the website before today and will provide accurate information on the layout and design of the website. OK having never had a problem similar to this before I don't know how other companies handle situations such as this. I bought a stick of Elixir RAM from Aria sometime in April, got ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Yoda1969


Aria....good or bad..you decide!

Advantagesgood website, quick delivery

Disadvantagescustomer services slow and not effective, delivery charges high

"A colleague of mine recommended Aria to me when I wanted to buy PC components. I found their website easy to use and the customer comments helpful to guage what others think of a product. I attempted to post a (somewhat negative but 100% true )comment on the customer comments board relating to an ASUS motherboard I purchased from them as it wasn't as described. Basically I ordered a P4S8X motherboard with firewire support and got one without firewire. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Tawnyblue


Aria Technology -

AdvantagesEasy To Use Website

DisadvantagesFaulty Goods, No Back Up, Rude Management

"I bought a system and monitor from Aria Technology in November 2003, it was delivered within a week which I was impressed with. The monitor was delivered with a European plug which I gather is quite a standard thing for them from reading other reviews so I had to wait for a new one to be delivered - the system however I had problems with from the beginning, nothing worked as it should and I kept having to reboot it. I rang the helpline numerous times ..." Read review

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Community Level 2puneet_anand


No Problems


DisadvantagesThey charge carriage in all cases

"What are the main things that you look for when purchasing new hardware-cheap price, availability, quality of products and an established name. Well Aria.com has it all. They offer competitive prices, can deliver within a few days in most cases, they offer quality parts and are well known.The only quibble I have is that they charge carriage in all cases, unlike other site which stae a value to be exceeded for free delivery this is not the case. Nevertheless ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rosko


If i could give them zero stars i would.

AdvantagesCheap/ good website design

DisadvantagesNightmare customer care/ stock managment poor

"I have been using aria for some time now maybe 3 or 4 years & they have been sound. Ive spent thousands & pounds on goods they have always been quick with my orders i wouldn't of dreamt of using another company. Well i guess my luck ran out..im usually a really laid back kind of guy, I accept mistakes can be made from time to time its cool with me. But Aria has managed to evoke a kind of anger in me that quite frankly frightens me. It got to such ..." Read review

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Community Level 1netwars


False economy

AdvantagesCheap Prices

DisadvantagesWill sent out rubbish and charge you for return postage

"A wanring for any of the five star reviewers, that think they are getting a bargain. You are lucky so far. What happened to me was that I bought an Hitachi digital radio from them a few months ago. It arrived in a tatty box, and when I opened it , the radio didnt have any plastic around it, no manuals, no warranty. Basically it was just an old returned unit they had lying round the place. I assumed it would be quite easy to return this and get my ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LightHeaded


Sales support, where

AdvantagesCheap, good range of stock

DisadvantagesExpensive technical support line, slow.

"Aria Technology sell a wide range of products cheaply, they are one of the cheapest places around I think. This was why I've used them several times. Then I had the worst experience ever. It all started when I bought the hard disk. It was delivered quickly and worked like a charm, well done Aria. However, after a week, it stopped working. A request to have it returned was made. The reply to this too several weeks, by this time I was very annoyed. ..." Read review

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