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A well weathered uplift!

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"Like many British people I admit to having a bit of an obsession about the weather. One of my favourite sites has to be BBC.co.uk/weather. It is a site a visit several times a week as I find it not only really useful for telling me what the weather is going to do in my area, but also because it provides so much more fascinating information! The site can be found at the above address or simply by typing BBC weather into Google. The home page is ..." Read review

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Community Level 6carl.mcqueen



AdvantagesVery informative site from the Beeb


"The BBC’s weather site…now there’s an interesting thing to review?? Surely it’s just a page with an up-to-date weather map on it…and perhaps an outlook for the next few days? Well, yes you’d be right. But it does have more to it than that… The light blue homepage does show a satellite image of the British Isles, with various cities pinpointed on the map to help with those who don’t know where London is…oh dear…but obviously they’re just for reference ..." Read review

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Everywhere you go.... Review with images

AdvantagesReasonably accurate

DisadvantagesPoor radar

"The chances of me agreeing with the idea of a man-made global warming catastrophe happening in the next fifty years is about the same chance of getting premier league footballers to stay in Saturday night and watch a West Wing box-set - it just isn't going to happen guys! Don't get me wrong, I agree manmade pollutants are affecting the climate but I just don't see that catastrophe down the line, the 'catastrophe' word inserted by some like the '45 ..." Read review

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