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Community Level 3manchester...


Back or lay

AdvantagesBe the bookie

DisadvantagesYou can lose

"With the advent of betting exchanges such as betfair, you can now back or lay a selection (what is laying ) Laying a selection is just that laying a selection to lose a certain event,instead of backing it to win. EXAMPLE OF THIS IS:::::If you think that liverpool will NOT beat man utd at odds of 2.75 which is 7/4, as the odds are in decimals so you have to get used to that ,then if LIVERPOOL LOSE TO MAN UTD OR EVEN DRAW TO MAN UTD you would ..." Read review

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Community Level 6coolchanty


Greedy beggers

Advantagessome very easy and last minute betting

Disadvantagescharges all round

"If anyone bets online I am sure that you have heard of betfair and that flutter.com has recently merged with them. I have a flutter account which I have had to transfer to betfair account as I have some bets outstanding in flutter at the moment, but wish I didn't. The reasons are as follows:- They charged 5% for deposits and withdrawals from both credit and debit cards and the minimum you can deposit is £25.00. When you win they don't just ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sjstokes


Betfair - the Grown-up Player-to-Player Site

AdvantagesSlick interface, Option to request odds.

DisadvantagesDecimal odds may intimidate some, Commission charges on credit card transactions.

"Betfair.com is a player-to-player (p2p) betting site where instead of pitting your wits against a bookmaker, you take on another punter. Betfair's role in the setup is to create a forum for these bets and their "cut" is 5% of the winner's profits. The first thing you'll notice when logging on to the site is just how smooth everything is: Betfair makes extensive use of Flash and is nothing if not slick. The home page is packed full of information ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nashwan


lay your bismark here!

Advantagesbetter prices, option of laying a horse, decent sized bets, successful punters are not refused bets

Disadvantageslaying is often unattractive as the prices are too high

"Betfair is one of the new person to person betting sites that cut out the middle man (the bookmaker) and match up punters who want to back a horse/player with those who want to lay a horse/player. It has three main advantages over betting with a bookmaker. Firstly, you get better prices - a couple of prices above bookmakers' quotes are the norm, for example 3/1 when the bookies are offering 5/2. Secondly, if you think a particular horse/player will ..." Read review

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Betfair...gotta love it

AdvantagesSafe and easy to use

DisadvantagesNever forgets to takes your money when you loose

"...others like sportingodds.com but overall betfair.com beats the others for users who are not quite sure about things like handicap betting and the like. well laid out, easy to use and friendly. a great idea in allowing you to bet against your friends on just about anything that takes your fancy and i mean anything! the navigational aspect is so simple. it is all just click and drop down menus that keep things comprehensible for the beginner but also ..." Read review

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Betfair shocking service

AdvantagesNo many really, does as expected until it fails

DisadvantagesNo liability and shocking customer service

"Be very careful with this shower of clowns.... Very happy to take your money and when there system fails guess whos fault it is??? Yes yours.. They will take the commission at every turn and not compensate you for THEIR FAILINGS... In short they are responsible only for collecting their commission. They do forget however that this model is easy to copy and whilst they have a head start on other companies like betdaq, others may soon get their ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SimonKinsey


Betfair - online betting against other punters

AdvantagesBetter odds than you'll get from a bookie

DisadvantagesBeware the sharks!

"BASIC OPERATION If you fancy something a bit different to what the traditional bookmakers are offering, I’d recommend you take a look at Betfair. When you subscribe, you place bets against other punters rather than against a bookie. The traditional arrangement is for a bookmaker to draw up a list of odds for an event and customers [punters] place bets on the outcomes that appeal to them. Punters doing this are said to be BACKING a particular ..." Read review

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Community Level 5BIGHORSE


Good incentive to join

AdvantagesYou can take or place a bet

DisadvantagesThere is a rake for the site

"I was quite impressed by the look and concepts on this website the first time that I visited it. It offers a good type of concept, that you can take bets but also offer odds yourself, which seems quite similar to the concept used on flutter.com. Having not gambled on this website as yet, I cannot truthfully offer deep insight into how this works but I must say I am tempted to give it a try. The site is also rated as secure which always makes for some ..." Read review

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Community Level 2boredstude...


Bet against strangers as if they were friends

AdvantagesBetter odds, refer-a-friend, the lay system

DisadvantagesIrritating interface

"Betfair is a bookmakers that is not actually a bookmakers at all- it is rather a 'bet exchange', or "betting as it should be" as the slogan goes, like bets between friends, but it takes 5% commission on all winnings something that really grated me. It can do this because it is internet only, and like most things the internet has bought us it is marginally better than real life (here represented by grotty betting shops), but still nothing to enthuse ..." Read review

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Community Level 1diggert


Gambling with the best

AdvantagesBest odds on a range of sports

Disadvantagespay commision on winnings

"Betfair has been around since 2000 and is probably the best know gambling site worldwide with over a million people registered with the site. I have been with Betfair since 2005 and this is the best betting exchange there is about. All the others like Betdaq just don't have the liquidity available and by that I mean money made available by someone else so you get a good price. You have no problem getting your bets on and at better odds than the traditional ..." Read review

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Community Level 1McSeal


This is this best Gambling site

Advantagesbetter odds than traditional bookies


"This is the best person to person site betting site around. If you like a bet you will get significantly better odds here than with any bookmaker. The site covers all the major sports and even has non sporting bets like 'who shot phil mitchell' (who cares).You have the option of backing or laying any particular outcome and can take the odds on offer or suggest your own. This site beats 'flutter.com' hands down in my opinion. It is faster and your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hasmann



AdvantagesBetter prices, discussion forum, long and short positions

DisadvantagesSettlement delays, untimely site development closures

"Introduction Betfair is an online betting exchange which allows punters to take long and short positions on a variety of sporting, financial and special events. Registration is a straightforward process. The website offers a registration link and money can be deposited using credit or debit cards, cheques, bank transfers and Moneybrokers. Once your account has been credited, you can select an event and place a bet by either betting in favour ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gavin4


The odds are on you

AdvantagesYou are in control of the odds and prices that you lay/no bookies cuts

DisadvantagesMinimum amount of £25 start up balance needed,and £2 minimum bet

"Betfair.com is one of new person to person betting sites that allows you "the punter" to take and make bets online, with no bookies cuts. Betfair themselves do not set up any odds or prices, and basically acts soley as an agent(middle man who holds and pays out the winnings.) The reason I think this site is going to be so succesfull is the fact that you are in control, and what odds and prices you decide to set is solely up to you. Betfair provides ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bentlyesq


Betfair, high comms but good site

AdvantagesSlick site, easy to use, lots of guides

DisadvantagesComms are a bit high to start with, to easy to spend your money

"I found only one problem with Betfair and that was I kept loosing my bets. Apart from this the Betfair software is very user friendly and the site is easy to navigate, even for complete novices. There are lots of guides to explain how bets work, which is really important if you are thinking of laying a bet or two. I found odds were better here than at other bookies, so if your thinking of making a bet you should check Betfair. Because Betfair ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mr_Cheeze


It's a fair bet

Advantages20% better odds than other gambling sites

DisadvantagesMaking the wrong betting decisions can lose you money

"Bet Fair is a great gambling site where unlike other gambling sites you can choose your own odds which has then got to be matched with another users matched odds, you can either bet for the result to win (backed) or you can bet against the result that has lost (Lay) but it's recommend if you play the traditional way of gambling which is for the result to win because you actually get more money while laying will only give your stake back and nothing ..." Read review

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