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Get your photos developed here

AdvantagesGood reliable quick service. Good products

DisadvantagesUploading may take a while

"I was introduced to Bonusprint a few years ago by my friend, after I must have been complaining about having to take my memory card into Boots to get my pics developed and then go back to collect my pics… you know the drill. So she suggested I upload them online and they'll just get delivered to your door, so of course I gave it a go. The website (www.bonusprint.co.uk) is pretty easy to navigate around with tabs across the top labelled with all ..." Read review

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Community Level 3InchyInchy


A great photobook service from Bonusprint.com

AdvantagesA great and easy to use service

DisadvantagesNone that I experienced

"Bonus print – Review of the photo books I got married last year and I wanted something, like a photo album that I could use to easily display some of my happy memories. A friend of a friend used a similar site to make a photo book of her wedding and I was so impressed with the quality and look of the finished article that I decided to attempt something similar. After searching a bit on the web I stumbled across bonusprint.co.uk and decided to give ..." Read review

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Community Level 4nigeofnewb...


The only Bonus you'll ever want .....

AdvantagesChoose your pics, pricing, ease of ordering

DisadvantagesNone really

"...concentrate on. ~~ How To Use bonusprint.com ~~ Basically, you need to download Bonusprint's software so that you can upload your digital photos from your PC to their server to be printed and mailed back to you. Here's a step-by-step guide on how it's done :- -- 1 -- Transfer your photos to your PC This depends on which type of digital camera you have but usually means inserting the camera's memory card into a slot on your PC or using a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1enginemonkey


So glad I found this service

AdvantagesQuick delivery, easy to use website, great value,


"This was my first time using an online printers and I have to say I was very impressed. I can not fault the speed of delivery (2 days) and the quality of the prints/paper stock was excellent. I ordered a combination of images on glossy and matt paper, photographic and artwork all differing sizes, with my first order and was pleased with all the results. At first I was having trouble uploading my images for some reason (Cos I'm a Mac user perhaps?). ..." Read review

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Community Level 4milly234


Bonus 50p Card From BonusPrint

Advantagesquick, offers

Disadvantageswebsite is a bit basic looking

"I just used bonusprint for the first time to make a personalised valentines day card. I have used moonpig for this before and loved the results so when I saw a code offer making the card only 50p including postage, I thought I would try it. I chose to do a design of a picture I had drawn myself and then scanned in and it said the resolution was a little poor so I am a bit worried that the print will be a bit poor quality and blurry but at least they ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSome of the order was correct

DisadvantagesPrints Missing and Creased Prints

"I dont know whats happened to Bonusprint, they used to be such a good company. Sent an order off around two weeks ago, order came back with missing prints and the poster print was badly creased at the edges. I contacted Bonusprint customer service and they promised to reprint the order. This order was never received and I had to contact customer service again. I was informed that the replacement order must have gone missing in the post, which is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1oldgroveway


Very good value for money

Advantagesgood value for money, quick turn around

Disadvantagesbig advert across front makes everybody know whats inside

"I love Bonus Print. The site is very easy to use and when uploading photos, it will tell you if the quality of each is high enough for the size photos that you have asked for. I have found this very useful so that I can alter them before sending them across as not to be disappointed when they arrive. They offer a very wide range of services. I especially like the triple print where you also get two wallet size photos of each aswel. The only ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CeriP75


No-Bonus No-Prints!


DisadvantagesNo customer service, emails ignored, phone manner disgraceful

"Please DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. I ordered over 150 prints on behalf of my mother on 22nd February. When She still hadn't recieved them by the 29th of February I emailed the customer services. I recieved no reply to my email. I emailed again, this email was also ignored. I then phoned their customer services & was told to "check with the sorting office" When I said my mother works for the post office, I was told " I said the sorting office, not the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2hollypopple


Fast and cheap pictures, great quality!

Advantages Fast service, great prices, easy to use website and good quality prints


"I had not printed digital pictures online before, but decided to use Bonusprint after seeing how cheap they were on a price comparison website. I found the Bonusprint website easy to use. It was obvious how to upload photos and there were various options including whether you wanted the pictures cropped to standard photo size (as digital photo files are a slightly different size to conventional photos) or whether you wanted a white border round ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Obimatt


Bonus Print - Good website, atrocious service

AdvantagesWeb site is good

DisadvantagesThey take your money, but don't send what you've ordered on time

"I wish i'd read other people's comments before I uploaded my photos. Another case of Royal Mail being used as the excuse - this time "Addressee has gone away" was what BonusPrint are claiming Royal Mail said. The delivery address is my office in central London which is open 24/7 365, and I have items delivered when i'm not there on a weekly basis by Royal Mail so it's clearly a lie. 2-7 working days is what was promised - it's now over 3 weeks ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KP2008


Ver very poor customer service

AdvantagesGreat quality prints (when you finally receive them)

DisadvantagesReally bad customer service and long delays in receiving prints.

"The first couple of times I used Bonus print I was really impressed and recently they appear to have fallen to pieces. I was left so angry and upset with my last order that I vowed never to use them again. It took a month or so to deliver my prints, my emails to customer service were originally ignored and they refused to reprint them. When they did agree to reprint, suddenly the original package appeared out of nowhere, completely tattered and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tillylb


Use another printing service


Disadvantagesdamaged prints, terrible cust service, slow, upload prog doesn't work properly

"I ordered around 120 prints and during upload the site's program kept timing out. I finally managed to upload all photos but for some reason many of my orders had multiple copies which I didn't order. The program doesn't allow for rechecking and I had already confirmed before I realised that I was paying for over 170 prints. I contacted the site immediately but didn't receive a reply until the next day which was a matter-of-fact-sorry-already-printed-so-tough ..." Read review

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Community Level 1showem

Quick review of bonusprint.com

"I used Bonusprint several times without incident until I tried ordering several photo books at once. They took forever to load and I kept getting error messages. When I contacted customer service, I got the most useless and casual advice. I exchanged several emails, looking for some actual advice to help with the uploads, but it took well over a week to get it. By this point I had finally managed it by myself, but it was the last time I'll order from them. Delivery of the photo books also took close around 3 weeks, which I think is excessive.

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Community Level 1Lynne4p

Quick review of bonusprint.com

"I ordered my prints online and recieved them 2 days later..... very good. When the photo's came I was disapointed that I had only recieved 4 x 5.3" images. I thought that I would get this size plus 2 wallet sized photos. That was the only reason that I ordered the smaller prints. After speaking to customer services ....which were very good, they told me I should have used DOUBLEPRINT. I found the web site confusing. I thought that they would have offered me some sort of deal to get my extra wallet sized photo's ....but no. So it's back to the Asda digital for me.......sometimes they offer 3p a copy. Also cannot zoom in on any of the images, which I found frustrating.

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Community Level 1disgruntle...

Quick review of bonusprint.com

"I ordered 6 keyrings containing pictures from bonusprint cost £18. When they arrived they had been so badly cropped that they looked awful. Bonusprint re-did them with exactly the same result. It is obviously simply a mechanical factory with little human input. I politely asked them to have another go, but every E-Mail has been simply ignored. It seems to be their policy to try once to fix, then just ignore everything. Well they will not get away with it - I'm now sending recorded delivery, asking for them to exercise "reasonable care and skill" or refund. They are fine until something goes wrong, and then customer care is non-existent. I shall not use them again.

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