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Community Level 5beccie


◆Book worm infestation◆

AdvantagesEasy to use website

DisadvantagesHasn't got every book, surcharge for some areas

"Mirroring Nar words of wisdom... Hello and welcome to the review that should have been here. It was here but its not here now as I have taken it and put it into my private stash somewhere else. It may well appear somewhere else online and if it does it will have my name on it. Thank you to everyone, to all the people in my COT over the years who have stuck by me and who have been great influences over the reviews I have written. It is indeed a ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nicolemorgan


bargains galore

Advantageslow prices, no commitment, excellent choice

Disadvantagesnone that i have experienced so far

"As an English literature degree student, I am always buying books (but of course I hear you cry!) And, being a student, I’m always on the look out for a bargain. So, now for the science part: books + bargains = thebookpeople.co.uk. I could finish my op on that proven scientific formula but I guess I’d better go on to provide some backing to my argument…. ----------------------- thebookpeople.co.uk ----------------------- I am already a member ..." Read review

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If only they'd delivered the books to me.

AdvantagesGood selection of inexpensive books for all ages and interests.

DisadvantagesI had delivery problems

"You know that moment when you take the Sunday papers through to the dining room? The first thing I do is take out all the fliers and put them in the paper recycling. This lightens the load considerably and you’re no longer in danger of dropping a TruPrint envelope into your toast and marmalade. A couple of years ago I was doing this when the words “Six Classic Crime Novels for £6.99” caught my eye. I’m addicted to crime novels, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6RobinLawrie


Are you sitting comfortably.....

AdvantagesVery cheap books


"Ever since the printed word was invented, people have loved to read. Fact or fiction, educative or not, we have swarmed by the millions to buy more and more. It has mattered not a jot that we are now in a digital age and can download huge chunks of text not to say whole books from the Internet. We still prefer a nice crisp new book to a screen or pages of A4 paper. It is not so many years ago that the only place, apart from a public library, that ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Stick


Bargains Galore

AdvantagesGreat prices

DisadvantagesNone as yet

"Psst - Are you on the look out for cheap Christmas presents, well let me point you in the right direction. If you are like me and are a book lover this opinion is for you. The Book People are one of the largest UK suppliers of top quality books for reasonable prices. They issue a mail order catalogue that contains 29 pages of bargain books. They are not a book club so you only order what you want and no obligation to buy a certain amount of books ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Xyanthe


A good site for bookworms.

AdvantagesGreat books at a good discount, no commitment and no catch.

DisadvantagesAbsolutely none.

"I am a person that absolutely loves books, and I love a bargain even more - so put the two together and I’m in heaven. I’ve had experience of three book clubs so far: - World Books - I wouldn’t recommend joining, as there is a commitment and it’s just not worth the hassle, but more about that another time, maybe? The Book People - who I had experience with at Christmas, and which is why I’m doing an opinion TSP ..." Read review

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Community Level 1abie021202


Bringing the Book People to book.

AdvantagesGreat books at bargain prices and customer incentives


"I have been a regular customer of the book people now for over two years. They have a wide variety of quality books ranging from children's titles to reference. I enjoy purchasing the book people's special edition box sets where you can pick up, for example, ten books in a series that would normally cost you £70 for as little as £9.99. The book people have a reward scheme where the more you purchase the more points you earn. These points can then ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gummybear2...


Bookworms favourite people!

AdvantagesStraight to your door no messing!

DisadvantagesSo many books so little time!

"A little over 2 years ago I was given a leaflet by my mum who knows the amount of money I spend on books. She assumed (rightfully) that I would be able to save some cash and still keep up with my literary addiction. I have now become totally addicted to my monthly fix of top quality, bargain priced books. I started to purchase books from them and at first I just ordered for myself, then it sort of snowballed I took the monthly booklet into ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gr1malk1n


A very good source of cheap books.

AdvantagesAn interesting range of books offered, with no strings attached.

Disadvantages(Unless you're a parent) Too many childrens' books.

"I can't remember how I first got introduced to The Book People, but for two or three years now I've looked forward to seeing their catalogue in the post every couple of months. The Book People don't call themselves a 'book club' as they don't ask people to join up, they don't have any minimum purchase requirements and they will never send you unsolicited book choices, as some clubs do. Books for children and young people are always at the front ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kerudu1995


Recent releases-low prices-possible free posatge

AdvantagesQuick and simple to use and cheap good quality books

DisadvantagesNeed to check regularly for new deals not all books listed

"I have been a member of bookpeople for some years now and by that I mean that one day a brochure droped through my door and I was pleasently suprised to find good quality recent release books for low prices. I have 2 children and I started by ordering books for them and then for their friends birthdays. I soon moved on to buying for myself and family and I am now completely hooked. Since I first started getting the books they have gone online and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2surfingcat


Cheapest way to buy books


DisadvantagesDon't stock all books

"The book people have a mail order monthly magazine, a web page and also deliver a limited selection to work places. They always have a good selection of books in the monthly magazine and even more on the web page at really great prices. Delivery is reasonably priced and quick. I always buy more than I meant to because they are such bargains! Use them like you use retail outlets and sales - browse for a bargain rather than looking for a particular ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sheepykaz


Good books, cheap and no obligation

AdvantagesLow priced books, no tie ins, good book packs

DisadvantagesNone so far

"I discovered the book people through my friend. We are both avid readers and were constantly complaining that we could never find cheap books anywhere. Then we found the book people. They produce a brochure of all different types of books from children's through to fiction and a whole range of non-fiction books split by subject area. The prices are really good and there are often excellent packages where you can but over 10 books for just £10. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nutty_tart32


hard to find fault

Advantagescheap books, prompt delivery, excellent quality

Disadvantagesmore for parents with young children or for cookery and diy

"the books are the same as you would buy on the high street but at amazingly reduced prices, usually at least half the RRP. for example, i bought my son a book recently RRP £20 for £7.99 with the bookpeople. my only problem is finding a selection of novels, etc for adults. the catalogue selection isn't as good as it could be but they do have a website so you can browse the current and last 3 past catalogues you may have missed. as well as the 4 catalogues ..." Read review

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Community Level 1catkinq

Quick review of bookpeople.co.uk

"We ordered books for our daughter's birthday and for party bags allowing plenty of time. Books did not arrive. No contact from the book people. Re rang them to be told that the books were "still in the warehouse because there had been a delay". They woudl not tell us why, simply crossly saying that they "were busy". When we asked to speak to someone who coudl tell us when they would arrive the lady hung up. When we askd a second lady when they would arrive, explainin that we had needed them for the birthay she said "whell you obviously did not need them for the birthday if you still want them now".

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Quick review of bookpeople.co.uk

"I have ordered from the Book People several times. Great if ordering a lot as Free P&P if spending more than £25 , but expensive if want just 1 item. I find ordering quick and easy, website easy to navigate and a good choice. Items arrive quickly too

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