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Community Level 4faithbuck


Bravenet Bring Biggest Booty Bundle

AdvantagesFree, comprehensive, loads of choice

DisadvantagesIn exchange for free service, you display banner ads

"WARNING: This op is HUGE! Scroll to the end for a run-down of functions available if you get bored easily!! For those of you that have no experience of web design, this might seem to be a bit jargon-heavy. I apologise in advance for anyone who feels alienated. I have attempted to make this relevant to all, so you can see just how easy it can be to add a multitude of interactive functions to your own site. I first came across Bravenet when I ..." Read review

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Community Level 3father_jack


'FREE'dom - Non-Stop Net Freebies

AdvantagesFree, free, free, oh and it provides a great range of tools

DisadvantagesNot many- but how long can it last?

"As the media persuades the unsuspecting public that everyone should have a website, more and more people try their hand at creating their own ‘home on the web’. However, there’s one barrier to this- many of these people don’t have the knowledge- or tools, to create a good website- however good their ideas. Even if you know HTML in great detail- adding other ‘bits’ such as a chat room, or forum can be a difficult ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gifmonster


Bravenet, for those who are brave.

Advantagesfree, easy to use, nice layout

DisadvantagesTOO MUCH adverts, not able to encoprtate into your website easily

"As ive said in my Internet op, the homemade website's frequency boomed. With them a new industry Free web Hosting, what followed was services like bravenet, which allowed you to incorporate their scripts into your site. When I first started building websites, I used Bravenet all the time, for web polls, guest book, hit counter, etc. Then Bravenet had adverts but they where well positioned and didn’t force you to click them. You could cut and paste ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Sibella


A loyal Bravenet users' opinion

AdvantagesPlenty of tool, easy to understand instructions, help when you need it.

DisadvantagesThe usual banner adds if you opt for the free service

"Bravenet is the service you want to join if you are looking for a wide selection of website tools that are easy to set up and manage. First things first, as with all free services there are the standard banner adds to expect at the top of the pages. If you don't mind that it's fine. They also offer a Professional service for those with a little cash to spare, which will give you banner free pages and more available web tools at a decent price. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2markm


Web construction tools for everyone

AdvantagesFree, wide range of services, easy to use

DisadvantagesAdverts (unless you pay a fee)

"Bravenet.com is an internet company offering a variety of services to help you build your own web site. They are available free of charge, although you can opt to pay a fee to have a service with no adverts. The services include: Guestbook: Add a guest book to your site so people can leave messages. Options to send a thankyou email, filter out obscenities etc. Hit counter: Record the number of visitors to your site, with the option to display ..." Read review

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Community Level 1doodlebugl...


Bravenet.com - Worthwhile or Worthless?

AdvantagesReliable, Feature packed

DisadvantagesNot many, but adverts!!

"...have a paid subscription to Bravenet.com for my wife Silver Jewellery business, and have ancounter very few problems with Bravenet.com. When you go to their website, it looks a little daunting at first, but after a couple of visits, the layout becomes very clear, and it relatively easy to navigate. There are lots of advertisements etc... as you would expect, but on the paid subscription, you are not obliged to put ANY adverts on your site, although ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PurpleHell...


Bravenet..... Need to be brave I think...

AdvantagesFree services are available

Disadvantagespremium services are a bit pricey

"I am not a prticularly techical person, and not too good at jargon, so this is simply a user review rather than a super technical feature loaded one :D I signed up for a free Bravenet account, and after I had fathomed out what to do, got on with building my web page. The Websit wizards are easy to use, they guide you through what you need to know. You can save as you're going along and then publish to the web at the end of your session....no ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stargatesg...


Bravenet - you don't need to be Brave

AdvantagesFree Stuff


"Bravenet.com - this website provides you with lots of Web Services for your Web Site. It is free and quick to sign up with Bravenet. Once you have signed up you will be able to get access to all the free web services that they provide. Here is an example of a view of the services that they provide: Counters, Email Forms, Mailing Lists, Mini Polls, Classifieds, Daily Cartoons, GuestMaps, GuestBooks, Live Chat, Message Forum, Password Gate, Site ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johnathan


free stuff 4 ur site

Advantagesits free


"when i was making my website i came across bravenet. it lets my put free counters, guestbooks, mini-polls, tell a friend forms, submission to search engines and many other useful things needed for my site. not only does it include all this but it also lets you have your own free domain such as www. yourname. bravepages. com. it gives you free ftp access and 100mb of storage with this. bravenet also have an affiliate program but the problem is taht ..." Read review

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