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Supplier of computer bits ‘n’ bobs

AdvantagesMostly good prices, good customer service, fast and easy to use site

DisadvantagesDelivery charges, limited product range

"INTRO CCL Computers is one of several online shops where I regularly purchase my computer bits from. I first came across the site 3 years ago in college when a teacher recommended it to the class to use their product specifications, pictures, etc. for a project on computer hardware. I had forgotten the website address for after the project I had forgotten site address but shortly after joining Ciao, whilst looking over the ‘Online Shops > Computers ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cjkace


Fast site and good service.

AdvantagesFast, cheap, easy to use, daily updates

DisadvantagesDelivery charges, limited product range

"CCL Computers are a small company in Bradford and their website reflects their size, offering a small range of quality products at some of the best prices I have ever found on the internet. ( It's also possible to order over the phone but the prices are a little higher this way ). The website is easy to navigate, very fast loading and prices are updated every day. Clicking on the prices button BEFORE entering the shop will bring up a full list of ..." Read review

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Community Level 6TheDuke


Another online computer retialer for you to try


DisadvantagesNot great at communication

"The advent of online shopping over the Internet has meant that people are starting to get better prices than if they had shopped locally. This is especially the case for computer components. I’ve used a lot of online retailers in my time, and CCL is one of the ones I’ve used most. What I’ve found about them that I like is this: The web site is clear and easy to navigate, and most components have a link to a page which gives ..." Read review

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Advantagesvery cheap prices on a range of hardware, very easy to navigate


"...us know". MY INTERACTION: I came across cclcomputers.co.uk from a friend who reccommended them as being a good online computer hardware shop. At the time I was looking for extra RAM for my PC and so i decided to have a look at the cclcomputers website. I was amazed when i found that not only did they offer excellent prices for RAM, but they offered excellent prices for almost everything they had on offer. You will also find some good deals ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dmacca


My Credit Card is BUST

AdvantagesGreat Prices and Good Online Store

DisadvantagesQuite trade orientated

"Super Comp 3000 Spec: 1.5 GHz Athlon Processor 512mb DDR Ram 90 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive 16x CD-RW 64mb DDR GeForce 3 Graphics Card 19” Monitor Surround Sound Speakers It is often a childhood dream to have the best computer among your friends, but for many it’s not possible. You often get the odd child who is rolling in the dosh because ‘Daddy’ has a top notch job but al the rest of the kids can only dream of having ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Winterman


CCL is a trade price bonanza

AdvantagesExcellent range of hardware products at Trade prices

DisadvantagesDelivery can be expensive on smaller items and severe at weekends

"CCL Computers.. Well I am biased seen as they are based only a mile from where I work.. Despite that I have used CCL for over 2 years providing upgrades and systems for friends and colleagues at extremely good value. These guys are primarily a Trade Supplier with a huge high profile client base of Police Forces, Schools and Universities and Local Council's to name but a few. They have expanded this to offer the general public the same great ..." Read review

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Community Level 5darrenloud


A Must For Computer Shoppers

AdvantagesExcellent value for money, nice website, downloadable price list.


"...one, look no further because cclcomputers.co.uk have all you need at a fraction of the price that many of the 'branded' retailers offer. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Fastcat


Best online computer store

Advantagesbest prices and customer service

Disadvantageslimited range of products

"I am fortunate enough to live only a couple of miles away from CCL, and since I got my first computer about 4yrs ago, all my stuff has come from them. I know that they do have delivery charges, but you would expect that whatever you were buying,unless you went in person, so I don't think that is a disadvantage.I'm afraid I can't tell you about delivery charges,never having incurred them myself, but I would assume they would depend on the size&weight ..." Read review

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Community Level 7tabyorky


Online Computer Retailers

Advantagescheap products.

Disadvantagesnot much choice as its a small company

"CCL computers is a company based in West Yorkshire. the website offers products at reasonable prices. To log on to this website the address is www.cclcomputers.co.uk The website is really easy to use and loads up fast, and the information is well laid out. Even without going in to the shopping part of the site you can check to see if stock is available and what the prices are. The prices are updated daily, which is really good. They do not ..." Read review

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Highly recommended online store

AdvantagesExcellent customer service, good communication, prompt delivery, good range of goods, competitive pricing.

DisadvantagesNone that I found

"I was looking for a particular model for a Sony Vaio laptop and read some very good reviews of this site. I was living overseas at the time and had a week in the UK so punctual delivery was really really important. I took a risk to be honest but I sent an email to the company explaining my situation and they assured me delivery would be on time. So I placed my order and kept my fingers crossed. The laprtop arrived a day earlier than expected ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adam_ds


Buying PC bits on the internet?

AdvantagesQuick and easy to use site, very competitive prices

DisadvantagesSometimes orders take a while to come through

"Like several other people on this website, i`ve used CCL to buy several bits and bobs to initially biuld my PC and then upgrade it. I`ve found that CCL are generally the cheapist store online and provide excellent customer service. The prices are updated constantly and you can see notable drops in prices if you look once every couple of weeks. Hence, you can pick when to buy and know that you`ll get the cheapist at the time. The store is also quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gripper99

Quick review of cclcomputers.co.uk

"CCL seemed fine until I bought a laptop off them and they failed to supply the anti virus software I had paid for. I emailed them and customer service were supposed to get back to me. They didn't. I eventually got a response by copying in one of the directors, only to be told I had a trial version of the software and I should upgrade it, even though I had paid for a full version. I informed them of this and they then ignored me. Rubbish customer service

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Community Level 2chilledbud...




Disadvantagesnew stock needed

"When i built my current computer, this site seemed to have everything i needed at the best price around 8/10 times. There selection is now getting a bit slow to be updated and needs a new overhawl of stock, but still if you can get the item youre looking for from here do so. I have recently RMA a IBM hdd which was faluly after 3months and there customer servie was second to none. They had a new hdd with em within that week which is rare for hdd ..." Read review

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Community Level 2thevicar


CCL Computers, Tong, Bradford. AVOID!!!

Advantagesreasonable prices

Disadvantagesvery poor customer service even from directors

"Whilst some things are reasonably priced, its when things go wrong that you will not want to deal with these people. To keep it brief, I had returned a DVD+RW drive and the replacement went faulty as well. I had to argue like hell to get my money back, and even then not all of it (minus £60). I requested replacement media for those damaged and they refused. They reckoned to call Trading Standards and said I had no case. I went round to the WYTS office ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BEALINE


Fast Delivery - Low Cost

AdvantagesFast service, good product range, knowledgeable sales staff

Disadvantagesadvertising not catchy enough!

"On several occasions, I have used CCL to supply memory, graphics accelerator cards, processor etc. Their sales people are always happy to discuss your exact requirements and will use their product knowledge to help you make the right choice. Based in Yorkshire ( tel: 0845 345 2510 web www.cclcomputers.co.uk) their prices are competitive and, yesterday, I ordered 2X64Mb of SDRAM at 16.35 - it was delivered in Sussex by City Link at 09.40 this morning! They ..." Read review

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