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Community Level 3Tanthalas


Chattin all the new day long

AdvantagesEasy to use UI, private messaging, DCC, avatars, loads of extras

DisadvantagesSoftware is updated far too often!

"Cheetachat has got to be one of the best pieces of chat software I have used to date. It allows you to use several different sets of chat rooms, such as the ever-popular Yahoo! (Which I will be basing this review upon). When Yahoo! changed the format of their online chat rooms, I quickly found that I despised it. Slow, ugly, unreliable and hard to use. My brother recommended Cheetachat to me, and it's been brilliant. The basic chat interface ..." Read review

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Community Level 3vk-dream


Cheeta, those were the days!

AdvantagesSo far ahead of everyone else

Disadvantagesno financial support to further develop the program

"CheetaChat, those were the days. After being an administrator on the message boards, a moderator in the chat rooms and the only person on email tech support I guess I'm blowing my own trumpet when I say that CheetaChat really was the only chat client back in the day. Soon after its release other clients started to be invented, with the likes of YChat, YmLite and YaHeLiTe, but still none of them quite matched CheetaChat's standards. CheetaChat ..." Read review

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Community Level 12am


Be a Cheeta...

AdvantagesEase of use and stability.


"The first thing you notice about CheetaChat is the ability to use the Yahoo chat rooms as well as the cheetachat specific ones. You can manage your profiles easily and check which of your friends are online as easily as a click of a mouse. One of the best things about CheetaChat is its stability. Yahoo Java chat forever crashes your browser, but Cheeta is solid as a rock. You can also use avatars, personal images that are shown to other CheetaChat ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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