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Community Level 7karimkha


My Name is Ami and I'm a Ciao Addict!

AdvantagesYou get paid, good community spirit and easy to navigate pages.

DisadvantagesYou should work hard to earn your money and some technical problems.

"...she found an ad for ciao.co.uk paying £5 per review! (This was a down right lie!) She was stunned, clicked on the link and saw the landing page. She browsed the pages and skimmed through the categories but she wasnít really interested and to be honest . . . she didnít know much about reviews so she didnít worry about the layout or community pages. All that she wanted was to find the surveys. So she joined ciao.co.uk and from this moment onwards she ..." Read review

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A Ciaoist's Tale

AdvantagesA pleasant pastime for a writer, and (one hopes) of some use to readers

DisadvantagesFalling readership, less entertainment value

"Ten years ago today, I received an email from my elder son, who was then living in Japan, instructing me to track down on the web an opinion site called Ciao, so as to read the reviews he was posting there. An ever dutiful parent, I did as I was told, even going so far as to sign on as a member. Before long, being opinionated, I was writing reviews of my own. Ten years later, he has long since lost interest (I see that his last login was in July 2003) ..." Read review

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More Than Just A Consumer Resource.

AdvantagesKnowledge, development, friendship and earnings

DisadvantagesSmall minded people.

"Last year I wrote a series of opinions on my encounters with Ciao; it's been 7 months since I wrote what I said would be a series of perspectives of the site from my view point. Now 9 months (almost) on from my original opinion I thought it a pertinent time to write a piece on my views of Ciao and what it can give the user. Finding Ciao I first heard of Ciao a few years back, but in honesty I never paid it much attention; you see I was under ..." Read review

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AdvantagesCommunity Spirit. Made Many Friends. Attractive Looking Site. Some Superb Writers. Photos.

DisadvantagesConstant Technical Difficulties. Maddeningly Slow. No Site Contact. Poor Remuneration. Rubbish Surveys!

"In a sense I rather think of this review as the one that I wish I'd never had to write. I am not, in a fit of pique, sitting down writing this with steam percolating from my ears. Yes, I may be hammering my poor long suffering keyboard harder than ever over this one - but sheer damned frustration built up over the last year or so has brought me to the point where I find myself writing a review on the very site that has been my own literary "vehicle" ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Easy money & lots of fun!

AdvantagesA great site

DisadvantagesNot many

"'''Ciao''' Ciao is a website very similar to Dooyoo and Epinions.The site can be accessed in several countries including the UK and Italy, and it pays you to submit your opinions on a large variety of items, as long as your reviews and writing skills are of decent standard and get rated helpful or above. Ciao is incredibly easy to use and signing up takes 2 minutes at the most. The home page of Ciao isn't anything special with a simply grey and white ..." Read review

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It's Ciao for now to the surveys...

AdvantagesCan be fun, a handy writing tool and you earn pin money

DisadvantagesEarnings are quite small. Niggles on surveys. Ciao's apparent arrogance and laziness dealing with them.

"Today I'm going to be rated not helpful, off topic and generally slammed by all and sundry. You see, here in this Ciao section, I'm going to concentrate on one particular part of Ciao; the surveys. There is a reason for this, that is, that the chaos fairies seem to have hit Ciao again, or at least the bit that sends out survey invitations. I'm not given to moaning about this site, it's run by an amorphous corporate behemoth and anyone who thinks ..." Read review

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Hobgoblin of Little Minds

AdvantagesAbility to earn pocket money, meet people, make friends & enemies

DisadvantagesInconsistent enforcing of T&Cs, community points, ability of abusers to prosper

"It does, perhaps, smack of 'navel gazing' - the idea of writing a review of the site on which you are writing a review. However, given that 924 other folk have done the same, it would seem that we all have riveting navels. If you are reading this, you are probably aware that Ciao is a site with several aims, to wit: 1. to provide consumers with reviews of product written by the very people who use such products - other consumers; 2. to provide ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Reposter78


Ciao For Now

AdvantagesEarn money, Make Friends & learn about products and services you may want to buy or use.

DisadvantagesChat side could be better and takes a lot of your time.

"I first came across Ciao about 2 years ago when looking through a 'making money from home' magazine that I had subscribed to. The author of the magazine gave a great review of the site and explained it well. Like most people in life, I wanted to make money as simply as I could without having to work a hard days graft and as the author had explained that it was a consumer review and survey site, I thought it was something I would like to try. Unfortunately ..." Read review

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Advantagesfun, meeting new people, earning money, improving your writing and reading

Disadvantagesthe abuse which takes place, ciao addiction!

"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ciao ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - This Review - I hope this will be one of the best reviews I have written as I have received so much from Ciao in terms of new friendships, enjoyment and even money that I want to give something back in the form of a good review of the site itself. The review is quite long and I apologize for this but in order to include everything, which I felt necessary it needed to be ..." Read review

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It's not all about the Money

AdvantagesEarn a bit of extra cash, self satisfaction from writing

DisadvantagesEffort needed to make any cash. Negative aspects from community

"Ciao is an international web based company predominantly based in European countries, including the UK, but has recently entered into the American market, perhaps in anticipation of its acquisition by Microsoft Corporation. The primary purpose of Ciao is to serve as a place where individuals can upload product reviews in a central location, the purpose being that potential purchasers can read these reviews and factor them into their buying decision. ..." Read review

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A History

Advantagesgreat experience, great friends, a chance to give your opinion

DisadvantagesYou aren't going to make your fortune

"A history, well I suppose I should have put my history on Ciao really as I am going to celebrate my fifth Ciao birthday soon. Firstly, Ciao is a consumer website where you can voice your opinion and read the opinion of others. You can also join in a thriving community side to the site. === A day of destiny, the day I joined Ciao. === I don’t know what decided me to join really, probably the promise of making a fortune on the survey ..." Read review

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AdvantagesYou can RESEARCH PRODUCTS and EXPRESS YOUR OPINIONS (by surveys, reviews and comments on other reviews); develop (virtual) friendships with (opinionated) people and EARN MONEY!

Disadvantagesmake yourself vulnerable; never get rich

""Wanted - Opinionated People" - yes, that was the advert that caught my attention (did it catch yours?) on the17th of October 2002. It arrived in an e-mail from "MyPoints.com" and it was offering both a chance to earn money by answering surveys for "Ciao!com - the voice of the consumer" and to gain "points" with "MyPoints" - truly an offer I could not refuse. [NOTE: * indicates terms with which you may be unfamiliar - I have included a brief ..." Read review

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If it isn't (cough) broken...

AdvantagesLayout and design decent, community excellent

DisadvantagesWill the technical glitches never end? Does the Pope live in the woods?

"Inspired by the current round of 'technical difficulties'... Hmmm...this probably won't be a review _per se_: I can't imagine I'm going to bring any more insight to the party than was imparted by the combined wisdom of the previous 965 entries. Consider it a deeply rambling and unfocussed rumination, loosely strung about experiences in a previous job of mine. If any of it seems relevant or merely lands a glancing blow with a hammer in the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 6TheDuke


Supposedly it's "the voice of the consumer".

AdvantagesEarn money by writing reviews and taking surveys.

DisadvantagesThe community, popularity counts more than writing ability

"Ciao is a European-based consumer review site in the same mould as Dooyoo.co.uk or Epinions.com where, in theory, you can post consumer-based reviews based on your own experiences. The UK site has been around for many years now and has undergone numerous changes. During the early part of 2005, Ciao was taken over by Greenfield, an American survey company. Since then, Ciao has suffered from technical issues, customer care issues and a general downturn ..." Read review

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Community Level 3an_enigmat...


Cheeow Ciao

AdvantagesCan make money, can make friends

DisadvantagesAbuse, premium fund allocation

"-Preamble- Itís funny how you get to the point where you can only cope with so much e-mail about penis extensions, Viagra offers and lonely housewifeís ushering you towards their webcams. Much as you want to not write, you reach the point where you MUST and any old subject will do. Well, hereís one thatís potentially been 3 years in the making and a subject thatís difficult to do justice to with any reasonable word count. I will try my best, of course, ..." Read review

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