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Community Level 2Adam2005


Free hits to your website!

AdvantagesYou can get easy hits for your website without paying a penny. Great for large or small websites alike.

DisadvantagesYou must wait 30 seconds on each website before you rate it and get paid.

"Click Thru is in my opinion, one of the best free traffic websites on the net. It gives you the chance to earn hits for your own website by viewing other people’s websites, and rating them either good or bad. It couldn’t be simpler. The sign is also very easy, all they require is your e-mail address and a password and you’re away. They also offer a 1:1 ratio of hits for your own website, meaning for every website you view and rate, you will get ..." Read review

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Community Level 5frain2005


Rate websites for hits :-)

AdvantagesThe service is free.

DisadvantagesNot much help is given to members.

"Click thru offers you the ability to get free traffic (hits) for your website through rating websites. For every site you rate, you will receive $0.01 cent click thru cash. But none of the click thru cash earned on the website is real and cannot be claimed in a check or cash. -To join- I simply visited the site I gave them my a username password and email address and the link to my website. Then I could use the site a soon a i verified my e-mail ..." Read review

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