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Community Level 4LostAngel


Free Ipoints....Yes Pleeze

AdvantagesFree ipoints if you ever get any.

DisadvantagesMany. Read opinion

"That’s what we say when we join the site but do we actually get any ipoints? “Too good to be true” Thanks to the online reward schemes, which remind us of this phrase every now and then. Uk.Consumer link .com is a site that conducts surveys and pays you in I points for taking part in these surveys. I have been a member of this site for 8 months now. Usually I receive 2-4 surveys every month and some times even 2 surveys in ..." Read review

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Community Level 5HappyBunny


Ipoints. Lie Points.

AdvantagesEasy site navigation; Opportunity to earn ipoints

DisadvantagesPayment only in ipoints for surveys; Surveys can be long; You're used as cheap labour!

"“The survey that gives you money, products and more!” Another survey site. What’s new? Consumerlink (uk.consumerlink.com) provides the surveys; I complete them, but…. There are so many of them on the Internet nowadays, offering various forms of incentives to tempt users into giving them their views in order to fulfil the criteria of their clients. But who benefits from these? The consumers, who give their valuable input? ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Dizz


25 Ipoints For All My Hard Work

AdvantagesA slim chance of a reward

DisadvantagesA slim chance of a reward

"At Last!!! I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I logged in to my ipoints account!! After several months of completing Consumerlink Surveys - I have actually been rewarded with the princely sum of 25 ipoints! For those of you who don't know what Consumerlink is, it is a Market Research Company where you join up and are emailed details of surveys to be completed. There is a link to Consumerlink from ipoints, if you are interested in ..." Read review

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Community Level 6mikeydred


Loads of Free Ipoints Up For Grabs

AdvantagesYou can get lots of Ipoints for filling in surveys....

Disadvantages....but only if your name comes out of the e-hat

" I joined Consumerlink through the Ipoints site and got 20 or so points for signing. On the Ipoints site you are promised Ipoints for filling in surveys, which take around ten minutes to complete. Ah, another way to make myself some Ipoints and get some more free stuff….. …so I thought The title of the op is tongue in cheek because the reality is quite different. After registering you are invited to take part in surveys via email. ..." Read review

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Make hundreds of ipoints...

AdvantagesCan earn ipoints

Disadvantagesvery hard to earn them though.

"...if you are exceptionally lucky. I have been a member of consumerlink since March 2000, and have generally received 2-3 questionnaires to fill out since then, having joined just after having joined ipoints, which is the method of payment for consumerlink. Consumerlink is active in a lot of countries across the globe, with schemes in countries as diverse as Australia and Venezuela. Each of the schemes has different pay out partners, and as such ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lynda04


A consuming issue

AdvantagesAvoid lots of "offer" letters in the post


"Consumerlink have a free prize draw annually, the prize is £10,000, but to enter you may think you have to fill in a questionaire, this is not the case. Read on and all will become clear (I hope) :-0 Do you get a lot of junk mail? I have received loads of it over the past months, it really infuriates me, because I throw it all away and I think to myself “what a waste of paper”! If I want a service or if I want to purchase a specific ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


Finally my first 50 ipoints

AdvantagesFree earning prospects

DisadvantagesDifficult to win due to number of members

"Consumer Link is an online public forum, where you can voice your opinion, by filling out questionnaires on a wide range of subjects. I joined Consumer Link through Ipoints with the hope of earning a vast amount of ipoints. Once you have filled out the registration form and have joined them you will soon start to receive e-mails from them. They will invite your to participate in a survey on a particular subject. They will also inform you that ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chemistangel


You're having a laugh mate


Disadvantagesa complete waste of time

"Consumer link is a company who need people to do market research. Therefore they need to attract a large range of people to do their questionnaires. Unsurprisingly then it is very easy to join, they even let me do it. After you have joined you will get sent emails inviting you to take part in surveys. You are not obligated to do everyone, I usually get emails to do about two a week. Once you have your email, they give you a top secret password. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2philld14


a good earner if your on the ball

Advantagesgood prizes - if you like surveys!

Disadvantageslow chance of getting them

"Having joined up to collect i-points I browsed around a few of the sites that offered i-points as rewards and found "consumerlink" Surveys are my thing I love em! So I sign up no problem, the chance to earn loads of i-points is promised, I get my first invitation to complete a survey, only to find that only the first fifty to complete the survey get any i-points!!! A few days later I get another invite, this time I will be entered in a competition ..." Read review

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