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Community Level 5thecatsmot...


Blog Off

AdvantagesWin friends and influence people

DisadvantagesMake enemies and piss people off

"These days the Internet is full to bursting with journalling, diary writing, and blogging sites. If you havenít come across one, you will almost certainly have read about them in your newspaper or favourite magazine. Many of the weekend papers carry lists and reviews of favourite online journals. On the off-chance you havenít heard of this phenomenon, this is basically how it works. The site hosts your journal, and you update it every day (or as often ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Protagonist


Dear dear diary...

AdvantagesEase of use, freedom of speech, strong community

DisadvantagesCan be addictive, may need some basic html skill

"Oh darlings, pen and paper are sooooo passť! What you need is an online space in which to vent. Voila, log on and you'll soon find that you're spoilt for choice. As a keen writer myself my starting point has always been random diaries and journals in which I did EVERYTHING from rant about how terrible my day was to scraps of poems, short stories and incomprehensible doodles. Well, I'm a 21st century gal, so I decided to upgrade and set my musings ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lisa137


Save a tree, write diaries virtually!

AdvantagesFairly simple, fun, addictive, many options

DisadvantagesFailing serves, HTML skills may wish to be aquired

"...including banners displayed on several diaryland.com sites, advertising your diary! (For all of you who wish to be heard.) And as cool as this feature is, it does cost $30.00, which I personally think is a little overpriced. The system is fun, cute and entertaining, but not worth $30.00 a month. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1incredipete


Diaryland Takes Time

AdvantagesUser-friendly interface to database


"I have been with Diaryland as a "Supergold" member for a little less than a year. Supergold includes a comment system, 30mb for images, and 10,000 banner ads that other members will see randomly as they surf. Diaryland accounts are totally customizable. My account has totally custom designed HTML, Javascripts, and graphics. It took some time to learn enough to code it myself, but that was half the fun. The best thing about Diaryland is that ..." Read review

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