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Community Level 6memphisto_...


A Mixed Bag!

AdvantagesChoice of phones, all tariffs and networks in one place

DisadvantagesAll bit of fib telling going on!

"I have used e2save.com twice in the last few years, once in 2005 when I acquired a Nokia 6680 on the 3 network and more recently at the end of that contract, I was offered an LG Chocolate on T-Mobile. As a subsidiary company of 'The Carphone Warehouse', e2save is an internet based company offering deals on mobile phone contracts and on pay as you go phones too. All the networks are covered here, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Orange, 3 and 02 and ..." Read review

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Community Level 3roberto900


No! e2save yourself some hassle!

AdvantagesGreat prices.

DisadvantagesTerrible "cashback" based promotions and bad customer service (even by today's standards!)

"About 4 months ago now I began looking for my first contract phone and using a price comparison site found many deals on the LG Shine phone and the best offer was provided by e2save. The website: On first appearence www.e2save.com is a smart, well designed, modern website which is very appropriate to its purpose: selling mobile phones/contracts. It is easy to navigate and search, clearly gives features and pictures of the phones and allows you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kingjb




DisadvantagesCompany is going downhill very fast, dont be fooled by flashy promises

"This is a quick summary for people who may be looking to sign up for a new contract/ phone from e2save. DONT, GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED FOR JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! E2save, to sum up has gone down hill very fast recently. I have been with e2save for just under 3 years, the first year was fine, little problems regarding porting into e2save and no problems with cash back either on a 12 months contract. So happy with my experience, I decided to stay ..." Read review

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Community Level 6markd_uk


Carbon-copy Warehouse?

AdvantagesEasy Navigation, Good Prices, Affiliate Scheme, Quick Delivery

DisadvantagesSlower delivery than promised.

"...a few of them but e2save.com stood out from the crowd for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's layout is very clear and uncluttered. The home page focuses on the company's six best offers, and a simple click on any of these will take you straight to that promotion. Above the offers are the menu buttons that allow you to dig deeper into the site, below the offers a smaller menu that provides you with access to the company's legal standing, terms & conditions ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nellymosser


Better that I expected - but not perfect.

AdvantagesExtremely quick, efficient, professional, great products

DisadvantagesSilly price for generic screen protector, SIM delay

"Like so many people on this site, I was really nervous about committing to an internet mobile service. However, my circumstances made it difficult to go anywhere. I love gadgets, desired the HTC hero but can't get reception for Orange in my house. E2save had the hero on Vodafone. ==The Positives== My first order was with mobiles.co.uk. They emailed back saying they were out of stock with that contract. I found e2save. They are a sister of mobiles.co.uk ..." Read review

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Community Level 1NicolaMilner


Customer Service Hell



"Please do not buy a mobile contract from e2save and save yourself months of hassle. I bought a phone from e2save at the beginning of December 2006. When the phone arrived e2save had put me on the wrong tariff. When I phoned to ask them to correct this I had to call 5 times, waiting for over an hour on hold each time, before I finally got through to customer services. This was to become a pattern for each of the 20 or more calls I subsequently ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazza1603


Save a fortune on mobiles incl Nokia 7210

AdvantagesSave a fortune over normal contract phones. Wide range of contracts and phones

DisadvantagesMail order.....You have to wait 2 days to get the phone of your dreams!

"Well my hunt for a new partner has ended after many months. I am now the owner of a sexy small dark Sony Ericsson T68 mobile phone. I have actually bought three phones in total, but have had to return two because of various reasons they did not work. First of all I had a Nokia 3410, but I couldn’t get a decent signal in my area and then a Ericsson T200 which I simply did not like because of its poor quality. Neither of these two where from e2save. I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jonnydeppo...





"After coming to the end of my current contract with 3 on an LG phone, I decided to 'shop around'. As money is tight (isn't it always), I decided on e2save.com. I looked at the phones they had on offer but to tell you the truth I was not that much impressed, so I decided to check things out. I rang up e2save and asked them if I purchased a contract with them for 12 months, would their sim card work in a different phone - as long as the phone was unlocked ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jayin


Dont want to pay high Street prices?

AdvantagesCheap deals,Excellent range,save £ compared to hight street prices

DisadvantagesBe careful of cashback deals,read the T&C's and follow them! cust service not great!

"A few months ago I found myself in need of a mobile phone. Being a person that is very interested in gadgets (almost in a childish fashion!), I did not want an ordinary phone, but was not prepared to pay over the odds for one neither. When shopping for mobile phones, I always visit e2save as they tend to have good deals. After exhausting all high street web sites, I concluded that I would choose a free Sony Ericsson K750 on the Orange network on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jting


Say NO to E2Save


DisadvantagesAll you can think of

"I was claiming my 2nd cashback with E2Save. I changed my bill address to my future address but forgot that I need to notify E2Save about it too. Alright, this is my fault. But when I received the reject letter from them, it was 13th June Friday night due to some unforeseen circumstances and the redemption period ends on 17th June according to my E2Save account. That means I have only MONDAY 16th JUNE to deal with things before I loose my 88 pounds. ..." Read review

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not a bad company



"****E2 cashback**** I have noticed a lot of bad reviews about this so decided to write my about my experience with them as so far it has been fine. I came across my particular phone deal on the moneysavingexpert website.Basically quidco were offering a £50 cashback when you took out a contract with e2save plus the contract i got was giving you 12 months line rental free(by redemption -i had to pay it then send a claim) and it was a 12 month ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mister_X


The worst service Imaginable

Advantagesnone- the worst company i have ever purchased anything from.

Disadvantageseverything that you could possibly imagine and more!

"Never ever buy from this company. I purchased a phone recently from the website for e2save They were very quick to take my money and get the phone i wanted. I received the phone quite quickly which was promising. The letter I received with the package said i had to wait 72 possibly for my phone to be activated. that's odd, I thought to myself as I thought it was a fairly simple process with previous phones I've had, but i waited 72 hours and nothing. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1neilhobson



Advantagesit couldn't be easier or cheaper to choose a network, tarrif and purchase a phone. MASSIVE DISCOUNTS

Disadvantagesinternet based but if your reading this hey presto, no problem.

"I thought I had found the best deal ever when I purchased a Nokia 7600 from DIAL A PHONE (SEE OTHER REVIEW), how wrong can you be. e2save have an excellent home page where you can browse the latest offers by network, phone type and tariff. They are open and honest with a frequently asked questions section. A contact us link gives real phone numbers and addresses which I found reassuring, especially when I read they were a past of CARPHONE WHAREHOUSE. I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Peter70


Customer service needs more attention to succeed.

AdvantagesGood deals on the 3 network.

DisadvantagesCustomer service is almost impossible to connect.

"...to connect to God, then e2save.com customer service. The Sales line is very easy to get through. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1neo_pri

Quick review of e2save.com

"E2save is quick to take your money, they sent the phone via RoyalMail, was not delivered to me. I reported the NonDelivery,the same day, I was told I will have to wait 7to 28 days for a investigation, After which I will be sent a new phone. Its over a month and half(45days). Still havent seen the phone, And their unhelpful staff are unable to tell me when I will get one, One staff said it may take as long as royal mail takes, Isaid that may take months years, she said yes we will have to wait till then(Months, years). They even refused to email me the conversation details.

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