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Community Level 1notsaying




DisadvantagesPoor customer service, shady pricing tactics

"E-dreams is more like e-nightmare. Lesson Learned: I would only use this site to set price benchmarks and deal/negotiate directly with air carrier or hotelier or go to a different agent. Pros: May offer some of the most affordable prices on-line Cons: Worst customer service I have ever had, shady pricing tactics Summary: Use at your own risk Experience: 1) While traveling in Europe, tried to book last-minute air and hotel on-line. Noticed ..." Read review

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DisadvantagesThey steal from you and do not return any messages

"Hi all, we are another victim of edreams scam. Booked outgoing flights (EasyJet)and incoming (ThomasCook) for our wedding in June with edreams. They took two payments one for EasyJet and one for edreams. Got the following emails Awaiting confirmation of booking unable to confirm booking due to server problems with airline And then an email from ThomasCook saying the flight had been cancelled and we were not entitled to a frefund! Had no other emails ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GeTraveller


Bad First Impression

AdvantagesMultiple search engines, Ability to compare prices from many hotels, airlines etc..

DisadvantagesDoes not work

"I saw eDreams banner on my way back to Airport (I don't even remember which city it was). So taking in consideration that I travel a lot some discounts and cheap offers would be great for my budget. So I've decided to use it for my future trips. Sadly I was not so pleased after two recent failed attempts to book a hotel on eDreams (Today). It was even more disappointing that my credit card was charged twice. Thank God the money was only blocked temporarily, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4bandoo


Personal Response What A Change

AdvantagesYour Own Personal Rep.


"I discovered the website edreams via a link from Lycos. Originally I just played their passport competition but then decided to actually investigate the site. The most noticeable thing about this site is that there are onsite reporters. So, if for instance you want to go to Mexico you can e-mail the Mexican rep. and get all the info. you require. I wanted some information on which were the best hotels for a family of five in Florida and within ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AliDandrea


EDREAMS for the real truth

AdvantagesEasy site to use and cost-free

Disadvantagessome opinions may not be very good

"...So pop in and see EDreams.com and if you are a keen opinion writer you can join the edreams team !!! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jpanders


eDreams is truely an eNightmare!

AdvantagesSometimes able to find a cheap fare

DisadvantagesHORRIBLE customer service; DECEPTIVE pricing which varies among the language you select

"Upon booking a flight ticket on eDreams, I received a message confirming my reservation but also stating that there was a problem with my credit card. The message went on to say that either: (a) the payment would process and I would receive my flight ticket -or- (b) I would receive an email stating how to fix the problem with my credit card. Having noticed that eDreams is only open during normal business hours, I decided to call the company the evening ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mrblimp1


Beware!!! Nightmare Customer Services


DisadvantagesCustomer Service is terrible/flight booking issue

"We used to use them all of the time to book flights to Germany until we booked one for out friend to fly to the UK. When she came to return home there was no return flight booked, just a one way ticket into the UK, even though the booking confirmation from edreams stated a return flight. She had to spend 290 euros for a flight to Germany (the original return flight was 50 euros). After contacting edreams about this in April they said it would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1WorldPassp...



AdvantagesThe only one that did not seem to have a problem with credit card from United States

DisadvantagesRudest customer service plus price is not the best either

"I was desperate because I tried 2 online travel agencies and none of them could get me tickets from Athens to Santorini. So, I came across edreams. Rudest customer service I have ever had. One girl was half screaming at me over the phone and when I told her that, she said she was sorry at first but then she started arguing with me seconds later that she was not even yelling etc...... I just hung up on her. Another one, he told me to contact the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Fredrik79


Not recommended

AdvantagesAs they never fulfilled any booking I made I can see no advantages

DisadvantagesSame as above

"I have been trying to use eDreams for booking flights to get home from a longer vacation in Mexico but they consistently failed to provide a solution that actually works in reality. Their online booking system offers solutions that eDreams later tells me are not possible. Either it's not possible to issue an e-ticket because the flight plan includes airlines that do not have a cooperation or it included an airline that they simply could not issue ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leebert




DisadvantagesOnline piracy

"I booked a flight from Malaga Spain to Barcelona Spain with Edreams. I received a confirmation number and then went to the airline I was flying to verify I was actually on the flight. I wasn't allowed to use the confirmation given because I was not the person who booked the flight. Back to Edreams I went and was told all was in order and I asked how to confirm that, and didn't recieve an answer. I asked for seating assigment and was told they would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1deric750

Quick review of edreams.com

"Edreams - total nightmare : Go away and prefer Expedia !!!! after a bug of their website my reservation from France to Costa Rica has been changed in France / California. After 4 days exchanging 15 mails with 7 persons, the ones at the claim department refused unsincerely to admit it has been a bug while i was giving the proof and modification costs me 2000 euro of extra to change the destination. Finally their proposed me to buy a flight from California to Costa Rica and add 12 hours on my trip of 16 hours!!!! JUST GO AWAY FROM THEM - NOT PROFESSIONNAL AT ALL & DONT CARE ABOUT CLIENT!!!!

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Community Level 1Thomul

Quick review of edreams.com

"e-Nightmare continues. I used eDreams to book a ticket for my niece. Because I was booking for a third party the asked for a wire transfer to pay for the booking and needed the transfer ASAP to insure the reservations at the price. I worked with lighting speed to accomplish the wire transfer, no sooner did I accomplish the transfer then an e-mail from eDreams stating they were unable to book the flight. I asked that my wire transfer be refunded. It is now nearly a month later with over 21 e-mails and I still have not recieved my refund. I'm investagating legal action to secure even a partal refund. Highly recomment use this company at your own risk.

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Community Level 1LONSN


eDreams an eNightmare!



"I try to book a flight for my mother and sister in Law from South America to London. EDreams looked like the perfect solution. I book all my travelling in the last 10 years online. From time to time there are issues, but all could be resolved. Edreams is the worst thing I ever came across. I booked the flight by adding lost of details on to the website, no problem! The booking was successful and I received a confirmation number and a confirmation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ashleyd308


Worst Experience Ever


DisadvantagesTERRIBLE customer service. The company took 300 euros and will not help me get it back.

"I tried unsuccessfully to book a flight with edreams. Customer service told me my transaction could not be completed because my debit card would not go through. Thus, no flight was booked. HOWEVER, Edreams still deducted 300 euros from my account which was not the price of the ticket I tried to purchase. I tried to purchase a ticket for 120 euros and they charged me 300. Now I am left with 300 euros missing and no flight! On top of all this, you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1USTABATHA

Quick review of edreams.com

"They charged my credit card over 2,000.00 dollars for a 700.00 dollar flight. the charges that were left on my credit card did not even equal the amount confirmed to pay. Nobody has gotten back to me and I dont speak spanish. I cancelled all the trasaction on the credit card. They wont return my emails either. The only reason why I used them was because they were a little bit cheaper than the airlines. I have missed my visitation flight with my son,because of the frozen account. DONT use EDREAMS. They will take out more that you expect to pay. WAY MORE. Even when I convert it to EURO's the charges still dont add up. EDREAMS is a scam!

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