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Community Level 1FayeGalvin


Expansys customer service = calling me stupid in an email. Nice.

AdvantagesNone. This is a terrible company who don't know the meaning of the words 'customer service'

DisadvantagesEverything. Don't go near them. Ever.

"On 28th June, I placed an order with expansys because a group of colleagues were going on a charity hike and I wanted them to capture their exploits on film for our website. Because we're a housing association, we can't afford to spend a massive amount on stuff like this. A colleague recommended a Flip 3rd Gen camera. I ordered one from Expansys.....and that's when my nightmare started. I wanted fast service and a well priced product.....what ..." Read review

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Community Level 1iliketoshop1


Never had such a bad online shopping experience!


DisadvantagesI think you know...

"I have been occasionally shopping online for 7 years and I've never had such a bad online shopping experience! I ordered a product from Expansys on the 19th Jan and still haven't received it. It was a midweek order so I expected it to be delivered by earlier on the following week (as I needed it for the weekend following that week to carry out work). But it didn't come through. I tracked my order online and the status was 'waiting for stock to ..." Read review

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WARNING Worst company ever

Advantagesno product sent out

Disadvantageswebpage looks lagit

"What a joke these guys charge you for stuff they don't send out , called them about money taken from account but they totally denied this. Recommend to stay clear from these amateurs new credit card now dispatched as fraudulent transaction has been made. DONT BE FOOLED THE WEBPAGE LOOKS LEGIT. DONT BE FOOLED THE WEBPAGE LOOKS LEGIT. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with these people that speak broken English they denied receiving and order ..." Read review

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Community Level 1geoffc77


Unprofessional, unhelpful and they couldn't care one bit

AdvantagesClear website, easy ordering/payment process, excellent product descriptions

DisadvantagesVery poor communication. Customer Services let down by lack of internal communication

"I found myself in need of a new LCD monitor as my current monitor is showing signs of age and is likely to give up the ghost shortly. Having shopped around, taking into account both price and the various delivery options I choose to place my order with eXpansys on 26th December. At the time, they were offering free next day delivery but a clear note was shown on the web site stating that orders made would not be processed until 29th December, so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1diane1957


Cheap but not cheerful

AdvantagesGood Prices

DisadvantagesPoor service, Attitude

"I've just bought a PDA plus a lots of bits from these people. The prices are great but the experience hardly makes it worth it. The order was delayed because I needed to confirm my identity by fax. It's very laudable to try and prevent fraud but when I watched the fax transmit 3 times and they still claimed not to have received it, it's frustrating and they missed the shipment deadline. The biggest problem was their online tracking which gave ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jasonraffe...


Made up lead times.

AdvantagesHad product no one else in UK had

DisadvantagesCouldn't deliver it.

"My experience of expansys has so far been pretty poor. I ordered a Roku Soundbridge which showed as 7 days for delivery. At this stage the item was IN STOCK at their US site. Working for an import company, I know that a standard UPS service to the UK takes 2 days. After 7 days I emailed them and was told the item would be another 5 days. I questioned this and was told they were waiting for stock. I pointed out that their US site was showing stock ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cotty74


xpansys company review



"hi there. i purchased a kitsound boomdock from them.I search many sites but the reason i chose xpanseys was because their website said they had 11 in stock and free next day delivery,great i thought as i needed this item quickly for a present. i pais through paypal and they sent me an email which had a link to my order status. Thats when i first got suspicious because the status said " we are awaiting stock to fulfill your order" mmmmmmmmmmmm i thought ..." Read review

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Community Level 1meadowend


iGo power tip A19 - Great customer service

AdvantagesTravel with only one power adapter for phones, pdas, gps, ipods etc


"I already own an iGo Wallpower charger, with which I'm very happy. I wanted to collect the right power tips so that when we travel I need to carry only one charger rather than the motley collection of chargers, cords and adapters we normally need. Expansys were the only place in the UK I could find this particular tip for my wife's Palm M515. Having ordered it, my order sat for a few days with a future expected delivery date. So I contacted Expansys ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Graemehull

Quick review of expansys.com

"Don't buy from these people! I bought an HTC s710 top of the range mobile phone which arrived with a cracked screen. I contacted them on the day it arrived, and they said was HTCs responsibility, despite the fact that their website clearly states that they offer replacements and refunds within 21 days. I contacted HTC who said it was Expansys's responsibility. So I've paid £270 for broken phone from this bunch of cowboys, who's customer service was appalling DONT EVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

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Expansys - Absolutely Appalling!

AdvantagesWebsite looks nice - that's all I can think of!

DisadvantagesThey're a terrible company with non-existent customer service and serious management issues.

"Short version: Expansys provides terrible customer service. They refuse to respond to emails and don't return calls, leaving customers waiting indefinitely for refunds. Expansys is by far the worst online retailer I have ever used (and I have been buying stuff off the internet for 12 years). Long version: I ordered an HTC 8X from Expansys on Monday 5th November. Decided the day after getting it it wasn't for me and I couldn't afford to keep it. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ndsmooth


Don't Buy From This Firm

AdvantagesInitially they appear to be competitively priced

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, No free returns policy, Poor lead times

"I recently purchased a RTX DUALphone 3088 from Expansys. If asked to recommend this company to anyone my response would be: "STAY WELL CLEAR". The product I received was defective so I had to return it. It took them two weeks to confirm its receipt only after calling them 3 or 4 times because I never received any emails from them. Customer services were giving me conflicting accounts on progress of my replacement. The first customer service rep ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JeffHunt

Quick review of expansys.com

"Awful. Phone was faulty, as admitted by manufacturer - netgear. Tried to contact expansys in vain. Eventually they acknowledged my communication - but too late - I was outside of the 21 days returns policy. So now they won't give me a refund. They will not respond to my court proceedings, or any letters that went before them. AWFUL company BEWARE!! Poor customer service, poor communication systems, VERY BAD MANNERS.

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Community Level 1gadgetman


Expansys - cheap but cheerless

AdvantagesCheapest UK prices for many PDA accessories

DisadvantagesPoor customer service. Fail to ship on time

"These guys in Manchester have great prices for PDA accessories and the like (things like palm pilots, pocket pcs and the accessories that go with them - storage cards, satellite navigation bolt-ons etc.) - probably the cheapest in the UK for many PDA related items. They also sell mobile phones, with and without contract, although their prices on phones are not as competitive. Site offers secure ordering. P&P is extra, even on high value items, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1FunNewMore


Expansys Cheap Experience

Advantageslower then high street prices

Disadvantagesunflexible delivery, fairly less-then-average level of customer service

"Had only 2 shopping with Expansys experiences . Both left me unimpressed, least to say. First, half a year ago, I ordered a mobile phone cable. When it came for a wrong phone model, I decided not to waste my time and energy with returns. And recently, I decided to order a mobile phone with a delivery to my work address. With Expansys, it wasn't an option - delivery is possible ONLY to a residential address! I have also called Expansys customer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1HOLLOWJ


Play Station 3

AdvantagesGoods in stock and available for next day delivery

DisadvantagesA bit pricey

"I got a recommendation from a trusted techie friend to try this company. The web site was very easy to navigate. The goods I wanted (PS3 60Gb) were in stock for next day delivery (out of stock at every other place I tried and trust me, I tried dozens!!!). Not the cheapest place I tried but not by much. Friendly and efficient staff (or at least the one I spoke to was). Received confirmation and could track immediately where my order was with Expansys ..." Read review

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