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Community Level 5pauljm


If you win, don't forget me

AdvantagesIt's free and you could win millions

Disadvantagesbut it's not very likely

"FreeLotto are yet another free lottery site (as you might have guessed from the name). What distinguishes this site from the many others is the size of the prizes offered and the totally professional look and feel. Many of the free lottery (or lotto, as our American cousins prefer) sites seem to use the same engine so that the experience of playing a lot can be very boring. Professional designers have obviously designed FreeLotto’s site especially ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mmkm71


Small amounts of money


DisadvantagesPoor odds

"...have had better experiences with freelotto.com then i am happy for you and feel free to tell me at eeyoregood@aol.com but right now i am fed up with this place and thier "lies". Please keep in mind that by lies i do not actually mean lies but more as a sort of scam. Or at least that is how i feel. Like i am getting scammed. Thanks for reading. Good luck. Purchase Price: $FREE ..." Read review

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Community Level 5BIGHORSE


Looks professional but how difficult to win

AdvantagesBacked and observed by the best

DisadvantagesOdds of winning are slim to say the least

"The thing that strikes you first about this, ANOTHER free lottery on the internet site, is that it looks quite professional, and it immediately impresses that they are insured by Lloyds of London (let's face it, it doesn't come any better than that) and also monitored by KPMG (one of the Big Six accounting firms). Now to the nitty gritty - to win the jackpot you need to match 6 numbers out of 54. This is an exponential increase on the odds of winning ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Basta14


Free and fun

Advantagesfree, lots of money given away, easy to play

Disadvantageshuge amounts of spam

"I joined Freelotto over a year ago, after a friend told me about it. Throughout this year, I have played maybe an average of one or 2 times a week, and I have won 5 dollars. Here is how it works: you pick your 7 numbers out of 50 or so, and then you click on one of about 5 ads to validate your bet. In other words, looking at an ad is how you "pay" for this free service. The good thing: you don't have to load the new page totally before your bet ..." Read review

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Community Level 7jonwhite


Increase your chances of winning

AdvantagesFree lottery, several games


"Free lotteries are in abundance on the internet these days and this is just one of the many. It is however a lot of fun to play and they do genuinely have winners. I recently e-mailed a winner (not a huge prize winner a mere $500) and he sent me a Jpeg of his cheque or as the Americans like to say a check. You play several games each day, 5 at the present time giving you varying odds of winning up to £10,000,000 (yes that's 10 million dollars). ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MiffedUK


mr forster

Advantagesfun for five minutes

Disadvantagescan't win on free play if you do not pay. claimimg is a joke without paying

"I would like freelotto to prove me wrong, but the reality of freelotto is that it is not free. And no one will win if they have not divulged their financial/card details. As an international player, playing a 'free' game and now have been informed that I have probably won 3 reasonable prizes, I find that even though I have opted for a cheque payment the rules require me to provide my card details. I'm sorry, not bloody likely. If its free, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Gordy




DisadvantagesFinding Time Each Day to Enter

"Want to win a BIG Lottery Prize, then try an entry on FreeLotto.com. With up to SIX entries per day, that gives you over 2000 Free entries every year. (FREELOTTO.Com has been listed in two Ciao Sections - this is a repeat of my original artical in the correct section. My family has won some other prices since I last wrote about FreeLotto so have a go yourself) Once registered on their system it is very easy to play FreeLotto. Simply choose ..." Read review

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Community Level 1clover58


International players: something is not clear

AdvantagesYou play for free if you win little

DisadvantagesNot clear as to rules for international players

"I'm from Italy and I too got the same message that I had won an incredible amount of money. Well, the secret lies in that word 'pending' which means that you COULD win if you gave Freelotto the money they ask you from your credit card each month. PLus, be aware if you reside in other countries other than the USA and Canada, because if you read the 16 paragraph of their rules you can see that if you do not follow the exact procedure (sending a self.addressed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AndrewCole


Cool and ok for UK users

AdvantagesFree, really does work

DisadvantagesCan be a bit slow and has a few pop ups

"Ok ok, so you don't get anything for free, well actually you do, this web site if free to join and free to use once a day. It is also live for the UK market and I have so far won a total of $20 over the past few month (although I have to say I don't play that often). It si simple to use, has either Java or HTML based versions (so most peolple can get in) and should pay for itself in, well, no time at all. Have fun with this one ..." Read review

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Community Level 1akku2424


Winning Freelotto

AdvantagesAn easy way to become rich by luck

DisadvantagesFredulent experience

"I am a medical doctor in India and played freelotto while surfing on net. After 2 days I got a mail that I am the winner of $1000,000.00 as well ae $300.00 in different catogries. I furnished my details and now they ask me to give details of my credit card also. They have again send me a mail showing pending statusof my won amount. How far is it true, I don't know. Is it a fraud or I have really won the lottory? No doubt it is a lifetime opportunity ..." Read review

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