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Community Level 4opinion-ma...


Are you a dot com wannabe

AdvantagesIP forwarding sub domain capability

Disadvantagessteer clear of the centralnic nominet names

"...cheaper. They have two sites, freeparking.co.uk which has pricing in GBP and domain-parking.net which has pricing in USD...take your pick! Both sites are the same apart from the pricing, infact they are so similar you have to look twice! Basically they are a domain name registration service. - PRICING .co.uk/.org.uk are £9.99 all inclusive and .com's/.org/.net are £29.98 quoted at the standard 2 year period. Very competitive if you want a ..." Read review

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Community Level 6mikeydred



AdvantagesCheap and Efficient way of getting your own domain


"This lot provide an absolutely excellent domain name registration service, not only that their after sales service is excellent, and not only that the site and control panel, once you’ve registered is a doddle to use as well. There are a couple of other in depth opinions that detail the site it it’s minutiae, so I’ll just concentrate on the things that make this very attractive, especially to someone who doesn’t want a lot ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rogerstark


Freeparking deleted my website beacuse of their mistake


DisadvantagesIt is your responsibility to fix their mistakes

"The problem is that I received 8 reminders to pay but they all arrived on the same day January 26th between 13:47 and 13:54. I then received 4 invoices on 27th Januarybetween 06:45 and 06:46. My website was then delete. The link to renew was incorrect and following the links to get to the correct page was not straight forward.Their response "I am so very sorry - there was a problem with the auto processor on theshared ..." Read review

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Community Level 5digitalburn


An excellent service

AdvantagesA fast, efficient, professional service


"While not offering web hosting as such, www.freeparking.co.uk offers one of the best domain registration services I have come across. The prices are reasonably standard, starting from £9.99 for a .co.uk domain name for two years, up to around £29.99 for a .com for two years. Many different TLDs (Top Level Domains) are available, and you can usually choose the length of your registration, depending on which TLD you are going for. The site also ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Frisbee78


Both good and bad...

AdvantagesWeb forwarding, ease of registration, cheap

DisadvantagesAutomated support response, poor email forwarding service, difficulty in coordinating contacts and admin names.

"The freeparking.co.uk site is great for registering cheap domain names easily. It is not so good at email forwarding (emails often bounce back) and when you put in a support request you get an automated response from various FAQ-bots (you'll get to know them by name!) which is irrelevant to the question you asked. You then have to write back saying please read my question and then they MIGHT respond with a vaguely relevant answer but not always ..." Read review

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Freeparking Domain registration with absolutely no support!

AdvantagesEasy, cheap domain registration and takes Paypal

DisadvantagesNo support or communication - Have to Complain through Paypal/credit card company!!!!

"Freeparking is a domain name registration service I've used for many years. It offers cheap, automated registration. Freeparking takes Paypal which is quick and convenient. It's easy to use and not expensive so I've never really had cause to look elsewhere to compare its service. As they say - If it aint broke don't fix it. The support system used to be fine but of late it seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Registered a domain, paid for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1demonfishb...


Works ok - but lousy customer service - they conned me out of £90

Advantagesworks ok, you can register your domains fairly easily, cheap

Disadvantagessupport is crap, website is dated, I got ripped off, company is not a UK company!

"I was with Freeparking for over 5 years - it worked ok, never had any major technical issues and when I did they were usually resolved pretty quickly. The website is a bit dated and clunky, and they are clearly not a UK company. This all went fine, until I renewed my main domain name for an additional 9 years (thought I'd make it easy) and things went horribly wrong. The domain didn't renew properly and freekparking still charged me the £90 renewal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Pictish


Incompetent Service from Freeparking

AdvantagesGood user maintenance portal

DisadvantagesThey sold my domain 3 years before expiry

"I was happy with freeparking until a recent experience where their incompetence was responsible for the loss of my domain. When it came to renew my .info domain I paid for the 5 year option (£41). Just over two years later I find no email coming through and I find someone else now owns my domain! Now we find the downside of freeparking, the only way to contact them is via the support call system. So I raise a support call asking if someone has ..." Read review

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Community Level 1firefox5000


I don't recommend it to anyone


DisadvantagesEverything else

"It's cheap and easy and quick to register a domain with freeparking but that's where the story ends. Raise a support request and the answer that comes back has nothing to do with your problem and it seems that they are being obtuse with you on purpose. I have asked direct and specific questions time and time again and they answer some but not all of the questions and what they do answer is not exactly what you asked but rather some overall answer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SusannaMar...


Email TOTALLY unreliable.

AdvantagesReasonably priced and easy to set up

DisadvantagesImpossible to rely on them for e-mail; if you want to leave them they just ignore your request.

"I got a .eu domain from Freeparking and stayed with them for almost two years. Setting up was easy and the price fair, but that is the end of that. From the outset I noticed that e-mails could be delayed (both outgoing and incoming), but I thought that was a glitch. At the time I was using a different e-mail address and hadn't transferred all my traffic to Freeparking yet, so I wasn't paying too much attention to what was going on. However in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1littlebutt...

Quick review of freeparking.co.uk

"Very expensive for .co.uk and like another Reviewer here, were completely incompetant when it came to automatically renewing my domain. It says is T&C that domain renewal is done automatically if a CC is left on file - except they THEN tell you they don't do that anymore when you wonder why you've lost your domain name Also, was charged a whopping fee of £13 for renewing domain name THREE HOURS LATE on their system. The fact that - because they are in the US! - the email was received by me at 5:30 in the morning made not a jot of difference to this incompetant, useless, expensive Domain Name Sellers - WARNING TO ALL - DO NOT USE THEM!!!

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Community Level 1DavidWethe...


Freeparking is Excellent and highly recommended

AdvantagesEasy to use systems, gives full control of domains, cheap hosting and great website builder

Disadvantagesnot the cheapest, but cheap isn't always good

"Unlike the previous 2 or 3 reviews I would highly recommend Freeparking. Unlike many of the hosting and domain name companies out there, Freeparking puts you in control of your domain name. I canchange all apsects of my domain names and on the odd occasion I have needed to move my domains out, it has been effortless. Whilst their prices are slightly higher than some, for between £4.99 and £7.99 my domains are safe, in my control and the support ..." Read review

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Domain Registration at its worst - No support - Buyer beware!!

AdvantagesNone that come to mind unless you like wasting money on goods you don't receive!

DisadvantagesWaste of money - You don't get what you pay for!

"Does anyone work at Freeparking - It would certainly appear not! Look elsewhere. My experience is not an isolated one judging by comments here. The test of a company is how they react when things go wrong. I had been lulled into a false sense of security having quickly and easily registered my first domain name with Freeparking. I had set up mails through the domain name and it hadn't been expensive. This all changed - Paid for another domain name ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LivesInABox

Quick review of freeparking.co.uk

"Had a .co.uk domain with them for just over a year, and the service was ok - emails can go missing due to their over aggressive spam guard - there is however a major rip off with their service. I forgot to renew my domain in time and they instantly disconnected the domain, and threw away all emails. I renewed a couple of weeks after the date (which cost a rip off £30 - but theres no other way to keep your name) and i'm still waiting for them to reconnected it. They don't let you know when your name is up for renewal to scam the most out of you! Will never use again - try someone like namecheap if your looking for a bargain!

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Community Level 1rosswoof


FreeParking - registered my domain to someone else - no support!


DisadvantagesNo telephone support or any support

"I used to find FreeParking an excellent choice for aquiring and maintaining new domains. But I don't now. This seems to have taken on the feel of a bedroom business. I registered a domain in 2007 under my company name and I renewed this year. I have a receipt for the money they took and my 'control panel' clearly shows me as the registered owner. However when I tried to upload new content to the domain I discovered another company using it. I ..." Read review

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