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Free and Easy



"Freeuk lottery .com is a site which gives you 5 free lines and a bonus line on the lottery on Wednesdays and Saturdays.It is very easy to do first register for that you will be credited with £2. Then login and click on each line you will then go to a sponsers page to validate it. If three numbers come up the win goes to charity anything over that is a win by your syndicate and will be credited to your account. You need to have £10 pounds in to make ..." Read review

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Community Level 8blurbubble


Where has it gone

AdvantagesFree entry

DisadvantagesSite currently closed

"Well, this site was good, fast and free but it seems to have disappeared now! For about two or three weeks it had a 're-opening soon' screen up but now it automatically directs to a different site. That's a shame I feel as this was a good site for a free flutter. On registering your account is automatically credited with £2 then for each National Lottery draw you can enter 5 lines of numbers. Three winning numbers yields a £10 prize but this is ..." Read review

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Community Level 3winprizes2...


UK Lottery entries for free

Advantagesfree and easy to play

Disadvantageslow prizes likely

"You can all play the National Lottery in the UK for free with this site which is based around the national lottery and uses the winning numbers from this to find its own winners. Each day you can get a free line of numbers for the next lottery draw - visit an advertising site to vaildate them and they are yours as are some of the winnings - you even get a £2.00 credit for opening an account. If your looking for the small print here you are - ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Carlhuz


Read the Small print

AdvantagesIts Free

DisadvantagesComplicated terms, Payouts

"Freeuk lottery .com is a fairly new site when it comes to the online lottery game. When you first register you get £2 credited to your account. However the terms and conditions for this site are extremely weird and apparently if you get 3 numbers in your syndicate numbers the company will donate that to charity - you can only get money from your account if the credit in there exceeds £10 - and all prizes are distributed 50 - 50. Like I said fairly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thegriff



Advantagesfree lottery if you can get on it

Disadvantagesdoesnt seem to do what you want it to

"I have just spen the last hour visiting this site. I registered my name and everything and quikly got an e-mail back from them. From then on in it gets confusing, they state that you can play for free to earn big money but as i have said i have just spent the last hour trying. To play the free game it asks you to nominate a group and this is where it loses you. I tried a dozen times to enter a new group and to enter my log-in details which they sent ..." Read review

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