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Healthy food delivered to your door Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesAlmost everything!

DisadvantagesPods can't be re-sealed, some foods are a bit hit and miss

"Graze (the site and my opinion of the food boxes I have bought) I have been using graze for three weeks now, so I have received three boxes from graze so far. I came across this company and I found a code which resulted in a free first graze box, so I though I would try it out. *What is Graze?* Graze is a company in which you can pick and choose different foods from their online selection and they post them to you. On the Graze site they describe ..." Read review

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Nutrition in a box Review with images

Advantagessome great food selections, delivered direct to your door

DisadvantagesMay receive foods you don't like to start with but you can bin these

"My partner recently came across the graze website, purely by chance, and got himself signed up to receive food through the post. I had read about the company before on the many reviews that have been posted on Ciao and Dooyoo, but never got round to signing up myself, not because I didn't want to try it, but like so many well intentioned ideas, the more time that passed since reading the reviews the further to the back of my mind the idea sunk until ..." Read review

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A free box of food delivered to your work or home! Review with images

AdvantagesFree first box, choice of food options, environmentally friendly

DisadvantagesNone for me

"A while back I saw an offer for ‘Graze’ on Martin’s Money Saving Tips email. Graze deliver a box of healthy snacks to your home or place of work in the post and were offering the first box free and the second at half price. Thinking this was too good to be true and that there would be a catch I ignored it. I have since read positive reviews of Graze and again saw on my trusty email from Martin that they were offering the first box for free and that ..." Read review

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A great Munch (not the fettish kind) Review with images

AdvantagesTasty, healthy depending on how you use it

Disadvantagesprice price price

"... ===WEBSITE=== All of your interactions with Graze.com have to be online. As such you would hope that the website is fairly simple to use. It certainly is. It also is not. The website is a little bit too all over the place for me. It takes a little bit of getting used to. It’s a site that you have to sit and stare at for a bit before you realise where you need to go. It’s supposed to look quirky and cool but it occasionally is just a little bit of ..." Read review

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Graze on this! Review with images

AdvantagesCreative healthy products you won't find elsewhere, great customer service

DisadvantagesRelatively pricey, small pots and the fact not all products can be marked as send soon.

"Not long ago I stumbled upon an embarrassing video of my drunken flatmate and I ransacking our fridge and proclaiming, in high-pitched Glaswegian accents, just how shockingly 'middle-class' the contents of out fridge were on that specific occasion. There were cries of 'Channel Island Milk! Well, we have gone up in the world' and 'Organic Greek Yoghurt - Well ye' cannae have that.' There was even a wee bottle of rosé wine in the side cabinet. It was ..." Read review

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Snacks with benefits

AdvantagesSnacks with benefits, nutrition, delicious, easy website to navigate

DisadvantagesNone for me

"When I read a fab review on Graze by Ryanando, I was eager to give them a try. I had previously heard of them as only a few days before I had received a leaflet through the post about the company, so armed with my voucher code for a free box, I signed up and eagerly awaited delivery. Graze is a company that sends nutritious nibbles to snack on through the post. Postage is free and they deliver nationwide to any address. Because the boxes are A5 (23cm ..." Read review

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TO GRAZE OR TO SCOFF?! Review with images

Advantagesgreat website, all information provided, fun idea, exciting, fantastic food

Disadvantagesexpensive, almost too much choice

"...review will be of the graze.com website itself, and the boxes and food sold. The website itself is extremely easy to follow. It's very clean and neat, and bright without looking tacky. When you first visit, you're immediately drawn to the feature that allows you to create an account, and this is boasted by the "FIRST BOX HALF PRICE" sticker. The tabs along the top of the website also allow you to view all the food products before creating an account, ..." Read review

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A-graze-ing snacks delivered straight to your door!

AdvantagesHealthy, natural, tasty snacks delivered. Ability to choose what you don't/do want to try.

DisadvantagesNone for me!

"I discovered Graze a few months ago when I was browsing the 'freebies' on Quidco. One of the offers was to sign up to Graze and receive a free box, whilst getting £1.50 cashback in the process. I decided to have a look at the website and ended up ordering the free box...and many more since. I have also got many friends into using Graze and thought I would share my thoughts here also. --What is Graze?-- 'Graze' is a way ..." Read review

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Nuts to you!

AdvantagesDelicious and healthy

DisadvantagesA bit of a luxury when money is tight

"...can easily log on to Graze.com and push the delivery back one week. If I fancy an extra box it is just as easy to look at my deliveries and order another box. Tabs across the top of the home page include _Your Deliveries_ , _Browse_ and _Rate_, _FAQs_ and _Your Account_ . These options give you a very flexible and easy to understand method of controlling what you receive and when you receive it. If I click on _ Your Deliveries_ section of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chocaholic...


A scrumptious mix of yummy snacks

AdvantagesTasty snacks, healthy, convenient

DisadvantagesThe cost

"...Monday deliveries aren't possible as graze.com need to post the day before to ensure that fruit is still fresh and Sunday deliveries aren't possible as there's no postal service on a Sunday. == WEBSITE == Going straight to the website showed an offer of half price for your first box. Pretty good, I thought and signed straight up. Wrong decision! Had I read more reviews before signing up I would have discovered that by going through Top Cashback ..." Read review

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Graze away, afterall it's good for you!

AdvantagesGreat Healthy Treats

DisadvantagesExpensive if you get a taste for it!

"What is it? A company set up to provide healthy snacks to people at work. The company is owned by the same people who set up Lovefilm. Their idea is to send healthy snacks to people by post. They worry that people who sit at a desk all day only snack on chocolate and crisps. What do they deliver? Fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, olives and healthy treats. A box is delivered to the address that you specify by first class post, the box ..." Read review

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Try, Like, Love or Bin? Graze.com let's you decide!

AdvantagesEducational about nutrition - may help you stop snacking on rubbish!

Disadvantagesnone really as very straightforward!

"...change dates via their website: graze.com in for instance you are going on holiday. With the snacks comes a leaflet explaining all the nutritional values of the contents and what if anything is particularly healthy about them – this one contains lots of fibre, or vitamin e for example. The other great thing about this service is that they send you an email asking you to rate or slate you box. You can decide whether to like, love, try or bin any particular ..." Read review

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Community Level 4laura2310


Free food!

AdvantagesGreat food, great service.

DisadvantagesCan't choose exactly what you receive

"I stumbled upon Graze.com a couple of months ago and was quite intrigued. It is basically a healthy (but delicious!) snack delivery website. For £3.29 (or free if it's your first time!) they will send you a 'nibble box' containing four small, individually sealed punnets of food. You tell them what food you like and they will choose the punnets for you based on your choices, they will also choose punnets that complement each other nutritionally, so ..." Read review

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Community Level 7GemmaC25


Healthy snacks delivered!

AdvantagesSmall enough to fit through the post box, and very yummy.

DisadvantagesSome people may find £3 too much.

"I discovered graze.com through one of my many cashback websites, TopCashBack. It told me that graze.com was from the same people behind lovefilm.com and that if I signed up and recieved a free box I would get £2.00 cashback. Intrigued, I clicked through to the website to find out more. Immediately you are greeted with pictures of greenery and fruit with bold images declaring healthy food delivered to your desk for just £2.99. At the side it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Natviclou


What's in my Lunch Box Today? Review with images

Advantageshealthy, no more craving, good value, delicious.

DisadvantagesGot to be willing to try new foods or concept doesn't really work.

"Graze.com is an online store that send to their customers a selection of healthy eating snacks by post. Their slogan is 'nature delivered' and they promise no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives - just real food. The idea behind the company is that these can be delivered to work, or where ever you like, and can either be snacked on throughout the week or eaten as lunch. They can deliver their boxes as often as required from Monday to ..." Read review

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