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AdvantagesSEE TEXT

DisadvantagesSEE TEXT

" In one of our lectures, our lecturer was talking about how with the Internet the market for exploitation has become greater. People advertise what seem legitimate products, they get people to send money to the companies and never get any product in return. However…… Homeworkingideas.co.uk seems a very accomplished site, it offers all the best deals and some excellent tips on how to work from home by either freelance work like ..." Read review

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Community Level 4richardjmeek


The Low Down on Working from Home


Disadvantagesnot eye pleasing

"Homeworkingideas.co.uk is as it says a site for those who want to work from home and earn some extra cash. This site is full of ideas and reviews of current ways of making money from your computer including Ciao! This site is quick to load probably due to the lack pictures on the site, this site is more functional rather than going for design awards. This site is very easy to navigate around and has a high level of relevant content. This site is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1louisemole



AdvantagesGood links and advice on how NOT to get scammed.

DisadvantagesA bit sparse on opportunities.

"Finally a UK based site where we can go to find an online job. It may not hold the answers to all of your dreams, but it will have a jolly good go and give you plenty of tips to succeed along the way. I am sure that I am not the only one who has searched for a legitimate job that I can do from home. I don't want much, an employer, some work to do and a wage when I have done it. But it seems that this is asking a bit too much, somebody please answer ..." Read review

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Community Level 5begum


Words of caution

Advantagesgood site

Disadvantagestrick subject

"A site which can be very useful to people, who do not work and want to work from home or make the most of their computers. This site provides a good overview of the home working ideas on the internet and ones which are available through post. There are some good things, and has most of the pay schemes, like Ciao, and some good freelance writing courses. But be careful: Never send any money most companies know people are desperate and however ..." Read review

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Community Level 5loconnor


Work from home - now you can

AdvantagesDozens of pages covering just about everything you can think of

DisadvantagesToo much information to take in

"Not a job site as such, but an excellent resource for anyone looking to work from home, whether setting up your own business, as an employee, freelance or simply to benefit from genuine online opportunities. With pages covering just about every career you can carry out from home, links to loads of other sites and an individual e-mail advice service this site has given me loads of ideas and I'm now pursuing several different avenues which are all earning ..." Read review

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Community Level 1romary18


really useful

AdvantagesAll links in one place

DisadvantagesNot all useful

"I happened across this service about three weeks ago and have found it very useful. It seems to be run by a woman called Lynn oconnor who responded very quickly to a query on the service on her website. She also offered to send me more suggstions if I sent her more information on myself which would allow her pinpoint her search to my needs. I am looking for stay at home work as I am a student who needs extra dosh without anything too permanent. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2potster


site no longer there??


Disadvantagesjust a search portal with popup ads

"I visited this site after reading a couple of the reviews here on ciao and welllllll............. my advice don't even bother visiting. I was expecting to find a whole bunch of advice and links to help the would be homeworker but instead I got one of those rubbish search portal style ad pages promoting mortgages and finance. My firefox browser blocked 2 popups and to be honest this is not the sort of site I would allow popups on. My guess ..." Read review

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