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Community Level 7RazzaLazza


Seek and You Shall Find Review with images

AdvantagesAn excellent service is offered, cheap postage on vinyl if ordering multiple items.

DisadvantagesSome records may never be found, they're just too hard to come by.

"...longer in production. This makes htfr.com a great place to visit as you never know quite what you could find there, you can pick up some brilliant bargains on the website of records that have long since been deleted. There are over 200 000 vinyl records to choose from, they have an eclectic selection of which I'd advise you browse daily as you can never be sure what the website will turn up from one day to the next. '''My Personal Experience''' ..." Read review

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Community Level 4GeoffreyHa...


100,000 records

Advantages100,000 records

DisadvantagesPoor service both on-line, and in-store

"Hard To Find Records (HTFR) is one of the largest record stores in the world, and is based in Birmingham. It opened in 1991, and supplies all forms of house, garage, techno, trance, hardcore, drum & bass, hip-hop, electro, soul and disco. They currently have a choice of 100,000 records in store, as well as a wide selection of dj hardware (turntables, mixers etc). There are 20 Technics decks for listening on, and there is a chill out area for when ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jamieoyeah





"HTFR have everything a dj needs on one site and in their fab DJ megastore. What's great is they always have exclusive products on offer at stupid prices that you will be har dpushed to find anywhere else. There website is so easy to use with a complete divide between gear and tunes. you can check their ace review for a good idea of what you arw buying (or need to buy). You can even listen to thousands of records on there too! DJ's needn't bother ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Irishanon


Indifference to customer anxieties/concerns and incompetence

AdvantagesNothing I can think of.

DisadvantagesIncompetence, indifference to customer concerns, non-updated website, supplied by Dolphin.

"I ordered from these people after seeing that the product was available, online, at their website. I phoned them to confirm that they did indeed have it in stock and they assured me they did. Later, an automated response email arrived to say that they were out of stock and that it would be a two-week wait. During this time, I ordered something else from Dolphin Music, who informed me over the phone that it is they who supply HTFR and that it would ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kateflet


Excellent all round in my opinion

AdvantagesGreat Range of Records - Good Customer Service

DisadvantagesToo far away from me to visit!

"The range of CDs, records, tape packs, t-shirts, needles, decks, gadgets etc.. is amazing. The prices aren't too much and the service I've received has been satisfactory everytime. Only once out of probably over 50 orders has a record been lost. This was quickly sorted by a friendly customer service rep by sending another the day I called. I'm sure at times you aren't going to be 100% happy with any service you are given by a company. There's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1the_stress


Legal action against HTFR

AdvantagesGood website with good range of products

DisadvantagesEVERYTHING related to their service

"I am an online shopper for more than 10 years. I use similar websites like musicstore.com or recordcase.de and never had a problem. I wanted to try a UK website, because of the recent GBP alteration and decided to try HTFR, which seemed very proffessional. I can now see I'm dealing with the lowest kind of dealers. Firstly, they made me send them a whole lot of documents as proof of id "for my security" and to "avoid fraudolent behaviours". I was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bassl1ne


Hard To Find Records dont want to refund faulty product

AdvantagesI have no positives from this only wasted fuel and wasted time.

DisadvantagesHard To Find is quick to take your money but not to sort out any problems afterwards.

"I purchased some DJ equipment (Denon DN-HS5500) from Hard To Find Records store. After testing the unit it home it was apparent there was a fault with the software on the unit. Looking on the internet also confirmed that hundreds of other people have discovered these software faults which are yet to be solved. With this in mind I require a refund because all units have the same inherent fault. I called Hard To Find Returns to make sure I would have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JungleVIP


Good online record shop

AdvantagesReally good selection of vinyl and equipment for any dj

DisadvantagesIt is quite expensive

"I first looked at hard to find.com about 3 years ago, this was before i really started getting into Djing but was still very interested at first, i found the site very easy to navigate and looking at the amount of vinyls they had i was amazed. Now a days i have my own decks and as any dj would know it is a very expensive hobby, first there is the decks, mixer headphones, speakers and then the continuous yearn for more tunes. Well hard to find ..." Read review

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Community Level 2thedjcraig...


Hard To Find Records - Errr...

AdvantagesLarge selection of vinyl & products


"This store is one of the biggest mail order specialist vinyl shops avaliable to DJs to date. There is a huge selection of vinyl, and an ever expanding product range. However it is based in Birmingham, and I am based down sounth, near Dartford, so i have never actually set foot inside the store myself. However this review is based on my online experiences. Basically you can normally find what you wnat, from new to old, but the hard-to-find vinyl is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1koen_on_ciao


HTFR for equipment

AdvantagesLarge catalog also for equipment, low price

DisadvantagesCustomers can't see if items are in stock

"I ordered a piece of equipment from HTFR, and it turned out to not be in stock. They had to order with their supplier which - luckily - did not take too much time. Still, I think they should show it on their web shop when an item is out of stock. I prefer to order only items that are in stock so I can get it fast. HTFR customer support could be improved. Sometimes it takes a day or two days before you get an answer to your enquiry. For both records ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dnapt

Quick review of htfr.com (Hard To Find Records)

"They charged 600€+ for production gear from my card the day after my order. After almost 2 weeks I had to contact them to find out that the items were out of stock. They kept delaying the delivery and left me hanging for 2 months until I finally canceled and requested a refund. Im waiting for the money. Customer service is poor and it seems that they dont care at all about their customers.

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Community Level 1DJDaveDance



AdvantagesFriendly Service, Good Parking


"Recently I decided to upgrade my mobile disco show. After surfing the net and trawling ebay I found a shop called Hard to find records in Birmingham, as I live in Staffordshire I decided to brave the m6 and take a trip down to purchase some new disco lights. On arrival I found the store to be big bright and packed with everything a DJ could possibly require, there was also a secure car park to park my van. Unfortunately the lights I had found ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ray_Von


Vast selection of records but poor service!

AdvantagesVast selection of records and equipment!

DisadvantagesPoor online service and webiste!

"HTFR can boast the probably the biggest selection of dance music vinyl AND DJ equipment in one place on the web. They also offer a service where by they can search for a particularly difficult to find record, and then e-mail you when they have it. While these are two excellent aspects of the store in my experience it is the service that lets them down, especially when compared to competitors. My experience of HTFR is that the webiste does not ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mikkelkrog

Quick review of htfr.com (Hard To Find Records)

"Very bad customer service. Ordered a CD player on-line. Delivery time was stated to be 2-5 working days. Called after 2 weeks to ask about the status of my order. They told me that the cd-player was out of stock and told me to wait for 7 working days. That seems to be the standard answer when you call customer service. I have tried that for over 2 months now and still no cd-player. I have cancelled my order, but still nothing seems to be happening! They just give you the same standard answer: Wait for 7 working days... DON'T BYE ANYTHING FROM THEM.

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Community Level 1joemangi


HTFR are living legends in the vinyl and DJ world

AdvantagesThey sell everything you need inc. stuff you didn't even know you needed

DisadvantagesThey are just too busy to please all of the people all of the time

"I have been using them since they started years ago which was pretty much the same time i started collecting records myself and they've never let me down. They have the most amazing selection of vinyl and DJ equipment in the world at the best prices I've found anywhere. I've travelled the world with my DJ-ing acitivities and visited many so-called DJ stores but nothing compares to HTFR. Now I've moved on to producing music guess what? HTFR now sell ..." Read review

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