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Community Level 4Jordan2493


iTunes Your Computer Review with images

AdvantagesQuality Downloads, Speed , Easy To Use, Legal...


"...much on your iPod without iTunes can you? Unless you download your favourite songs from illegal sites such as Limewire or Frostwire, you should really be using the best desktop application for music and the legal program which is iTunes. So really, the only way to enjoy music and videos and games and a whole lot of other products is by downloading iTunes, and you can also enjoy the fact that you aren't downloading songs illegally like many of people ..." Read review

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Good music store

Advantagessame as list

Disadvantagessame as list

"...audio books and podcasts from itunes to. How does it work? It’s simple. You download it and if you can’t do that how do you expect to work the ipod or even the computer. I am no technical expert – not by a long shot and I managed it and that was so long ago I can’t honestly give any accurate instructions on the process although I am confident that if you were to become stuck Apple or indeed someone somewhere in cyberspace could help you out. When ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sadoldbag


iTunes makes you start a sentence in lower case

AdvantagesPurchased downloads are instant and affordable, Software is easy to use.

DisadvantagesFew, but it does allow fans to buy only part of an album,

"iTunes is a digital media player which is downloadable from the Apple website. It allows you to purchase songs and download them immediately to listen to, and like other media players it will store your own songs from your CD collection in playlists too. It was unveiled by Apple in early 2001, and has dominated the market since. It now hosts one of the largest collections of video, music, and audio files available. You can download podcasts, videos ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mimicakes


I have itunes but not not an ipod..

AdvantagesDecent exchange for your money, fairly easy to use

DisadvantagesCannot use files in other players e.g. Windows Media Player

"...in front of you. But iTunes gives you the option to print off the album art and make your own special covers for no extra cost, if you can be bothered to do this sort of thing. I personally can't. If you want to buy an album, it is the same procedure as buying a singular song, except this time there is an option to 'purchase album.' This costs around £8 which again is value for money because normally albums cost around £12-£15 in shops. You get ..." Read review

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Community Level 3poodu


All hail Apple iTunes

AdvantagesGood quality files, good layout, good prices

DisadvantagesTricky to set up, lack of choice

"I had been waiting for iTunes to launch in Britain and it finally has. www.apple.com/itunes/ for those that want the address! After a couple of months of extensive testing and experimentation I now feel I am ready to give an honest and well researched opinion! First off, there seems to be a misconception that Apple were trying to take on the file sharing services like Napster and Kazaa. This is totally untrue! Apple launched the first pay-per-track ..." Read review

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Apple are taking over the world!

AdvantagesCheap, legal downloads. Easy to use.

DisadvantagesCan be a bit slow depending on how many files you have.

"...as iTunes. I've been using iTunes for a few years now & use it as my main music player, I used to use windows media player but iTunes blows that completely out of the water. ITunes is completely free & very easy to download, you can download it from the apple website, just type in iTunes on google or probably the simplest thing is to connect your iPod usb cable to your computer or laptop & if you don't already have it installed it will install ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Timothij



AdvantagesVast array of multimedia available

DisadvantagesUnfair pricing system, DRM encrypted songs

"iTunes - the most advanced music store available. Or is it? Well, with around 24 million songs available worldwide this clearly puts it head and shoulders above any other competitor. And with them also selling games (iPod), TV Shows, Movies, Podcasts and Video Podcasts - this makes Apple the owner of the most advanced music store. And to this date it is probably the most used music store in the world with over 3 billion songs sold worldwide in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2hackedoff


Hackedoff with an Apple

AdvantagesSaves a trip to Woolies

Disadvantagestakes ages to load on dial-up, costs alot

"...latter are bright and colourful, Itunes is plain, even the colour scheme invokes boredom pale blue on pale blue with the odd splashing of white and grey. Although asthetics don't really matter, the main question is does it work? Well Yes but thats because there isnt alot for it to do, all it really is is a glorified music search engine, with a few "celebrity playlists". Most people will go straight for the search button, but there are a few other ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Delboy2005


This apple isnt mouldy yet!

AdvantagesVirus protected, free software, easy to use

DisadvantagesSome artists are unavailable!

"Apple iTunes music store just like any other music-download software but costs 79p per song, most people would be now think this is rubbish but most free software programs do not include virus/spy and adware protection and this does and is probably worth every penny. The software is free to download but costs per song. Music Store- A facility included in free software that enables you to download music at 79p a song that’s about £8 or £9 for an ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tom_very1st


This is no forbidden fruit!

Advantageslayout, accesability, easy to download things, variety etc.

DisadvantagesIf any the prices

"Right, itunes music store. I tunes is apple's answer to windows media player and is the program ipod owners use to transfer their music onto their ipods. The difference between itunes and windows media player however, is that itunes has its own downloading facility and shop. Itunes music store at first appeared to be trying to contest the big names like Kazaa and napster when it hit the scene. but this isnt the case. itunes is a completely legal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MikeruMikeru


A virtual store, or the real thing?

AdvantagesFast downloads.

DisadvantagesExpensive, lower quality, virtual feeling.

"...your eyes, rather than letting iTunes recommend what songs you should listen to next. ..." Read review

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Good Music. Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use. Lot of music

DisadvantagesCan only use's five units.

"...of where you are in itunes if you are going to update or initiated the procurement of new music. Jeg har været meget tilfreds med lyd kvaliteten, jeg har ikke oplevet nogle dårlige indspilninger eller optagelser i de fem år jeg har brugt itunes. Den rigtig god til at danne en ens lyd niveau når du ripper dine cd'er. It is very easy to view its orginle coevers after you've ripped your CDs, and it gets shown fine in cover flow. I've only been happy ..." Read review

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Why is iTunes So popular?

AdvantagesEasily Accesible, Good User Interface

DisadvantagesExpensive, Limited music stock, not v.flexible

"I only use iTunes for downloading music when I'm either depressed or just missed HMV. Several things bother about iTunes. First off the £0.79p per song is disproportional to the price of the same music in the UK. Movies are also very expensive. However, given the average price of an Album on iTunes being £7.99 you can find a bargain however, becareful or you could buy an album for £7.99 on iTunes thats only £3.99 in the shops. The iTunes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2salva_nos


OK if you don't mind not owning something

AdvantagesEasy and quick

DisadvantagesLimited and overpriced

"I decided to try itunes because BT Broadband had an offer where they gave you some free downloads. I had always thought that they were expensive. Now that i have tried the site, i know that they are expensive and not perfect. For example, i failed to get out of work in time to buy Tori Amos Fade to red DVD, so i decided to try downloading a track from itunes. I found that the music side is fine, but the video part of it had the odd glitch and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wass007


Another Great Software From The Genius's Of Apple

AdvantagesEase Of Use, Always Keeps Ipod Up To Date, Free

DisadvantagesPurchased Media Needs Backing Up

"iTunes is a brilliant software which organises your mp3 libarary and is also a media player. It can be compared to windows media player, winamp and napster. The thing that makes iTunes so much better then the others is its user friendliness. iTunes is very easy to use with only a few clicks needed to import music, put them into your ipod and even purchasing media. iTunes also features its own digital distribution service where customers can purchase ..." Read review

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