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Why Icesave is the Coolest Online Bank - UPDATED

AdvantagesQuick and simple. Secure savings and unbeatable rates.

DisadvantagesSmall call centre that can easily be overwhelmed.

"_I am a customer of Icesave and have been for 2 months. Of their financial products they offer UK customers, I use half. And will be able to give my reviews on those products and IceSave overall._ IceSave is the online-only UK subsiduary of Icelandic Bank 'Landsbanki', which is one of the biggest 3 banks in Iceland. Icelandic banks have recently been spreading their wings intenationally and to reach UK customers, Icesave has offered table-topping ..." Read review

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IceSave - Gone Down - What to do now

AdvantagesNone. Not now. UK Government are helping out.

DisadvantagesEverything else. Icelandic Government brush their hands of it.

"As you may be aware, this IceSave bank has been put into liquidation by the UK government. IceSave customers should be protected up to about £16,000 by the Icelandic guarantee and for £50,000 by the UK scheme (maximum claim £50,000). The UK government may cover more, and have indicated this will be the case. The Icelandics have pulled out of their 'guarantee'. So what for savers? I have spent a while looking this up and this is what we should ..." Read review

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Icesave - High Interest Guaranteed!

AdvantagesGuaranteed High Interest

DisadvantagesDo not accept cheques

"With the amount of competition in todays market it is increasingly hard to keep track of where to put your hard earned cash. In the last few years more foreign banks have been trying to get into the UK market. Dutch bank ING brought us a straightforward simple to use account then Indian bank ICICI offered better rates and now Icelands Landsbanki have their Icesave account. As rates are always changing it is best to check a website such as moneysavingexpert ..." Read review

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