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Community Level 2Liberty1985


Stuff You Don't need... but really, really want

AdvantagesExcellent Product range

DisadvantagesHigh Prices, Delivery charges

""Stuff You Don't need... but really, really want" Produced by www.Online-Shop-Guide.co.uk Introduction To sum up I Want One of Those (IWOOT) as a gadget or Adult toy shop doesn’t really credit the site enough. I feel IWOOT sum up the point of the shop pretty well in their own tagline “Stuff you don’t need… but really, really want” Ranging from ultra modern house hold furnishings to the most technologically advanced toys – everything for sale ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lisacallow


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Advantagesvast, varied and excellent value

DisadvantagesTemptation may prove too much!!

"Have you ever wondered what to get the man in your life? Maybe you've only known him 2 weeks, or maybe you've been going for a steady two years, surpassing the honeymoon period and have settled into a life of comfortable coupledom. Almost every lady will be wondering, (particularly at this time of year) what on earth you get for your significant other for the "day d'amour" or Valentines Day as it's nostalgically known. I, like many, have been ..." Read review

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Community Level 2parkieskyw...


I want one of those, no, I really do.

AdvantagesGreat gadgets and gifts for everyone!!!!

DisadvantagesAn empty wallet.

"There are very few things in life that make a man truly happy. Gadgets is one of them. Imagine being able to shoot 24 elastic bands in 5 seconds from a doubled barrelled ‘shotgun’, or shooting some pool with a real full size pub pool table. All this fun and more courtesy of Iwantoneofthose. You can get almost anything you would ever need from this site…..OK, maybe not ‘anything’ but on the scale of my priorities, just about anything! They even ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ClaireC77


I Want Never Gets.....It Does Now

AdvantagesLoads of ideas, items I've not seen anywhere else

DisadvantagesNot having enough money to buy everything you want

"Imagine if you will, some of the most unusual gadgets, gizmos and gift ideas and the chance are that you will find them at I Want One Of Those.Com The catchphrase for the site “stuff you don’t need…but you really really want” could not be truer - I am amazed that we have managed to get through life without these handy gadgets and gizmos to assist us in every situation. I am extremely impressed by the speed of delivery, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2misskitten


Gift buying made easy

AdvantagesFast shipping, easy ordering, good selection, good for unusual gifts

DisadvantagesDo you really need cufflinks that hold aspirin?

"Details: Online ordering: www.iwantoneofthose.com Telephone ordering: 0870 241 1064 Postal/fax ordering: (using catalogue and form) Fax: 0208 655 7593 PO Box 26953, London SE21 8WL Customer service line: 0870 241 1066 open Mon-Thurs 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm and Sun 10am-4pm (you can leave a message anytime though, and they promise they will ring back!) I do lots of online shopping - not only because I hate the christmas ..." Read review

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Community Level 3binkybinky


I really want one of those! And so will you!

Advantages1000's of gifts all on one site

DisadvantagesNone at all

"When it comes to buying anyone a present, I always have a look on this website to find the perfect gift. Much of the stuff for sale here, isn't readily available to buy on the high street or in shopping centres. There are plenty of very unusual gifts, which the recipient has most likely never seen before. There is a huge selection on the website, and you are guaranteed to find something for anybody, any age. One thing i like is that you can select ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Interesting if nothing else

AdvantagesLoads of crap stuff to buy

DisadvantagesSome very expensive stuff

"This is one of the daftest websites I have ever come across, but enjoyed the visit! Read on, my friends! This site is for stuff you don't need, but really want! If, like me, you can't afford to spend too much, then pick a price range from the category: Under £10 £10 - £20 £20 - £50 £50 - £150 No limit For instance, for under £10, you can buy: Sabertooth Cigar Cutter - £8.45 SAS Survival Handbook - £5.00 Shark Bottle Opener - £4.95 Or, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Cotty


It does exactly what it says on the tin!

AdvantagesMany, see review.

DisadvantagesDebt due to IWantOneOfThose.com!

"...on the bog standard delivery! Overall, IWANTONEOFTHOSE.com (IWOOT) is a MUST for anyone who has too much money and loves gadgets or is knee deep in debt and still loves buying gadgets! Friend or families birthday coming up and abit stuck or have totally no clue what to buy them... Or maybe you are like me and sometimes you just can't be bothered getting off your arse to go shopping for something, when you are not sure what that something should ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jackstiger


Gadgetshop gone mad

Advantagesgreat original gifts, Fun stuff to look at, a helpline if you get stuck

Disadvantagesnot many products, mostly too expensive

"On a boring afternoon I decided to be sad and try lots of different phrases with .com on the end. That's when i stumbled across a fantastic site - www.Iwantoneofthose.com. Fantastic to look at, bright colours and really does give the gadgetshop a run for their money. If you're interested then read on!! "stuff you don't need... but you really really want" The site is pretty straight forward and all of their products have been sorted into ..." Read review

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Community Level 2errol


Your wallet does not want one of those

AdvantagesGadgets Galore

DisadvantagesWARNING - will seriously damage your wealth

"Like FireBox, IWOOT (iwantoneofthose) sells gadgets/boystoys/retro stuff. On this site you will find everything from airsoft mini guns, to mathmos tumble lights (a recent addition to the site). The site itself is stylishly designed and layed out thoughtfully. The products are sorted into various categories eg. retro, games etc. All the products have high quality pictures and good descriptions (there are also humerous buyer reviews, for a good ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Rich444



AdvantagesNice goods, humourous site, nice apology letter

DisadvantagesPoor service/communications, high prices, pricy delivery, long dispatch dates

"Let me get this straight, from the outset of finding this website initially loved it. The quirky and unique gifts, the tongue in cheek business mentality (similar to that used with brands like Innocent smoothies), the easy-to-use website. But alas, they dissapointed. My Story I decided to buy some goods on the site that I needed pretty swiftly, and after paying a rather hefty £3.95 (so £4 then!) delivery charge, was told they would take "1-3 ..." Read review

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Some great items but overly expensive

Advantageslots of great novelty items, big stock range, professional website, fast service

DisadvantagesItems can be pretty expensive

"Iwantoneofthose.com is an interesting site that specialies in all manner of strange novelty items and is basically like an online version of 'The Gadget Shop' outlets that grace larger shopping centres around the country. The items the website stocks are varied and numerous, ranging from multi-coloured, battery-powere 'mood-cube' lights, a microwavable polar bear stuffed toy that doubles as a bed-warmer, and an indoor duck-hunter game consisting of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jen2008


I want one of those shopping website review

Advantagesquirky products

Disadvantagesterrible customer service and problematic delivery

"Do NOT use the I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) shopping website. Let me share my experiences to tell you why... I placed an order on the 27th November. After multiple different problems with it....(and 10's of phonecalls), such as 1) IWOOT forgetting to send the order to dispatch, 2) When I was following this up they did not notyfy me that the product had gone out of stock, 3) after lots of emails and phone calls on my part I eventually found out that ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Dawnie2810


Now this I like....

AdvantagesRange of products

DisadvantagesCan be overpriced

"What do you buy for the man (or woman, child, pet, computer addict, gadget man, etc for that matter) who has everything? I haven't a clue but I'll bet you can find it at iwantoneofthose.com, a website dedicated to supplying those unusual and quirky gifts, all too welcome at this time of year. From a sweet scented bath bomb (apparently fizzes in the bath, I don't dare try it it's a xmas pressie!), a bargain at just £3.25, which releases a love note ..." Read review

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I want all of those . . .

AdvantagesFun, witty site a great product in itself

DisadvantagesYou can shop around for cheaper.

"The IWOOT site is worth visiting if only to cheer yourself up. The fun, irreverent descriptions of the gadgets and gizmos on offer is delightful, and the team retain a nice personal touch throughout. The site itself is easy to navigate, with drop menus revealing the items in a section in a column down the left, meaning you don't have to scroll down the main page through every product. (though I do, just for the great comments) There's something ..." Read review

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