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Community Level 3sjl02


Bling bling baby

AdvantagesSearches many engines at once, quick

DisadvantagesNot the best selection of search engines to choose from

"Bling bling www.ixquick.com is to the best of my knowledge, a relatively new search engine. Having clicked on one of its ads whilst surfing, I gave it a go and was pleasantly suprised. I now use them quite often and rank it after google and altavista. So how does it work? As usual, you'll type in what you want to find. It then shows you which search engines it'll look in, these are AOL, Altavista UK, EuroSeek, Excite UK, Fast Search, GoTo, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tehuti


Rapid and relevant results

Advantagesprovides relevant results rapidly

Disadvantagesnot for exhaustive searches

"Ixquick is a meta search engine, which means that it runs your search through a number of individual search engines. What distinguishes Ixquick from most other meta searchers is that it combines all the results, ranks them by relevance and then presents only a subsection out of the total found. For example, it may offer you 56 pages out of a total of 472,789 pages found! I use Ixquick on a regular basis both for work purposes and also when answering ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Manx


A solid search for MP3s and Pictures

AdvantagesIt has a wide scope.

DisadvantagesSlow. Opens too many windows.

"Ixquick.com is yet another search engine. Now, as someone who uses the internet an +awful+ lot I always try and check out search engines which I’m told good things about. I remember finding Google when it was still in its beta phase... what a treasure! Sadly, Ixquick.com is not another Google. Ixquick.com starts off well. A simple search page rather than the cluttered nightmare of Yahoo and others. However, things start to slow down. Ixquick searches ..." Read review

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Community Level 3demongit


is it the best metasearch engine

Advantagesa good start page, then, ....oh dear

Disadvantagespoor archive

"search engines are all the same. You type in a catagorie and it finds some answers! This site claims to be the "the worlds most powerful metasearch engine", so is it? *layout* The layout of the start page is the simplest I have ever seen in a search engine. A simple rounded square in the center of a blue screen holds the search bar and beneath that a few catagories! the text is fairly easy to read! *searching* now for the crunch! does this ..." Read review

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Community Level 4backstreet...


I only use ixquick.com now

AdvantagesFast and accurate results


"After using what seemed like most of the other search engines and not having been too impressed by a lot of the results, I decided to start using ixquick and I have stuck with them. They claim to be the World's fastest search engine and maybe they're right. The results that come up are 90% relevant in my case, which isn't at all bad, and what I like is that when I click on one of the results, the site comes up in a new window, each time. As soon as ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ling


NOT the world's best metasearch engine

Advantageseasy to search for pictures

Disadvantagesnot an exceptional search engine

"ixquick.com claims to be the world's best metasearch engine BUT it just doesnt live up to its tag line. With this search engine, u can customise the search to search the news, the web, mp3 or by pictures. This works moderately well in the case of searching for mp3s, returning quite a few hits BUT most of them are dead links, so i'm wondering what is the point The picture search is quite good though, returning quite a number of NON-dead links ..." Read review

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Its not so bad

AdvantagesGrading system

DisadvantagesNot as exhaustive a search as some others

"...have our favourite sites and ixquick.com is always one of the places I go to when searching. Give it a try! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1John_Merlin


Search Engine You Might Not Heard Of

AdvantagesTop matches for most search engines found

DisadvantagesMay not be so good for specialist searching

"Looking for a good search engine? Then you could far worse than to try www.ixquick.com. It is a meta search engine meaning it searches other search engines for you and returns the top matches. It is very fast and easy to use, one good feature is that each link you click on opens in a new window so you can continue to look at the results while the page is loading, and if it is no use then you simply close it again instead of having to back track again ..." Read review

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