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Just another way to avoid human interaction

AdvantagesGreat idea - when it works

DisadvantagesYou can't be sure if it has worked or not

"My husband and I were new to the area and we didn't really know what takeaway places were local to us. A few online searches revealed a wealth of eateries in our neighbourhood, but it was taking us a while to work out which ones were open at that time, whether they would deliver the food to us, how much it would cost, etc. So when I came across Just-Eat during my online searching, it seemed like the perfect tool for what we needed. The website is ..." Read review

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Just DON'T eat!!!

AdvantagesNone from my experience

DisadvantagesNO FOOD!!

"==About 'Just Eat'== Just Eat is basically a collection of menus from thousands of take aways across the UK - in fact I think most of them are using them these days. The idea is you type in your postcode and it will bring up a page full of take aways. You then choose they type of take away you would like. The list includes: - American - Indian - Chinese - Bangladeshi - Italian For example you hit American it will then bring up all of the ..." Read review

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Just-Eat.co.uk - quick and easy way to order food

AdvantagesChoice of restaurants and ease of ordering

DisadvantagesNot found any as yet

"Just-Eat was founded in Denmark in 2000, and was launched in the UK in March 2006. It now also operates out of The Netherlands, Ireland, Canada and India. Just-Eat is a quick and easy way to order a delivery or takeaway in your local area. It is ideal for people new to an area with no local knowledge of what is available, or people who just want something a little different. Many local takeaways do not have websites, and it can ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


Oozing with greasy goodness!

Advantageslayout, navigation, prices, options, customer service


"...hard to avoid the temptation. Just-Eat.co.uk has made it very easy to order takeaways from a huge number of takeaway 'restaurants' from all over the UK. I'm only partly ashamed to say that I have used it a few too many times! When you first enter the website it will ask for your postcode so it can provide you with a list of takeaway places that will deliver to your door. I find that it provides quite a wide variety for me so it doesn't just show ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Clurbur85


On-line takeout shopping...

AdvantagesHandy service, you can pay by card.

DisadvantagesNot all takeouts it throws up will deliver to you.

"www.just-eat.com is a website that allows you to order takeout on-line. A few people in the office where I work had been discussing just-eat and one night I decided to give it a go. I haven't managed to find a good Indian takeout where I live (I moved house five months ago), so I thought I'd use the service to seek out a decent Indian delivery place. === The site === The website is really easy to navigate. On the homepage you're asked ..." Read review

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Delivered To Your Door A Click Away

Advantageseasy to use, very helpful


"One day when I was starving and really didn't feel like driving out to the takeaway as my car was low on petrol I decided to browse about online for an alternative. I had heard a few of the students at my work talking about a website called Just Eat but personally I had never really explored it to see what it was all about. As you click onto the homepage, you see a map of the world and it lists a few countries in Europe and then Canada and states ..." Read review

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Community Level 3binkybinky



AdvantagesOrdering takeaway without the need to phone


"A few weeks ago, my girlfriend wanted me to cook the tea. Instead of me cooking I decided to treat us to a takeaway. As I was searching Google for local takeaways, I came across this website, www.just-eat.co.uk. Just-eat is basically a website where you can order many take away meals. For the restaraunt to be listed on the just-eat website they must be registered with them, you may notice the just-eat logo in many take away windows if you are ..." Read review

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Don't cook - Just Eat!

AdvantagesConvenient, pay by cash or card, easy to use, no telephoning

DisadvantagesNone I've noticed!

"As a person with an unhealthy fear of telephoning strangers, Just Eat.co.uk massively appeals to me. Don't get me wrong, I'll phone for my takeaway if there's no other way that doesn't involve a ridiculous amount of hassle, but I prefer not to. At home, I most often just drive to the takeaway and wait in the shop while they cook it, but at uni, I had the most brilliant awakening when I typed my postcode into this fabulous website... 138 takeaways. ..." Read review

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Just dont use Just Eat

AdvantagesSomewhat convenient

DisadvantagesIf something goes wrong Just-Eat are nowhere to be seen

"I recently placed an order through just-eat. Having waited 1.5 hours for my food to be delivered I rang the restaurant in question who took an aggresive tone and told me that Just-eat had not passed on my contact details to them. This was not true as I had in fact included my address, landline and a mobile number! However, factoring in that I had already waited 1.5 hours for my order coupled with the rude manner of the restaurant I decided to cancell ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chris1979c


just eat online takeway

Advantagesreview system and been able to pay with credit and debit card

Disadvantagestakes a little longer to arrive sometimes

"just eat is a service that allows you to order a takeaway online. which as many advantages as you can read other peoples reviews on the website about there past orders. i have ordered many takeaways from justeat.co.uk and never had any problems. you have to put in your postcode which brings up local takeaway restaurants near you with there rating for service,quality,delivery you then simply order what you want normally theres a min order of around ..." Read review

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Disgraceful, rude customer service both parties blame each other


DisadvantagesRude awful customer service, just-eat are pointless middlemen just go direct to the take away.

"1. Menu clearly stated Chips were included but food turned up very late without them. I rang fat boys Braintree they said there is nothing they can do it's an error on the website and just eats fault. Just eat called and confirmed there was a mistake on the website and said there was nothing they could do and talk to fat boys take away. I told the just eat "customer service" agent that fat boys have already said they won't do anything because its ..." Read review

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Just Eat- A good way to order takeaway

Advantagesyou can pay for takeaway by card, you can read/give reviews, good range of participating places

DisadvantagesWhen things go wrong you don't get a refund, just vouchers

"If you need to order takeaway, have no money in and for whatever reason can't go and pick up your takeaway yourself, Just Eat is a good idea. You can pay by card online and get it delivered (if takeaways in your area are participants). It does take longer than ringing the takeaway yourself and there is a charge of 50p for paying for Just Eat by card. You can also choose to pay by cash when they deliver or choose to pick it up. The good thing is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cheekymonk...


Just Eat devours the competition

AdvantagesQuick, easy to use

DisadvantagesCan be a little slow at times.

"I stumbled acroos Just-Eat by noticing the sticker emblazoned across a window in my local takeaway. Although I didn't need it at the time I remembered it when I next went for a takeaway. The premise of Just-Eat is simple, it's an online ordering system for takeaways in your local area and contains god knows how many menus. All is needed is a postcode and away you go. It's a pretty simplistic system and for me it took the hassle out of having numerous ..." Read review

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Community Level 0davidstone78


Facilitated fraudulent use of my bank card and didn't care!



"This retailer delivered three separate orders to someone fraudulently using my card details. This should not be possible as the delivery address should always be the same as the address to which the card is registered - this is a blatant failure on the part of the company, and cost me a total of £113. When I contacted them they showed very little interest or concern, and simply told me to take it up with my bank. They took no interest in the question ..." Read review

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