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Community Level 5mrsxopher


Online or via Phone: Shop at home!

AdvantagesEasy to use website from a reliable company

DisadvantagesCouple of glitches in the system

"...someone starting over So, what is Kays.net then? www.kays.net is the website for the company. On this site you can browse the catalogue, check out your latest offers, get specific online deals, check out the discount zone (specially reduced items for which they also send out regular magazines detailing offer items that are basically being discontinued and/or out of season and/or are in varied hard-to-sell sizes etc), place an order and go to ..." Read review

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Service not O-Kay

AdvantagesGood products at reasonable prices, interest free credit

DisadvantagesService has been declining of late

"I have been a Kays customer for about 18 months and do all my shopping online at either kays.com (formerly kays.net) or their sister site kayslifestyle.co.uk. KAYS LIFESTYLE: This is the new sister site to kays.com where you can find some Kays products at cheaper prices. Originally I understood this to be a perk for existing Account Holders which seemed like a reasonable idea, until I found that anyone can use the site to make purchases by ..." Read review

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Community Level 6coolchanty


Pages and pages of stuff for all tastes

Advantages20% off first order, cashback on all purchases, wide choice of products, excellent delivery service

Disadvantagessome can be dearer even with the cashback

"I have been a member of Kays now for over two years and I am not a regular shopper with them but when I do shop I never have any problems with them and their services. Kays is like any other catalogue. You order on credit terms and receive a monthly statement showing you all the transactions you made that month, what payments have been received and what is still owed. You can shop with Kays by phone and on the internet 24 hours a day. It is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lilac_jasm...


Kays - as from my experience

Advantagespersonal credit account with 20/40 weeks int free & cashback

Disadvantagesdelivery dates are inexact on an average of 3 days

"I've been a kays account holder for 4 years and since becoming a member my status with them has changed considerably. let me start with the basics. Ordering: With kays you have the choice as with many catalogues to order online, by telephone or by post. I find it most convenient to do it online but occasionaly I need to talk to an adviser. As I have found that items that are on promotion in supplement are not always the same price online this ..." Read review

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Community Level 4JHPRUSHTON


When kay reallty is for katalogue

AdvantagesExcellent service and next day delivery.

DisadvantagesIf you can find any, then I would be very surprised.

"Kays.net is just excellent. There are many catalogue sites on the net, all claiming to be the best. Well I have now been a Kays customer for several years and was allready familiar with ordering over the phone and through the post. But nothing can compare with this fairly recent facility provided by Kays to their customers. Their site is just about second to none and its facilities leave virtually nothing to the immagination. The site has a ..." Read review

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Community Level 6WAD1-2-3


Good place to buy

Advantagesgood site


" Kays catalogue in my view is the best one around, it has more choice than any other catalogue and their deliveries are prompt. I have been shopping with kays for an year and I regard them very highly. The catalogue is full of things for you, your home and your family. I am one of them people that like to shop from catalogues so I have the different ones. I find kays to be the best one because simply no other catalogue has the variety as ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Lynx101


clothes for small people

AdvantagesNone that I can see !!!


"I find when shopping at kays and most other shops, it is very difficult to get clothes to fit me correctly. I am 5ft2inc and a size 14/16, the waist is not a problem, it is the length. It is assumed that if you are a 14/16 you must me at least 6ft. I cannot get trousers or dresses that do not drag on the floor. I am aware that there are petet ranges, but they seem to be for sizes 8,10,12, and not above. This really annoyes me, because why can't I ..." Read review

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Community Level 3beckslayer


You stroppy little c

Advantagesquick easy convenient

Disadvantagesbeware of ill tempered staff

"....atalogue woman! I have been a customer of kays for over a year, I think catalogues are great!. Yes you can pay a little over the odds for some things but you can also pick up a bargain. They are so convenient and easy to use; it takes the hassle out of shopping, especially when it’s for a man. You just push the page under there nose let them chose, you order it its delivered and hey presto, a day of shunting round the shops arguing with ..." Read review

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AdvantagesPay monthly interest free

DisadvantagesSlow delivery, often out of stock

"I've been a customer of kays for around 4 years now, and have, to my shame, kept some balance with the company for most of that time! Kays is a typical catalogue with womenswear, menswear, jewellery and homeware. The prices are slightly more expensive than the high street, but this is offset by the fact you pay monthly interest free, or you can pay over 100 weeks for an interest rate of around 30%, so is to be avoided if possible! Kay's is also ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sam123


Make shopping easier

Advantagesmakes it easy to place an order


" Kays.net is a site where now you can go online to order and check the latest offers in the catalogue, and I must admit on my first visit I was very impressed. Their was nothing fancy, the site was easy to follow and the search engine was really good. The search like the catalogue is divided into section for instance men, women, sportswear, children etc, from their you select what you want and it takes a minute and you have at the touch of a button ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sid


don't bother

Advantagesgood layout

Disadvantagesdifficult to find what you want

"kays.net I use catoluges quite often especially kays, and the other day I was ordering on the telephone but no one would pick up the telephone and i tried and tried and got no answer, so i decided to visit their web page and see if i could place an order via the net. However I had difficulties, it showed offers that they were offering at low prices but I could not find where to go if you wanted to order some things. It really annoyed me and in ..." Read review

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Community Level 3ALLIECAT1


Good service all round

AdvantagesSite is rreally easy to use


"I have an account weith Kays catalogue and I never even realised until recently i could order on line, what a find. The site itself loads really quick and the search facility is excellent you can even browse around in the sale section. Once you have placed you order you can pay by card or open an account on line, Kays e-mail you to confirm your order, the orders are usually sent out the next day so they arrive 2-3 days after you have placed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Catflap27


Sorry, our system doesn't work that way!

AdvantagesQuick to order. (quick to take your money!)

DisadvantagesNever get the products!, abusive customer service advisors, impersonal responses, lying staff, underhanded practices (in my opinion, without concrete proof!!) - just so you dont sue me!

"UPDATE: THIS OPINION HAS BEEN COPIED TO THE BUYER BEWARE SECTION! THANKS FOR ALL THE COMMENTS Kays suck! - I just needed to get that out of the way! My story is a simple one, DONT ORDER ANYTHING BIG FROM KAYS! We ordered a rear-projection 49" TV costing £1,499.99 and was dissapointed to say the least when we were told we had to wait 'up-to' six weeks giving us the cut off date as 30th of October. So we waited.................. and waited.................and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1triciao


Don't Delay Buy today

AdvantagesDo your shopping without leaving home

DisadvantagesReturning an item if it isn't suitable

"Kays.net I have been a customer with Kays for quite a few years now. Last year my husband built me a computer and connected me to a modem so I could explore the Internet. I soon found that I could now browse my Kays catalogue on-line. This was fantastic news for me as the more time I spent on the Internet the less nervous I became. When I realised that I could do my mail order via the internet, I was over the moon as it meant that I could now place ..." Read review

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Catalogue from hell


DisadvantagesRead the review

"I had been with Kays for around 7 years and had ordered many things as I had over a £3000 credit limit,that proves that. The last item I ordered was in July 2004 (not that long ago) I placed an order around 2 weeks ago and was advised that my account had a foreclosure on it ?.I said to the adviser I had not ask for my account to be closed and had not recieved any letters advising me of this fact. I emailed them and ask them where my order was,and ..." Read review

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