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Community Level 1wickedwilf...



Advantagescheap, last minute, known operator

Disadvantagescan go mad with the bidding

"I found this website last year after reading about a couple who bought a holiday for 50p for the two of them to Cyprus. I visited the site regularly through the summer but couldn't find anything for the dates I wanted for 3 people. Most lateescapes holidays are for 2, occasionally 3 and 4, holidays for more than that are almost invariably camping. The site is a subsidiary of Airtours. You have to register to bid, and then having found a holiday ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bssb


Looks Good!


DisadvantagesNot tested yet!

"Lateescapes.com is an auction site which generally auctions off late holiday and flight deals. It is ideal if you do not mind where you go and are pretty flexible about times and location of departure. Their deals start from 50p for a holiday. Although it is unlikely you will get this it is still possible. Overall the site is well built with the holidays set into sub-sections. My only grievance is the relatively hard to use search engine. I could ..." Read review

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Community Level 2placido


Wonderful site!

AdvantagesBook cheap holidays from your computer

DisadvantagesNone that I found

"This is in my opinion the best of the on line sites. It is easy to navigate. You need to register and then it is an auction for the holidays they have on offer. Information is comprehensive on the site but a phone number is provided should you want further information. Holidays are sold extremely cheaply and following the auction all details are given and final booking made by a combination of email and phone. You do need a credit or debit card to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2joannetillin


Take a break at an affordable price

AdvantagesIncredible low cost, fast running site, easy to use

DisadvantagesNone! Though I guess I'd like to see more cheap trips to NY!

"Normally I am fortunate enough to go on two family holidays a year - one main holiday abroad and then a shorter holiday in the UK. We had booked our main one to go to Malta later this year, but were having trouble deciding on a location for the second break. After some surfing around, we came across www.lateescapes.com We are really thrilled that we did! We have managed to book a week's holiday for five people in a large mobile home in France at ..." Read review

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Community Level 1maryziggy



AdvantagesGood fun,with lots of holidays on offer

DisadvantagesCan be outbid in the last seconds of the auction,which can be down heartnening

"Having come across the site I spent hours watching other bids win and fail! I did however manage to get a winning bid for a holiday for two weeks during August of this year, which saved me over 300 hundred pounds on the brochure cost of the holiday. The site is good fun, however can be frustrating as just as you think you have got the winning bid you are outbid litterally in the final seconds of the auction.Yes I know thats the nature of the game ..." Read review

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Community Level 1markfearnley


Get packing

Advantagesvery cheap holidays

DisadvantagesDon\'t set your heart on a trip- you may be outbid

"I used lateescapes.com last year and got flights to Las Vegas for £150 (for 2 of us!!). They\'ve got a plethora of lots on offer at the moment, notable ones are Sri Lanka for £142 and majorca for £150. The site is run by Airtours plc so its not a dodgy back street operation - everything that is offered is a quality holiday/flight and the price is definitely not representative of the high quality. I don\'t know how they afford to offer ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Scammer


Add some excitment to booking your holiday

AdvantagesCan get very cheap deals

DisadvantagesBeing outbid

"last summer I stumbled across lateescapes.com while I was looking for flights to america for myself and my boyfriend. My friend was staying in Florida, not in a tourist resort, so we just booking accom over there (Much cheaper this way BTW). Anyway found some flights at the time we were looking to go, and started watching the amount of bids and how much flights were actually going for, compared to the starting bid. So I found our flight and put ..." Read review

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