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Community Level 6From_The_C...


Pseudo-Insiders who don't have a clue

Advantagesgood navigation, covers whole world

Disadvantagesread the title

"...its promise. For some exotic countries, lonelyplanet.com may come as an area of last resort, as there isn't much to be found about such places elsewhere on the internet. And as you would expect, it comes with good navigation which leads you directly to the desired country. There you will find the usual information on history, culture, main sights, environment, and transport. That is to be expected from any major travel guide on the market, be it ..." Read review

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Community Level 4asyis


You will never be LONELY

AdvantagesGreat website , rich in content


"“ God why did you kept me in this concrete jungle made me a machine… Take me to a place were heaven and beauty makes its unique combination… Guide me to this place so that I can meet you and ask you, why have you kept this place secluded from the world…” I always had a dream and wanted to be to Antartica and planning a trip to this beautiful island continent where silence takes you to the different world and different ..." Read review

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Community Level 5JVL


Everything you ever wanted to know

AdvantagesVery detailed and comprehensive information on any destination you care to mention

DisadvantagesNone really - does exactly what it says on the tin!

"...break on the European mainland, lonelyplanet.com is sure to have plenty of useful information on your chosen destination – any traveller worth their salt should bookmark this site as it is an invaluable reference resource and is sure to prevent many embarrassing, disastrous or dangerous moments on your travels. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Saqqqq



AdvantagesA lot of information

DisadvantagesMaybe site design could be enhaced!

"...and places of this world, lonelyplanet.com I have found, is the best internet site there is. Informative and interesting, Lonelyplanet.com offers a detailed insight on anywhere in the world, from the West End of London to Catmandu. LonelyPLanet also has avery useful search engine for those hard to find places and a news and tips guide which is well worth a read, to find out the latest in Figi for example or if your unsure whether you'll need malaria ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Mikew79


Visit the lonelyplanet website

AdvantagesGreat escapism. good for pre-travel research


"I have always been a fan of the lonelyplanet guides and have used them to travel extensively throughout the world. So in a quiet moment I thought that I would check out the associated website. The website has information on world news and events in the daily planet section, reports from travellers on the road (this includes a report from the founder and my namesake Tony Wheeler in Tibet), links to new editions of the guide and a complete booklist. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2buzzy


Great traveller community

AdvantagesCommunity, excellent resource


"I can't imagine what travellers ever did before Lonely Planet books and now with the Lonely Planet online, you can bet that I use it on all of my travels. Not only does it provide all of the useful information that you can get from the books, but it is also interactive. I look to the Thorn Tree, their online community bulletin board, for connecting with fellow travellers, getting tips from them and sharing my own travel experiences with a community ..." Read review

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Community Level 1darvik


Sneak a peak at the world...

AdvantagesFREE travel advice, great layout, easy to navigate, different destinations highlighted daily.

DisadvantagesYou can't fit your PC into your backpack!

"Confused by the multitude of options for travel abroad? Why not consult the experts - lonelyplanet.com! From the editors of the Lonely Planet Guides comes a comprehensive, easy to navigate site that highlights a destination a day and allows you to search for info on the places that you'd like to visit. Just click on a region and then a country and you can access travel advice about most countries, times to go, money and costs, access maps and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moraghewat


Make this your first stop!

Advantageseasy to navigate

Disadvantagessheer volume of information

"Lonelyplanet.com should be your first stop on the Web if planning to travel abroad. Covering all destinations worldwide, the site offers a condensed version of what's available in the books, as well as on line shoppingto buy the guides. The excellent "thorn tree" section allows users to post messages on travel related subjects, and the "postcards" sections has up to date information from travellers abroad at the present time - sorted by country so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hazman


Pocket bible

Advantageseasy to use, free

Disadvantagescoiuld do with more personal comments

"Lonely Planet has always been useful when I've been away travelling. The new online service is basically an extension of that. You think of the place you want to go to and then the guide shows you whats good and bad about it. Its easy to use and free, and tells you exactly what goes on in your chosen destination. In summary, don't go anywhere without it. fff f f fff f f ff f ff ff f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f ff f ff ff f f fffff fff ffff f f f f ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Luke-whittam


The planet at the click of a mouse

AdvantagesGreat content, easy to use


"This is a fantastic site that offers unparalled information on every country in the world, contained on a good-looking site that is very easy to navigate. If you are considering a number of holiday options then this is a brilliant resource for gaining a bit of background knowledge before commiting yourself. The writing, like the guidebooks is intelligent and comprehensive. You can also access reports from fellow travellers and download guidebook updates. ..." Read review

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