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Community Level 5pauljm


Are YOU the Lucky Surfer?

AdvantagesIt's free and offers a £500,000 Jackpot!

DisadvantagesBut check out the small print

"...players registering at the main luckysurf.com site will be redirected to the .co.uk site (ditto for French etc). Any attempt to register at the US site by entering false address details will result in any wins being withheld (they will know because they are sending you a cheque…). The balance of this review will be about the UK site as this is where I play and with which I am familiar. Registration is painless, the expected name, address and ..." Read review

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Community Level 6danradders



Advantagesquick and easy to do

Disadvantageshard to win

"...hard to earn Webrewards, and luckysurf.com is one way in which you can earn a few more, or even some cash! Basically, you sign up, play once a day, receive an email telling you if you have won, then play again, receive an email to see if you have won, play again, receive an email telling you if you have been lucky, play again…… I think you know what happens next! Firstly, signing up. No problems. You have to provide your title, first ..." Read review

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Play the lottery for free..

AdvantagesIts free, fast and fun!

Disadvantagescan be very american biassed with the prize currency

"This is the longest running lottery website on the net, and also now launching into the UK, many sites are now including branded versions of the lottery into their websites, including Webrewards.co.uk and Lineone.net The prizes varey from place to place, but where I usualy play (Webrewards) you get 5 Webrewards for matching 2, 10 for matching 3, 150 Webrewards for matching 4, 500 Webrewards for matching 5, $1000 US$ for matching 6, and a jackpot ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sam123


You could get lucky



"...to create imaginary people, so Luckysurf.com use your IP number. This site is American but they welcome users from all over so don’t think that because it is American that you should not play or that you are not invited, but because it is open to so many people. Your chances may be limited of winning, but then again you need luck, and sometimes you only need one chance where ever you are or who ever you. A site that will take you little ..." Read review

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Community Level 7wampyrii


WooHoo...another free lottery

Advantagesfree, chance of winning a big prize

Disadvantageschances are at best miniscule, lower prizes are appaulingly low

"OK, so this one is probably a poor relation to bananalotto but its still worth giving it a visit. It takes seconds to enter and again the jackpot is thousands of pounds. This is a US based lottery game, but one which is open to residents all around the globe. Matching numbers in this case though tends to win you gift certificates rather than cold, hard cash which is a bit of a turn-off but the big prize is a very respectable $1,000,000 so it could ..." Read review

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Community Level 3joshnev


Congratulations...YOU are a winner


DisadvantagesIt's difficult to win again

"The first time I saw the words "Congratulations..You are a Winner" in the subject field of an email, I was so excited. I'm one of those people that complain about never winning anything, but not on Luckysurf.com Luckysurf is a free online lottery-like sweepstakes company that is sponsored by different websites. You sign up, pick 7 numbers, or have them picked for you, click on a banner,to visit a website, and wait for your results which are sent ..." Read review

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AdvantagesAlways a chance of hitting the jackpot, even 5 webrewards is something towards a prize

Disadvantagesnone- it only takes a couple of minutes

"Lucky Surf is similar to a number of internet lottery sites. I joined through Webrewards, and its simply a matter of entering seven numbers (with a choice of using the same numbers everytime or having LuckySurf produce the numbers at random), then clicking on a choice of advertisers boxes to be takn to the advertisers website. The first prize is $1,000,000 (backed by an insurance company) and the second prize is $1,000 There are several other prizes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2elmhurstgb


Feeling Lucky

AdvantagesIts quick & free

Disadvantagesyou are very unlikely to win

"...eye recently is luckysurf.com. Luckysurf.com promises a first prize of $1 million, this seems very attractive until you see that you have to match 7 numbers to get it. The prizes are as follows: 7 numbers = $1 million 6 numbers = $1 thousand 5 numbers = $15 amazon.com gift voucher 4 numbers = $5 amazon.com gift voucher As you will see the prizes very quicky drop off but there is a tiny chance you might get something for nothing so I suppose ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Gordy


Free Lottery with Confirmed Prizes


DisadvantagesNone Found

"There are now several lotteries on the Internet, but some are difficult to use. Luckysurf is easy to use and we have already one a number of prizes. Like most lotteries on the internet it is Free to enter and the prices range from vouchers off purchases from other companies on products such CD's etc. Confirmation is made by clicking on an advert banner, which often provides access to other lottery options. The results are emailed to your ..." Read review

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