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Now I Am A Published Author!

AdvantagesYou can publish your own work - and just how you want it!

DisadvantagesHave to buy own copies, American, can take a lot of time to upload.

"I have written things for as long as I can remember - stories, articles, poetry, half-novels, etc. but have found the whole area of publishing at best daunting and at worst soul-destroying. I have had some things published - poems, articles, that kind of thing - but the whole process is quite negative. You get rejected repeatedly; it's not great for a writer's fragile ego. If you do get accepted, you also sign over your work to someone who might wish ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bananamanuk


You Make Me Wanna Shout! - Lulu.com

AdvantagesGood quality, Available to anyone, one to multiple prints, intuitive uploads

DisadvantagesLimited calendar options, quite expensive, low returns if product to be affordable, slow uploads.

"...like others to enjoy then Lulu.com could be the place for you. It's an online self publishing website. I actually stumbled across it about a year ago, but only recently went back. It's changed a bit since I first used it, and now they will publish all manner of products on your behalf such as photos, calendars, books, photo books, brochures, posters and much more besides. This review accounts for my recent experiences using lulu.com which I hope ..." Read review

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Community Level 4amytheduck


Become Your Own Publisher

AdvantagesPublish your book, user-friendly website, the final product is great

DisadvantagesPreparing the book for publication can be quite a laborious process

"Lulu.com sounds like a dream come true for aspiring authors: a website that allows you to become your own publisher. But is it as good as it sounds? I have limited experience with Lulu - I've never been able to actually finish a novel, let alone consider going down this publishing route! Nevertheless, I have recently published a book for my sister's friend's birthday present, and it is this experience upon which I shall base my review. **So, ..." Read review

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Publish your work for free and sell it on Lulu.com

AdvantagesThey now print from Europe, anyone can publish their stuff, it is free for everyone to use, excellent customer service

DisadvantagesAddictive website, makes you always want to create more things!

"I would like to share with all of you my experience of an online marketplace that functions a bit like e-bay, except that you actually sell your own work ! So you no longer have to search in your attic for old things to sell, but search instead in your imagination or hard drive for stories to tell, calendars, photobooks to create or songs to sing. SO WHAT IS LULU? No, it's not just the name of the famous uk artist who sings 'the locomotion', ..." Read review

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Get yourself OUT THERE

AdvantagesFree and perhaps profitable

DisadvantagesNot seen any yet

"Since the early 1970's I have been writing poetry and have been fortunate enough to have had a few published. I have also had the honour of publishing a few here and getting an extremely positive feedback. I have on several occasions thought about publishing a book, but the expense and hassle proved to much, so I just kept them here on my old PC for private use. Recently I had cause to read a review about writing on that website on the other side. ..." Read review

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So you like writing?

AdvantagesPublishing, lots of variety, easy menus

DisadvantagesA lot that's not so good, shipping from America

"Lulu.com is a self-publishing website. If you have a book idea that you want to sell, but haven't managed to find a publisher or agent for it, you can put it on Lulu. Lulu works on the idea that people read the first few pages online and then buy a printed version or download the whole thing if they like what they've seen so far. It's not just for books either. Lulu sells magazines, calendars, music, videos and images. It's a good place to find ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Frank1979


How to cook a Book

AdvantagesFree publishing, easy to use

Disadvantagesyou will have to do everything on your won, from start till end

"...was in it! The philosophy from Lulu.com is to be published it every book and to take up every author. Likewise should be given to the authors maybe from every book to earn a self-agreed amount! With Lulu.com the creator of Red having and hard worker of Lulu.com his 3,000 dollars would already have had after about 500 sold specimens. Now they can work out can calculate themselves how much he could have earned with much more than 100,000 books! The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dbarcl10


Lulu.com Publishing


DisadvantagesNon delivery of goods, customer service unhelpful

"Lulu claims to allow you to publish books that you have wrote, whether you just want one copy for yourself, or if you want to start selling your own stories through the internet. Their site seems professional, with a choice of book types available, ranging from paperback to hardback, with or without dust jackets, colour printing, black and white, basically everything you could think of. I put together a book or my partner's peotry, and included ..." Read review

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Community Level 1J3ster


Lulu - Publishing Carnage

AdvantagesEasy to use - gets you out there

DisadvantagesNone so far

"I found this site to be very easy to use and extremely useful. I wrote a book that I recently finished - I'm really happy with the work and wanted to publish it exactly how I wrote it before publishers messed around with it so I di here at Lulu. http://www.lulu.com/content/4801547 Lulu gave me the chance to do this and people are now buying the copy on-line. It's good for me as it allows me to publish exactly how i want to, it could also ..." Read review

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Community Level 1EthicsTrad...


Lulu - Print to demand.

AdvantagesNo cash up front, good quality, easy to use.

DisadvantagesComplicated for full ISBN packages, still very American.

"I'm a Lulu self published author and the owner of an eco friendly business. I firmly believe that digital print to demand technology is the way forward for the publishing industry. Lulu provides this on so many levels and now they have a UK based printer they're even better. If you want just a few copies of a book for you, your family and friends you can do that or if you want to get a distribution package and try to tout it round shops and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jozzar


Writing is for everyone!

AdvantagesFree ISBNs

Disadvantages3-5 day printing...

"From my point if view, Lulu.com is by far the best self-publisher that I have ever tried. With the built-in Lulu Studio, the cover designer, publishing my children's book was a breeze. Lulu also offers ISBNs, distribution and editorial services. The basic ISBN package is free, and gets you onto Amazon.com. The design of the site is amazing, and the live support chat is excellent and helpful, if you get stuck in the steps of publishing. The wizard ..." Read review

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Community Level 0Chillibreeze


What it takes to sell on Lulu?

AdvantagesEasy and friendly user experience

DisadvantagesYet to find

"I'm part of a team working towards selling 1000 ebooks by August 2008 and we zeroed in on lulu as a platform. Lulu by itself allows different ways to market internally on the website. You can blog, write on internal forums and create communities. There is a lot of flexibility on how you can present your product like customize your storefront according to your taste, presenting a preview of your book, uploading audio reviews and so on.. . It is a great ..." Read review

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