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Community Level 5lizngaz


Lush Products From A Lush Website

AdvantagesQuick delivery, easy to order, fab customer service

DisadvantagesCan't smell products before you order!!! Dont update order status.

"...my mind was made up... lush.co.uk it was! ==Why order online?== The best time to order from lush.co.uk is when you already know what you want and have either used it before, smelt it in the shop or had it recommended. Obviously if you don't have a store nearby, this is a great way to try some of the products but I would definitely stay clear of the more unusual ones in case you don't like them. Bear in mind that most Lush products have strong ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Lizard_Lover


Spread a little Lushness in your world Review with images

AdvantagesFull of wonderful hand made bath and beauty products

DisadvantagesEasy to spend a fortune on each visit

"Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the week to do some proper retail therapy. As in proper, I mean the touching and sniffing kind, the sort when you wander aimlessly round shops for hours at a time, and shop until you drop. Every time I walk into a Lush store, I come out with a bulging bag and an empty purse. The glorious aroma that wafts from the shop entices me in every time and guarantees that I spend at least £25 per visit. As my Lush ..." Read review

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Get Lushious French Kissing Sex-Bombs in your bath Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesLots of choices, a potion for everything

DisadvantagesYou might become an addict

"Ever since the day I received my first Lush Bubble Bar Bath Slice ive wanted to try even more Lush products. It's a rarity that I find perfumed products that I am able to use without coming a rash erupting over my body, so naturally I want more.... As my current Lush stock dwindled I decided to look on the Lush website to see if there was any other delights which would take my fancy should I stumble across a Lush shop on my travelsÖ BIG MISTAKEÖ ..." Read review

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BECAUSE SHE`S WORTH IT Review with images

AdvantagesNice site layout and fast loading, Good product Information

DisadvantagesNo free postage for large orders, have to add products to shopping basket one at a time

" If the way to a mans heart really is through his stomach then the way to a woman's must be through her beauty products! But if - like me - the idea of visiting a shop like Lush feels too demasculinising then help is at hand in the form of Lush Times Online, or as it is more commonly known www.lush.co.uk. Now we blokes can show our caring sharing side without leaving the computer save for grabbing a credit card, and if any ladies find they are too ..." Read review

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Insert LUSH pun here

AdvantagesExcellent customer service, Retro range, eco-friendly packaging, quick delivery

DisadvantagesCan't see, touch and smell the products before buying

"...know, use their website at Lush.co.uk and take advantage of their home delivery service. ==A Bit About Lush== Just in case you really havenít a clue what Lush is about, Iíll try and fill you in. Lush started many, many years ago as a mail order company Cosmetics To Go (although the founders Liz Weir and Mark Constantine had worked together before this including developing products for The Body Shop). Due to difficulties with keeping up with demand ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jayandfoo



AdvantagesWide range of products, natural products, not tested on animals

Disadvantagescan be quite expensive

"... My most recent visit to lush.co.uk was on Tuesday 26th July 2005. I felt like treating myself and thought of no better place to go than Lush. Who are Lush? Lush are a Worldwide yet down to earth company who sell a range of natural handmade bath and body products including soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, fragrances and specialty products. Lush products were officially launched in May 1995. However, the team responsible for the Lush products ..." Read review

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Community Level 5SMAGGS76


Lushless no More

AdvantagesReally easy to Use, Don't have to leave home

DisadvantagesYou have to wait for delivery

"I never thought in a million years that I’d try this but having read so many wonderful opinions, on so many tempting products I just had to try some. As my nearest shop is in Leeds not far I know but as I couldn’t be bothered going to Leeds and I wanted to shop now, I decided that I’d make my purchases online. This however isn’t a review about my purchases those beauties are yet to come, it is a review about the website itself. Before ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sandrabarber


At last I've lost my Lush virginity

AdvantagesSuperb products, great prices, terrific amusing site

DisadvantagesYou'll end up skint

"The first thing that strikes you about the Lush website is that itís quite unlike any other. Itís just the right side of kitsch, just the right side of garish, and just the right side of badly designed not to put you off. Itís actually a pretty faithful reproduction of their newsletter/catalogue, Lush Times, and knowing that takes away your fears that youíve come across something slightly dodgy. I paid my first visit last week, after reading so many ..." Read review

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Community Level 6purdy



AdvantagesExcellent product range and the lushtastic delights are delivered to your door!

DisadvantagesYou cannot get to smell or touch the wonderful products before buying

"The numerous opinions written about the Lush products available lead me to the conclusion on Sunday that l need some Lush produce in my life! After reaching this momentous decision l was faced with 2 options – 1 Go to the Lush Shop at Castle Lane in Belfast OR 2 Shop from the comfort of my own home As l was still in my PJ’s (yes l know it was 3pm – but so what it was Sunday!) l opted for option 2. LUSH TIMES ONLINE The ..." Read review

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Community Level 6alliecat


A Lazy Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman

AdvantagesQuick and easy to use, you don't have to move out of your chair

DisadvantagesDelivery charge is a bit steep, but you don't have to get out of your chair

"Ok chaps. So you read my previous guide to pleasuring a woman, but it all seemed far too much like hard work. In order to put that orgasmic smile on her face, you actually had to move, break a sweat even…..well, we wouldn’t want you to strain something would we boys? So, you want an easier way. You want the maximum return for the minimum effort. Can I suggest that you give the woman in your life a jolly good cybering to? Yes, believe ..." Read review

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Gert Lush


DisadvantagesDesign and postage costs

"...I placed an order on lush.co.uk yesterday that I had never reviewed the Lush website. Iíve used it many a time, both for research and for shopping and so I thought Iíd give you a rundown As many of will already know Lush is a fabulous company that makes luxury bath and beauty products out of yummy natural stuff. Most of the ingredients they use are natural and are sourced ethically. Where ever possible they use the best stuff available which is why ..." Read review

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Loved everything but the popcorn!

AdvantagesGenerous portions, beautifully wrapped, QUICK DELIVERY

DisadvantagesA bit messy to unwrap maybe?

"Lately, I'm back on a Lush kick. Unfortunately much as I like going into the shop, I find it hard to smell each individual product because of the overpowering "Lush Smell". I also find that although the staff are pleasant, they can be a bit quick to pounce and steer you towards certain products which can lead to me spending even more than I had intended to! Okay, so buying online might not be quite as fun as seeing all the colourful displays, picking ..." Read review

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Community Level 5paule23


I blame my Dad

AdvantagesLovely products, all vegetarian

DisadvantagesCan get a bit expensive

"You know, I blame my Dad. It's not such a strange concept, I mean he was responsible for bringing me into the world so he takes a lot of blame there, so a bit more for this isn't really going to make much difference to him! The strangest thing is he is getting the blame for an act of generosity. I suppose I'm bitter because the act of generosity was towards somebody else, my girlfriend in fact, but he's still to blame. There is no getting away ..." Read review

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Community Level 2salmonchap...


Brilliant online service from Lush

AdvantagesQuick delivery, easy to use site, packaged with popcorn!

DisadvantagesReally can't think of anything.

"...is a review of the Lush.co.uk website and it's mail order service. I haven't tried any of the products that I ordered as they were ordered as a gift, but I hope you will find this review useful nonetheless, and if I do get round to using any lush products I'll be sure to give them their own review :) ) It's rapidly approaching the time where it will have been a year that my girlfriend and I have been together (an anniversary, if you will). In an ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lynda04



AdvantagesShop online for covenience

DisadvantagesYou don't get to taste the goodies until they arrive!

"So many opinions, so many products! I have read so many opinions on Lush products; I just had to investigate the Lush phenomena for myself ;-) Now, being stuck in the wilds of Shropshire, with the nearest branch of Lush in the middle of Birmingham, I had neither the energy nor the inclination to subject myself to the assault that is the middle of Brum! No offence meant to Birmingham, I am a Brummie born and bred, it’s just that I have a very ..." Read review

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