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Community Level 1noytd


Wouldn't recommend Match for most men

AdvantagesThe site layout and design is very clear and user friendly

DisadvantagesThe lack of any instant chat features and other minor things that I mention below

"I am a 27 year old male and I joined Match on a one month subscription with no real expectations, I just thought why not. My experience has led to me wanting to write this review to let others see how it went for me and to give some idea of what to expect. I decided to subscribe for a month, just to get a feel for the site and the kind of girls on it. At best I might find somebody special, at worst maybe make a few new friends. In hindsight I should ..." Read review

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Match.com = love it

AdvantagesIt's so easy

Disadvantagesyou have to make the effort

"Match.com worked a treat for me. First of all I didn't know if I wanted to join a dating agency, because, let's face it - it's not exactly ideal, there's stories about people going on dates and not returning, what do you tell people when they ask how you met? To see what there was I looked at the people on match - you can search and look without having to subscribe. I liked what I saw! I was a little put off when I recognised a bloke that I used ..." Read review

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Community Level 1johnniemg


Money down the drain

AdvantagesEase of signing up!

DisadvantagesExpensive, Members are unable to see if the person they are contacting is a paid member too

"...recently decided to subscribe to Match.com and I wished I had read the messages here beforehand, because if I had, I would be 70 Pounds richer than I am now. Firstly, after spending a couple of hours setting up a profile, it was subsequently deleted completely when it came to the moderation stage. I later found out that this was because the IP address I used was a company one and not fixed to any one particular country, so they assumed it was a fake. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Angryloner


Match made in hell (poor I know)

AdvantagesMembers of the opposite sex, you can upload loads of pics

DisadvantagesBilling system, billing system, billing system.

"Now, before I begin, may I just point out that my screen name was just a light hearted jape, a bit of frivolity when I decided to join Ciao. It' a bit more apt now, but I digress. I initially joined match about a year ago, just for a month, to see what it was all about, and also because all my friends are married or have kids, so it pretty much restricts my chances. The initial impression I got was that it wasnt much kop, so I cancelled my subscription ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Angel3141


Match.com - Strike out

AdvantagesEase of Use

DisadvantagesExpensive, No Customer Support

"...try it out. I have seen match.com advertised on TV - some very good, funny marketing there.. So I tried the 3 day free trial. You have to enter your card details and if you do not cancel before your 3 days are up they take the payment from those details. Subscription rates are as follows: £10.88 /month 6 months billed in one easy payment of £65.25 £15.22 /month 3 months billed in one easy payment of £45.65 £22.80 /month 1 month ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shelleybird


waiting to strike a...

Advantages Choice of tariffs, secure and slick

Disadvantages A bit daunting at first and difficult to navigate.

"I joined Match after loads of people telling me he/she/it met their husband/wife/dog on the internet. Initial joining is free you can create a profile of yourself and "wink" at other people you like the look of but to send email and look at your "connections" you must join. Match has 3 tariffs one at approx £22 per month renewed on a monthly basis, one at approx £15 and one at £10-ish which covers six months at a total cost of about £60. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hamoid


Lucky winner of a match.com account termination

AdvantagesDidn't get the chance to find out

DisadvantagesMy account was terminated without explanations

"...who saw an ad from match.com and decided to give it a try. I spent two hours filling out forms and making/uploading a photo of myself. My details were those of a friendly and educated person, without any explicit language or offending words. My profile was then supposed to be checked and published. I tried to log in several times during the following week, but an error message was always displayed after entering my user name and password, stating ..." Read review

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awful service, feel like Ive been robbed


DisadvantagesThey have access to your bank account even if you pay with paypal.

"They continue to take money from your account after cancellation, the staff are rude and condescending. The website is very poorly written and fails intermittently. Notifications, views and messages will disappear. Most profiles are unused or devoid of content. Will never use it again and will tell all to avoid like the plague. I did have several dates via using the website but found the experience to be awkward and unrealistic.. talking to some ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Wingedthing


Match.com a modern pastime

AdvantagesTo the point, Large Database, Easy to use

DisadvantagesTime wasters,

"...of people who have used match.com and have had different results. I have met for example a pilot who met up with girls on match.com -any girl who showed interest in fact. Then he proceeded to complain when they actually met they were not compatible enough or too tall. Then I know of another girl who used the site, went on a date and two years later they are still going strong and moving in together. So, if you are lucky it will work for you. If ..." Read review

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Community Level 1islf


A Steer Clear for Men - 'Fake' Profiles Make Up the Numbers

AdvantagesDecent layout and design is about all match has going for it

DisadvantagesMany fake profiles, don't know if people you e-mail have ability to reply, customer service bad

"...is not a member of match.com is able to create a 'free' profile, but cannot send or receive e-mails. Worse, match.com will NOT tell you whether or not the person you're e-mailing is a 'paid member' and therefore whether or not they have the ability to reply to your message. I also had to e-mail them five times before I finally got this answer out of them - abysmal. In short: a great deal of the female profiles on match.com are fake or by non-paying ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lin412

Quick review of match.com

"A word of warning against the so-called 'great value'6 month fee on this site. I started to have huge technical issues with the settings on this site 2 months in and despite numerous emails and attempted calls ( never answered )! I didn't get even a response never mind a refund of any money despite not being able to access any of the features of the site.

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Community Level 1dater

Quick review of match.com

"Do not go there! Al they want is your money,look for better internet dating websites, They took money from my bank account for another 3 month,without my permission,5 days before that happened i quit my account there! DO NOT GO THERE!!!

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Community Level 1biker3


The women on Match treated dates like interviews

AdvantagesReasonable features

DisadvantagesDates felt like job interviews

"I joined Match in spring 2009, initially for three months, but renewed my subscription for another three as I had had no success. I met a total of six women, but I contacted many more than that, most of whom looked at my profile and did not respond. None of the ones whom I met seemed into it and they all seemed ambivalent about me. It was hard to keep a conversation going, because they treated our dates like interviews, despite my best efforts to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Hansol572



AdvantagesNone unless they can be pointed out to me

Disadvantagesexpensive, waste of time, underhanded company

"STEER WELL CLEAR - THEY AUTORENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WITHOUT TELLING YOU AND I WAS TAKEN FOR £71.94 FOR NOTHING. Their response was - 'For your convenience, we automatically renew your subscription each time it expires, freeing you from the tedious task of manually resubscribing each month while still guaranteeing your original subscription rate and helping you avoid an interruption of service. No refunds.' I would have preferred the tedium to losing ..." Read review

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Not bad, but far from good. Frustrating!

Advantages Lots of people - huge database

DisadvantagesPrice, many users not active, poor/no customer services

"A brief review: It's fairly pricey, but that's not a big isue to find a partner. Initially the search returns some great looking results, HOWEVER, many of he people are marked as not having logged in/checked their messages for over 3 weeks which means their account has most likely expired. There is no way to search only for members say active within the past month/week which is very frustrating. I had several questions and on emailing customer ..." Read review

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