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Community Level 3dujour


Fair's Fare! Diamond review

AdvantagesFriendly, great range of journeys and HECK - so CHEAP!!

DisadvantagesMaybe a little uncomfy for less dedicated bargain hunters. Must be booked online.

"Having spent my three years of university at the quintessential Place In The Middle Of Nowhere (the locals call it Aberystwyth) and all my holidays back at home separated from my friends by the whole Irish sea, I'm happy to have finally settled (for the time being, at least) in the South east of England. At least I'm on the same landmass as everyone else now. At least there's an airport half an hour away, and decent rail links to everywhere I could ..." Read review

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Prison On Wheels

Advantagescheap fare, eventually gets to destination

Disadvantagesuncomfortable, usually late

"So, I am always looking for ways to save money. My sister lives down in Manchester and I usually take the car when I visit but the money it was costing in petrol was just getting too ridiculous. I decided to start looking for alternative means of transport so I looked up train fares which were ok but still not the cheapest and flights were a lot so then I thought about coaches. I had passed the megabus while driving up before and heard many people ..." Read review

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Mega mega mega bus

Advantagescheap, good range of destinations

Disadvantagesnot for those with long legs, only bookable on the internet

"I like weekends away visiting my friends. It really cheers me up. The only problem is I do not drive (I am not allowed to as I am partially sighted) and have to rely on public transport. I have tried National Express coaches and trains and have had very mixed results. One thing I do find that unless you book about three months in advance (especially with the trains) traveling within Britain via public transport can be quite expensive. On my last ..." Read review

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Community Level 2beckymilar_4


An ill-fated journey!!!!

Advantagescheap and cheerful

DisadvantagesI definitely think they are haunted

"Megabus is a fantastic bus service. I was £4 return to go to Glasgow and back for a day trip shopping. Its simple to book, although you do have to book online. My friend came along with us on the day of the trip but didnt have a ticket and they let him on by just paying the bus driver on site at no extra cost. This was completely unexpected. With the cheap deals I expected the bus to be overcrowded but it wasnt. Even though there is not much leg ..." Read review

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The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round!

AdvantagesVery Very Cheap!

DisadvantagesNot The Most Comfortable Thing

"If you are thinking about travelling there seems to be some pretty good deals around, well at least if you believe the posters anyway. According to the posters London to Sheffield return by Midland Mainline train will cost you just £10, but wait before you all get yourselves too excited I suggest that you get out your magnifying glasses and read the tiny terms and conditions at the bottom (not easy I know when the poster is ten feet above the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2laura_harley


Megabus? It certainly is... Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, reliable, no frills travel

DisadvantagesSlightly longer journey time than train - no cancellations or refunds

"Well firstly Megabus are a product of Stagecoach, an excellent bus service which runs locally in my area. Megabus is the budget end of the market (which suits me fine being a not-exactly-wealthy student), however this does not by any means in my opinion detract from the service overall. I have myself used them approximately 5 or 6 times as an excellent means of travelling from the south west of England to London - and this shall be the route and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1olster99


A £1? Really?

AdvantagesAmazing Value! Direct services - few stops. Good website. Excellent concept!

DisadvantagesA bit slow and uncomfortable - but at that price!

"INTRODUCTION I live near Preston and every year i like to go on a weekend break to London. I had booked the hotel for February and was looking for some travel. The train - fast but expensive! National Express - Resonably priced but very slow stopping everywhere. I had tried this option a year before and it took 7hr. While searching I came across Megabus, i had heard of it before but never really took much notice. In a moment of madness, I booked ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mark-south...


travel for peanuts updated 3/04

Advantagesvery cheap inter-city bus service

Disadvantagesinfrequent, slowish, online only

"...blue, fairly prominently marked with megabus.com and a smiley driver icon> I have no idea what vehicles they use on other routes, they could be brand new coaches as far as I know but I doubt it with fares this low The driver checked my reference against a manifest, as I was the only person on that trip it was not a problem but if you had 50 people with scraps of paper to check this might delay things You cannot pay cash fares, you must pre-book The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MrMatthew


Budget travel, ideal for students!

AdvantagesCheap, Cheap, Cheap

DisadvantagesLong Journey, not the most comfortable

"I used this service to book tickets for 2 adults and 2 children to go on a day trip to London from Birmingham in half term. The website was clear and gave you all the information you need. Its a fairly basic service of buses between some of the major cities, currently (June 2004): Birmingham, Oxford Swansea/Cardiff, Bristol, Plymouth/Exeter, Bournemouth, Southhampton, Portsmouth and Brighton to and from London, Liverpool - Manchester - Leeds Dundee ..." Read review

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Community Level 2katsthebest


Semi-Mega, to be honest. Review with images

AdvantagesCheap travel!

DisadvantagesLong journeys, limited services, slight discomfort.

"Being a non-driver, coaches, buses and trains can seem to rule my life at times. During my 3 years at university i became quite an expert at mastering the various forms of travelling home, as well as the variable cost and duration of the journey. I often found myself choosing between the comfort and relative proximity of the train, or the cheap ticket prices of the coach. Then Megabus was introduced! Megabus, in case you didn't already know, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lwbusiness


Megabus; now doing Long-Distance.

AdvantagesCheap as Chips!

DisadvantagesPossibility for delays

"Having been a Megabus customer for about a year now, regularly using their services between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I was excited to see their new provision of longer distance travel between Scotland and London. Well perhaps excitement is slightly too strong a word but I was defintely intrigued and willing to give it a go. The orginal concept is simple. Stagecoach operates two low-cost forms of bus transport in both England and Scotland. Firstly ..." Read review

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Community Level 3excelsior81



AdvantagesCheap fares

DisadvantagesA poorly designed website

"I seem to be obsessed with finding bargains recently and I am amazed at just how many there are to be found out there currently. One of the things that had been recommended to me recently was megabus.com. I have always booked my journeys via the trainline.com, but had been advised that if you were booking a journey way in advance, you could possibly get an even better deal through this website. Finding the site was easy and Google had it as their ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mademoisel...


Megabus: Mega-hassle, Mega-heat, MEGATURD

AdvantagesHaving Glasgow in sight

DisadvantagesPretty much everything else but the price

"Living in the middle of a 'credit crunch' and trying to organise a holiday to Glasgow is where I had my first experience of the catastrophic Megabus. == Booking == Booking was easy enough and with the excitement of the impending holiday fuelling my (in hindsight, questionable) taste of the cheap, I found the website pretty easy to use with any difficulties quickly forgiven when I saw how cheap it was for me to travel from Manchester to Glasgow. My ..." Read review

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Community Level 2furby-2003


megabus rulez-online ticket bookers......

Advantagescheap, cannot find anything cheaper!!

Disadvantagesi don't really have any to report but ive only been once

"On the 18th december my boyfriend, son and i took a megabus from birmingham to london for 4 days. It cost £26 and to be honest i can't fault it. I spotted the megabus sign when i went on holiday to scotland, i never used the bus but noticed the £1 sign on the sign and looked it up when i got home and noticed it went from birmingham to london. Well the travelodge had a £10 a night deal on so i booked 4 nights and booked the bus with it. It ..." Read review

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Unreliable and usually late, but unbeatable price

AdvantagesThe price is usually unbeatable (though always check the National Express site), friendly drivers

DisadvantagesHorrible reliability (often break down or delayed by a couple of hours), toilets are hell on earth

"Some see Megabus as being like the Ryanair of coach travel; others see it as a cheap, cheerful coach travel company that tends to beat National Express on price by at least a few pounds. Having travelled with them extensively recently, I am inclined to agree with both. Firstly - the bad. If you have to get anywhere urgently or are unable to give yourself at least an hour's leeway when it comes to arriving at your destination, do not use this company. ..." Read review

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