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Community Level 4pleaserate...


Smooth shopping

AdvantagesNearly everything.

DisadvantagesNearly nothing.

"...button… A BIT OF BACKGROUND: Well microwarehouse.co.uk is an online retailer of anything to do with computers, you've got hardware, software, networking tools… pretty much everything! They are based all over the world, in Europe and the US. At the moment there are over two million customers who use the site to fulfil their computing needs, so by no means is it a small business (and they can't all be wrong!). They spend $2.4+ billion on stock ..." Read review

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Community Level 2smurfalot


Good, fast service.

AdvantagesGood prices and fast delivery


"I bought my 12 year old daughter her first computer from Micro Warehouse and the experience was an excellent one. Not only did they promise to deliver in two days but they DID deliver in two days!! I have bought other items over the net which promised delivery in 7 days and i am still waiting, and it's now been a over a month. After that positive experience i have now bought other items from them at a cheaper price than anyone else and have received ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cheekypixies


Excellent except for one tiny thing...

AdvantagesExcellent prices, Great choice, Super website design!

DisadvantagesYou dont get what you ordered, infact you get nothing at all.

"Microwarehouse.com "Excellent, except for one tiny thing..." I recently ordered some bits and bobs from microwarehouse. (Some memory for my laptop to be presise.) MicroWarehouse was recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I would give it a bash, because personal recommendations always seem to be pretty reliable, so I surfed on to the fast, well made and maintained website that they have, and quickly found the product I needed. The prices ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Witheld


Avoid Microwarehouse

AdvantagesThe site looks slick and professional...

Disadvantagesbut the service is not

"I ordered a Apple Cinema 23 Screen from Microwarehouse with next day delivery. The following business day the 20" version arrived. I was advised by Customer Services, which is what they call themselves, to place a new order for a 23 inch screen and they would refund the original order and collect the 20" screen on delivery of the 23". I reluctantly agreed as this seemed a pragmatic solution. I placed the order and paid again. Microwarehouse then ..." Read review

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Community Level 2WinsomeCh


exceptional computer and laptop deals

Advantagescompetitive, fast service


"...college studies. However, as www. microwarehouse.co.uk had it on special offer, 699 exc VAT (835 pounds inc VAT and delivery) was a price too good to resist. Before I bought the laptop. I did a bit of shopping around and I jumped at the chance when this special offer is on. Other websites sell this laptop for 1050 pounds, so that was a saving of over 200 pounds! I think the offer is still on, so check it out - www.microwarehouse.co.uk. The service ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fcarroll

Quick review of microwarehouse.co.uk

"Paid for next day delivery having been told item was in stock and available. Item did not show up next day and when I queried this was told item was out of stock. I cancelled the order only to find days later that they still took payment from my card. Tried to get explanation from customer services but might as well have been talking to the wall. would not recomment this bunch of chancers because if you have a problem they wont be able to help.

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Community Level 1readmylips

Quick review of microwarehouse.co.uk

"I ordered a digital projector which was supposed to be available within 2-3 days. I checked my order online a few days later and the item was marked unavailable. When I phoned the customer service rep said that the supplier didn't have any and they didn't know when they would be available. I cancelled the order and they said they would refund the money (they had a cheek taking the money in the first place if they don't have the goods). A week later still no refund - customer service say my refund will be prioritised - do I believe them - I don't think so. They take your money when they can't supply and then hang on to it as long as they can. A neat trick to get interest on your money.

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Community Level 1BundlesBoy

Quick review of microwarehouse.co.uk

"Advantages - None Disadvantages - Many. They promise delivery on a weekend knowing the delivery people won't do it over the weekend, wasting your day. When you complain, they can only apologise. BEWARE: If you order via the web from them and anything goes wrong even after just 5 days, they won't send a replacement unit. YOU have to send it back to them, get a refund, and then PAY again for a new one, in my case a £1000 Samsung R710. No changes on delivery address allowed, even when its their fault. Customer Services - unfriendly & ultimately useless. If you're a web customer - they can't do anything for you. They just want your money. No means of tracking orders. I will not use them again.

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Community Level 1slimm432


Seriously..... dont shop at microwarehouse!!

Advantagesdelivery would of been good........if i ever recieved my order!!!

Disadvantagesdis-organized service & poor comunication.

"I bought a monitor on the 30th of august. they said they would deliver within 2-3 days. They did jus that. But guess what. To the wrong address!! The person they sent it to, signed and accepted my product. and when i called saying the product didn't get sent to my address, they said that the person who signed for my product does in fact live at my address. funny huh? I called them everyday, emailed them everyday spent a good chunk of my phone bill ..." Read review

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Community Level 2steroper


Microwarehouse, Imac or Technomatic

AdvantagesCheap, helpful, great website.

DisadvantagesOccasional late delivery.

"I've used Microwarehouse many times to order many computer components, so have had a lot of experience with them. Microwarehouse are also know as Technomatic or Imac. Their website is excellent, (www.microwarehouse.co.uk) very well laid out, easy to navigate, very fast and it is always easy to find exactly what you what on here. After speaking to the staff at Microwarehouse many times i've found that they are always very freindly and helpful. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jxhn


One of the best online stores

AdvantagesCheap, free delivery, good range of products

Disadvantagesasp pages can be slow in Netscape

"Microwarehouse, or Technomatic as they are also known, have a great web site for the purchasing of computer hardware, software, data communications, and consumables. The site is well setup, searchable, easy to navigate and has many pictures of the products on sale. Price is very competitive beating most other online traders. Ordering is simple and secured. Delivery is next day and free for orders over £30. Plus, it's customisable once you've registered ..." Read review

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Community Level 1matthewcoles




DisadvantagesPoor Service, Items not in stock, Getting a refund.

"I ordered a projection screen from microwarehouse on December 27th 2005. They took the money from my account the next day. As it was just after Christmas, the screen (which normal takes four days to be delivered to them) would not be in their warehouse until January 3rd 2006. I checked on their website on the 4th to see if my screen was on its way only to find it was still expected on the 3rd! I phoned customer services who told me it was on back ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shadeclass

Quick review of microwarehouse.co.uk

"Don't order online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My "next day" delivery took 8 days even though all items were said to be in stock and I paid for next day delivery. Their customer service girl ( they are excellent, by the way) recommended ordering by phone to ensure that all goods were in stock and could then be prioritised for a next day delivery. My 5 items came from 3 suppliers so it doesn't all come in 1 box from 1 place. Be warned!!!!!!

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Community Level 1Breadbelly





"This is the worst online purchasing experience I have ever had. I was warned about Microwarehouse before but they were the only U.K retailer selling this particular firewire webcam which was necassary for building a Reactable. They showed heroic levels of incompetence! First of all sending a TV wall bracket instead of the webcam and 2 days late as well. When I complained I was told that this would be collected and the correct item sent to me (no apology) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SSBorn


Failure to deliver or even communicate

Advantagesnone - enticing website to suck you in

DisadvantagesA black hole - no products delivered, no communications received

"MicroWarehouse.co.uk have been a complete disaster and I would recommend not using them at all. My order was recieved and I got an auto reply thanking me for the order, that was the last I heard from the company. The system cancelled my order without informing me and when I checked dispatch there was no help. I sent an email to the company to query the cancellation, as I had not done so, to get no response. You might as well give your business to ..." Read review

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