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Community Level 7dave27


Hoddle Waddle and BOGGLE

AdvantagesDead funny

DisadvantagesBrings back SAD memories

"OK, for the biz on the site, check out the Wampyrii op - I couldn't let it pass, however, with my thirty bobsworth, at least that's what it cost to get this bizarre haircut done in Waxie Maxie's in Stafford in the 80's. I've discussed the matter long and hard with Mrs dave27 and we've agreed that I should be let out to reminisce about THE MULLET, for it is a terrifying thing and today's pop kids need to be warned. First, however, just a couple ..." Read review

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Community Level 7wampyrii


This Site Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh out Loud

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"LOL! This website is just fantastic! I don't know what would drive anyone to the lengths this guy has gone to, to produce this masterpiece of internet triviality, but really, hats off to him anyway. It really is great, a perfect example of what makes the internet such a brilliant place. So what the hell are you on about wampy? hehe...stay with me... Mulletsgalore.com is, a site dedicated to that bastion of bad hair days, the humble mullet. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5janharper


Great site ruined by a bucketmouth

Advantageslots without the bad language

Disadvantagesswearing for no particular reason!

"What's a mullet? Well, everbody knows that. It's a fish that you can catch, bake, or roast and enjoy for your dinner. Nope! Wrong! A mullet is a hairdo. It is supposed to be short at the front and on top and long at the back. A bit like my fellas little bit on top when it needs cutting and he 'hasn't got time' to get it done. At first I thought this site had a lot of potential, but read on. Then I found I couldn't get into anything except ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JakeofClubs


Mullets Gallore Review

AdvantagesFunniest site on the WWW

DisadvantagesNot for everyone.

"From a technical aspect, layout, design. speed, and search, it was sufficient, most of the time. However, from a content standpoint, its humor rates with the best parodies of all time. If you don't like parody and the subtle in-jokes, this is not for you. If you don't like Spinal Tap and their mullets, go to "jokeaday.com." It is also adult oriented. That being said, the mullet classifications on this site made me laugh more than anything I have ever ..." Read review

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