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Community Level 5sdwill


Mum's the word.....

AdvantagesWell laid out, good advice from other parents

Disadvantagessometimes a bit hard to navigate

"OK, how to write an opinion on a website? Particularly one as extensive as mumsnet. Let's begin at the beginning... Mumsnet was founded by Justine Roberts and Carrie Longton. Both have a journalistic background and several young children. They found that the best source of baby info was actually other mums who had 'been there,tried that'. Following on from this discovery they decided to set up a website which would bring together knowledge and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1whinger1978


Very useful site for all women, not just Mums!

AdvantagesWealth of great info and advice

Disadvantagesa little hard to navigate at first

"Sdwill's review has covered almost everything in my opinion, but worth mentioning also is that if you join, you get a 10% discount off of purchases from Photobox, Boden, Blooming Marvellous among many others (even BCP airport parking!) They don't seem to send you any rubbish spam either on joining. I have found the forums to be very useful and a little more objective and informative than other similar forums, ie, babyworld. Seems more 'to the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stais86


Mumsnet.com- A parents Lifeline!

AdvantagesFantastic advice, a lot of friendly people, fun and you get discounts

DisadvantagesHard to navigate at first, a few unfriendly people and it's addictive

"...do get great advice on mumsnet.com and some great conversations it's not all about the 'joys' of being a parent more oftnthan not there is a funny thread going on and there loads of different topics from reusable nappies to current affairs so there is something for everyone and everymood, there are also sections for dads and grand parents although everyone is allowed to access wherever they want. My only gripe is that there ar some posters who ..." Read review

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Community Level 1yeah_but_no


Good member discounts - bad for buying / selling

AdvantagesDiscounts for members at retailers

DisadvantagesClassified adverts format doesn't work

"Subscribe to this website for great discounts at major retailers and also for product reviews. Don't even consider it for buying or selling. The classified adverts are run as "talk" forums - you may get a buyer but more likely you will get loads of messages from gossipy mums discussing your product generally giving negative feedback about what you are selling and complaining about the price. Or they may ask you loads of questions and rave about ..." Read review

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Community Level 4madlucy

Quick review of mumsnet.com

"An excellent place for advice and support - especially in the "talk" section, in which you'll find advice on everything from nappies and weaning to teenage runaways to politics and style tips.

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Community Level 1IARCFB

Quick review of mumsnet.com

"Faultless! A diverse and supportive talk forum with excellent reviews, recips, local sites and blogs. Not just for mums either - dads are well received too. Populated by intelligent and articulate posters, there's sound advice and straight talking about everything from childbirth to current affairs. Thoroughly recommended as the thinking parent's website :)

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Community Level 1bwhiskey


Mumsnet: An appalling bunch of b*tches... read this!!!

Advantagesyou get a true glimpse of how nasty women really are

Disadvantagesthe fact that most women are so bl**dy nasty, not helpful or supportive to mums

"I posted the other day a question about school run mums and how cliquish they can be and how i found it a bit hurtful, and i went on to say how they behaved at my seven year old son's birthday party. I had wanted support. Instead, what I got was viciously attacked by most of the mums. The fact I mentioned that some of the cliquey mums just sat there at the party looking miserable got the following response: 'well, there must be reason why the mums ..." Read review

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