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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Paid to Search

AdvantagesIt really pays, easy


"www.mysearchfunds.com We all like to earn money using our computer and the internet, otherwise, why else are we on this site (apart from the joy of writing and getting some great advice about different products) but we all must admit that we like to put out technology to good use. Basically if you use the internet to conduct searches of any type then this website is for you. I work as a personal assistant in London so I use the internet constantly ..." Read review

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Serching for money? Earn money for searching!

Advantagesgreat way to make a little extra


"A friend told me about mysearchfunds.com and I am very glad they did because it is such an easy way to make money on the internet without doing anything more or differently than what you do already! As many of my reviews will show, I am signed up to a great many cashback and survey sites. They all bring in a little extra but they can sometimes be tedious to the extreme. Performing tons of daily clicks or answering strange questions about thousands ..." Read review

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Searches, searches

AdvantagesFree to join and earns you some money


"I found out about my search funds through another reviewer and so I thought I'd check it out. The site is quite good and is a good way of earning some extra cash for doing something you would do anyway whilst online! What is it? The site is a search system that allows users to earn a small amount of cash for every search they do on the web. Users must first of all sign up and then set their search bar to the sites but it is very quick and easy ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Is this a homepage friend?

Advantagesyou can now search for charity

Disadvantagesno more personal payments from searches, unreliable payments

"I guess after over a year of use I should get around to making my views on this search engine known. I originally signed up when the site was known as mysearchfunds, a few months after I signed up it was renamed myhomepagesfriends, but the site itself is called myhpf. The site is designed to be a search engine with a difference, you get paid for the searches you do. So how well does it work? When you sign up you get the option to install it as ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Leighsa


A morally sound website

AdvantagesVery straight forward, reasonable revenue.

DisadvantagesNone yet.

"I can't really remember how I came across this but I have been signed up with them since February. This is one of the few sites that I have come across that appears genuine, morally sound and pays reasonable revenue. WHAT IS IT? ************** It is a site that claims to pay you for every search that you carry out under their specific search funds tool bar - this would have to be downloaded from their site. WHY DOES THIS EXIST? *************************** Apparently, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2spidercallum


earn a little something for nothing!

Advantagesget paid for something most of us already do

Disadvantagespoor website - see the list below!

"I joined up to homepages friends only a few days ago, and already feel I know enough about the site to share my experience and opinions with you. For those that don't know, myhpf.co.uk is a website that pays you for searching the internet. Sounds fabulous, does it not? If you're anything like me, you search the internet probably 20-50 times a day, now imagine getting paid 2-4pence for every search you made? I know it doesn't sound like much, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jabberanks



AdvantagesIt pays 2.2 to search, 10% for referral of friends, quick and easy to use

DisadvantagesTakes ages searching, multiple searches may lead to closure of account, £20 checkout takes long

"Myhpf are a website that pays you just to search online. The results displayed for searching are powered by yahoo meaning anything you search would give you the same website links as to what yahoo would give. The website pays you around 2.2p per search made, which is quite generous. You can search whatever you want on the go and dont need to wait as it is a search engine in which you are searching, so it's quick. You can make a lot of searches ..." Read review

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I received payment from Homepages Friends today

Advantages2p-3p per search.

Disadvantagesyou should be very careful to avoid abusing the rules.

" Note: mysearchfunds.com rebranded as myhpf.co.uk Myhpf.co.uk (also known as homepages-friends.com) is a company that is a privately owned commercial organisation and registered in England & Wales. Its official name is Homepages Friends. General Information Homepages Friends like InterADmedia pays you when you search on the internet via its links with Yahoo search engine. Homepages Friends pays you according to your searches. Normally ..." Read review

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Community Level 4marina321


'Paid for searches'??

Advantageseasy to set up, easy to use, search as normal, earn for your searches

DisadvantagesDelayed/ No Payments

"'myhpf.co.uk' is now the name of the site originally known as 'mysearchfunds'. The basic principle of the site is that they split the revenue generated from searches with the users. The search engine is powered by Yahoo! and according to the site, the search results you'd get through their search engine are the same as you'd get through using Yahoo! I had read a lot of reviews on this site on consumer review sites and on discussion boards ..." Read review

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The New Google

AdvantagesYou get paid for doing what you already do


"I am always looking for ways to make a little bit of extra money and although you will never get rich using this website, I think it's an excellent idea, getting paid for searching the internet the way you already do! The site is now called www.myhpf.co.uk as appose to www.mysearchfunds.com. This website gives you between 1-2 pence per search you conduct through the website. Like I already mentioned, with that amount of money, you are never going ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JPizzle91


mysearchfunds.com, nice little earner

AdvantagesMoney for doing something you'd normally do

Disadvantages45 days to be paid, takes time to get £20

"...bonus if you ask me. Mysearchfunds.com also pay 50% cashback from eBay's revenue, should you win an auction. And also 50% back from Kaspersky Lab eStore, who I believe sell anti-virus software. When it comes to getting paid, you can be paid via PayPal, a UK Bank Transfer or an International Bank Transfer (IBAN). I have heard you can be paid by cheque, but I can't find anything on this. You get paid once you have made at least £20 in search funds, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Sweetpea1075


Get paid for surfing

AdvantagesGet paid for something you are doing anyway, no complicated software to download

DisadvantagesYahoo not as detailed as Google, long time before payout

"I have been using My Search Funds ( or My homepages friends as they now call themselves ) for the last few months and even though I have not made enough for a payout yet, the money is added up nicely and am looking forward to requesting a payment. The concept is simple, My Search Funds is a search engine similar to Google that is powered by Yahoo and each time you search the internet using the search box, you are paid a small amount, either 2p ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Sabrina2090


My search Funds

Advantagesget paid for doing something you would anyway

Disadvantages3p isn't a lot, takes ages to get paid.

"Whilst on a quest to earn extra pennies for university I came across this site. What it does. The purpose of this site is to pay you money everytime you make a search. It is partnered with 'ask'. What You Do. First you register by giving your name and email address. It then leads you through some steps. If you do not have the right browser it will ask you to download it. At the moment it works with either Microsoft internet explorer 7 or mozilla ..." Read review

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Community Level 1d15549


Great for a bit of pocket money


DisadvantagesYahoo not google

"This website has now changed its name to myhpf.co.uk which stands for myhomepagefriends. This is probably the greatest idea for people to make money on the intenet, without having to join free trials or anything like that. The steps are simple: 1. Join and Register details 2. Login 3. Add to favourites, home page, or browser search bar 4. Start searching 5. Make money You can easily earn around £100 per year, but this can be increased ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jamesy123



AdvantagesEasy money for doing searches, something you would do anyway.

Disadvantages3p is not alot,

"I thought it was time to update this review since, when i first reviewed the website it was in its early stages, though i have now been a member for 4 months and I have had a good experience with it. As you probably know already, mysearchfunds or since it has now been changed to homepages friends, is a website that pays you just over 2 pence per search you do ( I know its said to be 3 pence per search, but its gotten very popular now, so the amount ..." Read review

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