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Community Level 1allister1979


Great savings for my Ford Escort tyres

AdvantagesLow Prices!!

Disadvantagescould not find any!

"...93 in total!!! Thank you mytyres.co.uk for such a great deal! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1amcqueen


Poor Customer Service, incomplete delivery, prices change fast

Advantagescheap if it works

Disadvantagespoor customer service (if you can get through). Unreliable delivery

"It all looks good on the web site but beware! The prices can change dramatically and goods don't turn up. I originally ordered during a snowy period and the price was around £490. Within 4 days it had dropped to £445 so I cancelled. It dropped in price again so I re-ordered and then the price dropped the next day another £40 or so! However, I stuck with my order but only 3 wheels and tyres turned up! So cannot use them and no sign of the last one! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jakethornton


Non-UK based Customer Service, extremely poor, Rude, unprofession

AdvantagesCheap Tyres but at a HEAVY HEAVY cost

DisadvantagesNon-UK based Customer Service, Extremely Poor/Rude, unprofessional

"Deal with this company at your own peril. I ordered 2 tyres from them. Got email confirming order etc. A week passed and then nothing, so I contacted them via phone just to make sure all was well. Customer Services (definitely foreign sounding - but claimed they were in Oxford) said the order had not been processed and that I need to send them a utility bill. She didnt explain why nor had I received any email etc to this effect. The dim witted ..." Read review

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Chaos in Rubber


Disadvantagesall of the above

"Dear friends, if you wish to order tyres from these characters go ahead! you can then spend the long winter hours waiting for them to arrive. The boredom will be interspersed with sending and recieving hundreds of e mails trying to find out where they are. The good folk at their call centre (in the Black Forest somewhere in Germany we think) will happily mis direct you and fob you off like an unwanted puncture. Once you have been sent all the wrong ..." Read review

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Avoid - tyres not received after over one month from purchase


DisadvantagesVery poor service and slow (non-existent) delivery

"I ordered my tyres on the 23rd October, they took my money on the 26th October and over a month later, I still have no tyres. After just over a week they advised me that the fitting centre that had gone out of business. I gave them my home address for delivery, but after two weeks I still hadnít received my tyres, so had to follow up with them. They then told me that they encountered problems with the delivery being redirected and asked for another ..." Read review

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Community Level 1steevernie


Lies Lies and more Lies and still no tyres

Advantagesvery good prices

Disadvantagesyou dont actually get any tyres within the delivery time - awful customer service

"Avoid this bunch of timewasters, I checked the stock of the tyre I wanted by phone and was impressed by the prices I was told to place the order online as the operator basically couldnt be bothered, Two days later I was still waiting for a conformation Email so I rang them and was told that the Address needed to be confirmed which I duly did, they then claimed they had phoned me and left a message - which they had not. I then asked how long they would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1steven_mcc...


Tyres at continental European prices

AdvantagesContinental European prices


"Mytyres.co.uk has great web site. It has features that you would expect. You can select tyres by size or by model. The best feature is the customer reviews of tyres on tyretest.com. By reading the reviews you can get a good feel for what the tyres will deliver. You can get a tyre that fits your driving style and needs. This feature has helped direct me to tyres that fit my needs exactly. Just as importantly they have kept me away from other tyres. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jim-bob-g

Quick review of mytyres.co.uk

"Ordered 4 tyres and 2 arrived damaged (they are just bundled in pairs without packaging). They've now asked for photos before they send a claim form before they consider sending replacements. Poor. They are cheap however, and the transit from Germany takes about a week.

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Community Level 1LauraCee


Confusing Web Site & Dire Customer Services

AdvantagesWeb site looks nice

DisadvantagesPrices confusing & Uncertainty about fitting included or not

"This site is the most confusing I've come across, you can aske for a fully fitted price, which hikes the price up, but then when you go to pick your fitting station, it brings up prices of around £15 per tyre to get them fitted! I emailed them to try and clear up this matter and received a broken english standard e-mail, saying "some are fitted prices, some are not, phone the fitting station to find out how much they charge". Ummm, so why have a 'fully ..." Read review

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Not a great experience

AdvantagesSeems to be cheap

DisadvantagesPoor service, no contact

"...NO connection or contact between mytyres.co.uk and the fitters. I choose the garage with the highest star rating, based on customers reviews. They did fit the tyres without harming my alloys at all, which was great. Unfortunately once I drove away I quickly became aware of a couple of problems. The steering was extremely light and when I tested the pressures, all 4 tyres where pumped up to 37 psi. The recommended pressures where 32 psi for the fronts ..." Read review

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Community Level 1danjou



Advantagescheep tyres

Disadvantagesservice terrible

"They are based in germany and the customer service is poor, apart from that you get very cheap tyres. jkfe rlij oig oi gohw owuhg wuhrg j vluwehr uh uv liwuehflkjfewl uh fuhf kwjehf luwehf lkwuehf kueh fluhewf kjhf lkuh fluh fluh fuehf lughf uhfuhwefilueh fug luf iugf gf ilwuegf ilugf liugf iwuegf iwuygefiwef ygf yfgd uyfg djgqwd ugd iyg dg idy gyg ieyg iyg iygef iygf iwyg iyge fig fiuwg fiugf iuwge fiwugef iwuge fiwuge fiugwf igf igwe figf igfiwgef ..." Read review

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Community Level 1richard_st...


Why pay more for tyres?

AdvantagesThe cheapest tyres in the UK


"I want to share my experience with regards to a recent purchase of a set of 2 Pirelli P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico 245/55 R17 102W at mytyres.co.uk. First of all, I was amazed by their choice. Virtually any tyre size and brand can be found here. The selection is easy and it just takes a few steps to complete the order process. The order confirmation mail was instant and delivery took just 2 days. When I compared the prices to competitors, I was astonished ..." Read review

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Community Level 1commuter63


poor communication and delivery time

Advantagesgood price, good products

Disadvantagespoor communication , slow delivery

"ordered 4 winter tyres including steel wheels on 08.10 which were finally delivered 18.11????? - way longer than their quoted 5-10 working days. I ended up calling twice a day every day trying to get them to commit to actually supplying and giving me a date. The answer every day was "we have contacted the depot they will email you a delivery date" which was not very useful Be aware that the site I went to is a .co.uk address which has a UK snail ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kieranjs


Shambles, a complete wast of time - winter tyres & steel wheels

AdvantagesAttractive Convenient offers on website

DisadvantagesAbsolute failure to deliver and difficulty to contact

"Complete waste of time. I ordered some Winter Tyres on Steel wheels from MyTyres back in November, before the bad weather hit over here. I wanted the Tyres for a ski trip to the alps at the end of december. The option to have steel wheels included looked attractive and an easier option than sourcing them separate from the wheels. It was easy to order online selecting from a good range of products then entering my card number with a quoted delivery ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Max_b


Really excellent service - despite the bad reviews on here...

AdvantagesMassive range of tyres/sizes (particularly winter tyres), Cheaper Prices, Quick delivery.

DisadvantagesNone so far as I can see...

"Excellent service from mytyres.co.uk I just can't easily get hold of Winter tyres for my rims (195/45 R16) in the UK, the tyre dealers in the UK just don't seem set up to supply them. Mytyres.co.uk were the only online tyre supplier who offered me any choice of winter tyres for my rims. Some of the reviews I have read on here were overly negative about the company, but I ignored them, and I'm pleased I did. My experience using them has been really ..." Read review

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