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Community Level 2WembleyFra...


Tick Talk...

AdvantagesA great, community spirit. Fun and easy to use.

DisadvantagesEats up precious sleeping-hours...

"O.K, so I’m a bachelor. Hey, life in a bachelor pad can be very enjoyable, but there are times (especially in the dead of winter, stuck out on this windswept raft of land I call home) where cabin fever kicks in and you just want to talk to someone. So you call your friends. And where are they? They’ve all got timeshares in Guatemala or Alicante or Penrith or something. So what do you do? You sign up with Paltalk, that’s what. Now, ..." Read review

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Community Level 7jonwhite


Its all talk

AdvantagesFree, easy to use, informs you when your pals are on line

DisadvantagesCan conflict with firewalls or antivirus though not insurmopuntable

"Another excellent program which I was surprised to see had only one other opinion written about it. So I have decided that I should speak out in favour of this excellent internet chat site. Pal talk is a free download available, strangely enough, from paltalk.com, it takes moments to download as it is a mere 411Kb in file size. Installation is simple and straight forward and it nestles comfortably on your task bar. Paltalk is similar in being ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sexygirl


A totally new experience for me

AdvantagesFree, interesting categories, people polite

Disadvantageschildren could enter one of the adult rooms

"I have just used Paltalk for the first time and I was amazed at the quality of the chat in the new members rooms. Paltalk is a free chat area with a difference. Members can chat by text, live via microphone or can video conference. Also available is private message 1 to 1 chat. After listening to the live chat going on in new members room I decided to navigate a few of the other rooms. Most rooms were really good and the users welcomed me on arrival. ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Chat until the cows come home

AdvantagesGreat way to stay in touch and make new friends

DisadvantagesThe popup banners

"PalTalk is a free messenger which is quickly and easily downloaded. You register with a username and password. Once registered, you can join chatrooms about more or less any topic imagineable! You can add people to your friends list, like with most messengers. This is quite good, as you can use text, voice chat and video conference. The latter one being of little use to me as I have no webcam! You can also create your own chat room if you wish. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Ciren


paltalk and hear

Advantagescheap, hear all accents and not just email people


"Paltalk is absolutely great. If you havent tried it I definately recommend you to give it a try. You will need a mike if you want to take part and do some talking. There is nothing to stop you just going into a room though and typing what you wish to say instead of talking. Paltalk can be downloaded in just a couple of minutes. You then choose a name by which you want to be known. When you feel like it choose a room you want to enter. Now these ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MarcYerrell



AdvantagesMore than a voice chat, its a personal communicator

DisadvantagesSometimes get glitches in the software

"I have been using Paltalk for a while now, and I personally think that it is fantastic!. All you have to do is go to WWW.PALTALK.COM and download the software, and your rolling. You can have fantastic voice conversations on it, and brilliant video interactions. The Paltalk staff are very helpful, and they are constantlly online talking to people and helping them with problems. I have had a few problems using the paltalk software, but that seems to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jamiebuce


Paltalk.com the best chat service ever

AdvantagesVery Easy to use

DisadvantagesCan crash quite alot and there are too many pop-ups

"Paltalkwas one of the first downloadable chat programs around and is certainly one of the best. It has many features which attracts hundred's of thousands of people world wide from North America to Sydney, Australia. It has alot of great features such as: Webcam/mic/picture and profile use Many chatrooms under different categories and create your own room feature Ease of use Multiple webcam views(only availabe one the newest version and you have ..." Read review

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