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Community Level 5Newboy3


The perfect gift on a plate

AdvantagesA sound investment

DisadvantagesThe initial cost

"Personalised Car Registrations from the DVLA It is said that a man views his car as an extension of himself, but for a woman a car is just a house on wheels, something she can furnish and lavish gifts on. If this is true, it occurred to me that when shopping for my wife this Christmas I should include something for her car - along with the perfume, the earrings and the Black Magic, of course. Alloy wheels and sun shades, matching seat covers, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Deni



Advantagessee op

Disadvantageshigh cost

"...of cause talking about a personalised registration number plate. I thought about it but was frightened off by the cost of having one. How many of you have ever thought about it? I was under the impression that all plates were about £1000 or more and I was surprised when I discovered that some can be under £500, it really depends on what you want. I discovered this web site in my local newspaper, DVLA are releasing a CD- Rom for motorists who are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Katty28


Personalised plate( internet)

AdvantagesFun, Modern, easy


"...you pick something that is personalised to just you and not your main name than you will save loads.Both my deeds arrived within two weeks. The number sign itself you buy seperatley but thats about £30. It is easier to buy from a reputable garage.ipaid about £300 a plate. But my plate is a joke one . i was offerd £1000 pounds foritin the first week. There is definatley money to be made using internet number plate sites. i love my plates and would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cashmiri


Personalised registration number plates

AdvantagesOne of the few things on a car that does not deprciate

DisadvantagesCan be expensive

"...do with demand and supply. With personalised number plates (PNP) you have a never ending demand, and supply is some what restricted. If you get the right number plate you are onto a winner. You will be very unlucky if you do not make money on your investment. When buying a number plate for investment think of your target market. Remember if you are going to buy the number plate for yourself make sure you get the right number plate for the car ..." Read review

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