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Got a car? This site can save you money.

AdvantagesSaves you money, easy to use, makes you think about fuel usage

DisadvantagesNot much use if you don't have a car!

"I was launching into one of my 'how to make the world a better place' speeches over dinner with a friend. 'Wouldn't it be great' said I, 'if you could find out the price of diesel at all the local filling stations without having to drive round like a loon looking for the best price, burning up any savings you would have made in the process? And have you noticed that as soon as you have filled up, you always pass another garage with a better price' ..." Read review

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Community Level 7JAVER1967



AdvantagesSaving money, good tips and green too

DisadvantagesYou need to check it on a regular basis as prices change daily

"If you have a car, how often do you fill up with fuel, and when you have done so, drive on for a few more miles, and find out that the next petrol station is selling fuel cheaper? It could be selling fuel by 2 or 3 pence cheaper a litre. At first it doesn't sound a lot, but if you fill up with say 50 litres, it could mean that you have spent an extra £1 or £1.50 which you did not have to. Taking it a step further, assuming you do this at least once ..." Read review

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Community Level 6kelr101


Car thirsty again?

Advantages Quick, easy to navigate, plenty of information

DisadvantagesLimited resource within some areas

"...to access the information on Petrolprices.com you will need to sign up. If you don't all you can access on petrol pricing is the Highest, Average and Lowest price in a 10 miles radius to your postcode entry. You can still access the other information the site offers detailed below. In order to sign-up you can either take the quick link on the left, or enter your postcode to take you to the signup page, and ask to see the cheapest prices - this ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Maxlarndison


One click could save you money

Advantages Saves you money on fuel

Disadvantages None

"...across a web site called petrolprices.com so I entered it to have a look. It's amazing how much petrol/diesel prices vary from petrol station to petrol station but this web site sorts it all out for you. ~Web Site~ When you enter the web site the first thing you are asked to do is enter your post code, upon doing this it takes you to a page which includes a map of your local area. At the top of the page it tells you which petrol stations are ..." Read review

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Community Level 2HuwBach


Cheaper petrol - well sometimes

AdvantagesWill save you money

DisadvantagesSometime a little out of date

"The website allows you to search by town or post code, and will list the cheapest petrol/diesel in that area. You can choose which fuel to display, and the size of the search area. To get the full info you need to register your email address, but there is no cost. You then get the details on an individual basis for each petrol station. You can get details for unleaded, super unleaded, LRP, LPG, diesel and premium diesel. You can even get email ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Black_knig...

Quick review of petrolprices.com

"Went out of my way for cheap diesel after consulting Pertolpice.com. Claimed it was 101.9p. Actually it was 107.9p compared to local Tesco at 106.9p. I think they were showing the unleaded price on the site, not diesel. So beware, all is not what it may seem.

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