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Community Level 5eca99ajm


Sexy Summer Sandals - Sadly Slow Service

AdvantagesNice, stylish clothes

DisadvantagesVeerrrrrryyyy sloooooooowwwww delllliiiivveerryyyy!

"I had decided I deserved a treat. My exam and coursework stress has reached a new level and in order to control this I’ve been having far too many baths with Lush products and writing far too many ops on Ciao in order to relax. I’d been staring at a pair of strappy sandals in the La Redoute catalogue for the last month and had tried scouring the shops for a similar, but cheaper pair. Sadly I failed and so my bank balance was forced to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tish29


Worth ordering from

AdvantagesLow prices

DisadvantagesCustomer service not very helpful

"I discovered La Redoute about 6 month ago on the recommendation of a friend who's been shopping with their catalogue for years. - What is La Redoute? - It is a french company that operate by mail order. Their website is divided in different categorie with women, men, kids .. and very straightfoward. You can either order from their website or from their catalogue. Be aware their catalogue is more diversified than their website as it's got much ..." Read review

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Community Level 3WhiteChoco...


Be unique, be chic - french style.

AdvantagesEasy to order, convinient, good quality.

DisadvantagesDelivery may take up to 3 weeks.

"I must say, La Redoute is the only mail-order catalogue I really like and use. Tried to order a few things from them 5 and 3 years ago and wasn't impressed. But yes, some things change and the changes are massive! First of all, their web-site. www. laredoute.co.uk It's much better now than it was a couple of years ago. Still, better to look in a catalogue but if you haven't got a copy, web-site is a good alternative. It's easy to navigate and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4zeebra


Catalogue with a difference.

AdvantagesClothes with a bit of 'la difference'.

DisadvantagesSome clothes are a little on the pricey side.

"I have been a La Redoute customer for over two years now. When the catalogue first came out, I must admit I was not very impressed, but since the company was launched around three years ago, their catalogue has improved 100%. The catalogue itself is not your basic 'Freemans' or 'Kays catalogue, the styles are very different and definately french orientated. Some of the clothes are a bit way out, but the catalogues suits individual needs from your ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Connoisseu...


LA REDOUTE – the best Mail order company in the UK!!!

Advantagesexcellent custoker service, freephone telephone number

Disadvantagesnone really, occasionally some out of stock items can be delayed

"La Redoute is a French Fashion clothes and accessories mail order company. It offers the latest fashions at low prices with a freephone order line. They operate from their UK HQ based in the North and have one shop outlet in Leeds. What’s so great about this mail order company is they have all the latest fashions from France at knock down prices. They have a variety of ladies, men’s and children’s clothes at very reasonable prices. So how ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cupcake77


Great clothes, just slow delivery

AdvantagesCan be cheap; different ranges than most shops/catalogues

DisadvantagesSlow delivery

"I have ordered from La Redoute for over ten years (I am 28) and have always loved the clothes they produce. However, you do need to be careful what you order. Obviously, if you order something really cheap then you get what you pay for, although the Soft Grey Range is usually of good-ish quality, and the Mini-Prices range is reasonable, especially the shirts and vests, the prices of which can be as low as £5 for a vest and £7 for a shirt. If you ..." Read review

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Community Level 3leebee81


Something different from the High Street

Advantagesbeautiful clothes, discount codes

Disadvantagesdelivery times can vary

"Since moving to the UK, i have been fairly disappointed by the clothing that has been on offer. Virtually every town has the exact same shops selling the exact same clothes - mostly which are shreddy, ruched, stringy or just plain ugly. I also find that the quality of the garments availible isnt that good, and some of the fabrics are just awful. I discovered La Redoute when someone posted a discount code on a forum i read. As the code was a good ..." Read review

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Slow and incompetent. Avoid like the plague!

AdvantagesSome good deals

DisadvantagesCustomer "service", slow delivery, lack of response, slow, website, hit and miss in quality

"I would advise you not to use La Redoute. Their products are nice so it is a shame that their service is so bad. The auto-response you receive after you've sent them an email is a clue; they promise a response "within seven days"!! Have you ever heard anything like it? Do they want our business?! I have found them horrifying to use in the past, but the past few weeks are really the last straw. They've cancelled items from my order as they are out ..." Read review

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Good prices but sometimes with lower quality

AdvantagesWide selection of clothes

Disadvantagessometimes lower quality

"This site has good layout and they have clothes from more brands. You can choose by categories, sizes, prices and colours of clothes. There is also possibility to choose from the sale. Clothes are rated so you can choose also by rating. On the top of the site are tabs for women, lingerie, children, men, shoes and accessories, plus size, homeware, magazine, brands and sale. There are French fashion clothes but quality is sometimes far from it. I bought ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MikeRowswell


Stay clear...they just dont have the stock availability


DisadvantagesYou just get what you would like to order

"Have placed order for underwear on quite a few occasions and wished I d never bothered...you wait and wait...told goods are about to be dispatched and then you receive an e-mail saying out of stock.Why state on the web site that they are in stock when they are not.When items are eventually dispatched they seem to take forever and a day to arrive.If NEXT can deliver the following day,why cant la redroute?. Sales have no stock availability so you re ..." Read review

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Community Level 1only1thatb...


La redoute la money saved!

Advantagesnice fashionable gear at cheap prices

Disadvantagesfunny sizing and delivery about a week

"I have been a customer with a personal account for just under a year now online and found it is a lot cheaper than buying from shops, although you get charged interest, which isnt that much. I often take advantage of their sales of which you can get upto fifty percent off, just tonight i put in an order for 2 pairs of trainers that if i'd paid full cost would have cost £155 but instead are costing me £65, but also with a code £20 off would end up ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rachel_xxx


Catalogue Shopping that actually works

AdvantagesVery reasonable Prices

DisadvantagesIts a catalogue, still not the same as a shop

"Well, I have to admit I don't usually shop from catalogues. It's fine picking out the clothes, that's the enjoyable bit. But the real fun is when nothing fits and it all has to go back...yeah, nothing beats trying items on in a shop. La Redoute is one of very few catalogues I find worthwhile - some of the fashion does tend towards french chic (where I live, casuals fine, but fishnet tights and some type of french flat shoes wouldn't really go down ..." Read review

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Community Level 3e_l_parker


Something different...

Advantages'Different' clothes, good prices

DisadvantagesSometimes slow delivery, delivery charge

"I have used La Redoute for the past 3 years, both offline and online and I have mostly been impressed. The catalogue is well laid out and aesthetically appealing, with bright colours and good ideas. The online store is also well organised, fast and easy to use. In a way, using the site is more useful than the catalogue if you are searching for a specific item, because you can search by category. For example, you can easily find all the dresses ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thereseanne


love hate affair

AdvantagesAmazing range of clothings & accessories!for everyone male, female, children, teenagers,babies,even the late 30's and 40's

Disadvantagesu have to wait....'indefinitely', esp. for the hot items.

"i first knew about la redoute from the newspapers and then visited their website. it was refreshing and very attractive with it wide range of designs. i was even more impressed with the arrival of the fashion catalogue which had an even more complete range of their products. very clear and comprehensive. care of design and uniqueness in their products in one big plus for me. However, it took quite a while before i could get hold of the catalogue. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1concon


la difference!

AdvantagesGreat Quality Great range


"I have been a customer of la Redoute for quite a few years now and can honestly say they are great! The ladieswear range is excellant with products ranging from what they call 'mini price' to High street prices for good quality merchandise. The designs are clean cut with a contemporary yet modern feel, and have a very good range of sizes, not only in their main range but they also have an extended range which also goes by shape as well as size. Shoes ..." Read review

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