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A site I am a bit addicted to!

AdvantagesVery fast, great search options

DisadvantagesA few small alternations I would like to make

"Over the past few years we have moved twice and so found this website to be very important and useful to us in our house search. At the moment we are not planning on moving but I still like to look at this website quite regularly just to see what is out there really! When we did our house searches I couldn't find another website that was as good as this one and so this was our number one choice when looking. === What is it? === This website helps ..." Read review

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If You're Moving House Then Give This A Try! Diamond review

AdvantagesFree, Easy To Use, Can Search For Properties From Home

DisadvantagesNot All Estate Agents Are Listed

"...Estate Agents. This is where Rightmove.co.uk proves to be invaluable, because it combines together all of the major Estate Agents in each area, saving quite literally hours of time in searching. WHAT IS RIGHTMOVE? This is a National Online Database listing properties of all types to buy and rent. It also has some Overseas properties and land and also Holiday Homes to let. THE LAYOUT OF THE SITE The site can be found at http://www.rightmove.co.uk. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ang_2906


I hope it does turn out to be the right move

Advantagesfree service

Disadvantagesnot all agents listed here

" We're in the process of moving to a bigger property at the moment. During this, we have had to put our one bedroomed house on the market, and are looking for a three bedroomed property. Our house is on the market with an independent estate agent, but is also marketed on the rightmove website. *What is rightmove.co.uk? * Rightmove.co.uk is a website containing property for sale from all over the UK, with a small section with overseas property. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bestmum


There's Nothing Wrong With A Little Voyeurism

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, quick-loading pages, regularly updated, vast database

DisadvantagesNot all agents are listed, basic details of each property unless you request further information through the post

"Iíve got the moving bug, and Iíve got it bad. Leaving behind long lazy, warm sunny days in Spain in September, we came back to a dark, smelly, boring UK. It was life, but not as we know itÖor not as we wanted it at least. The original plan was to sell-up and move abroad to sunnier climes but found the thought of taking our little one away from her grandparents quite distressing. So after struggling with our conscience for a few days we decided to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stephbond89


Rightmove.co.uk great tool for moving home!

AdvantagesMakes it a little easier to move home!


"I used this website the two times I have moved, and actually didn't find the properties I lived in on there, but it was a HUGE help in finding places and looking what was available, and what we would get for our money, it saved us alot of time and effort and lowered the stress barrier a little. Rightmove.co.uk is a site for those buying, selling of looking to rent a property of any age, style, or price. It gathers information from hundreds of ..." Read review

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Rightmove - Worked For Us

AdvantagesFree To Use, Really Quite Useful

DisadvantagesSlow To Update Property Information

"...house we soon found that rightmove.co.uk was going to be one of the most useful services available to us in our quest to rent a property. Rightmove as Iím sure many will know is simply a website advertising houses for sale or let and seems to be the only site with such comprehensive coverage of houses in given areas. Numerous other websites we stumbled across whilst looking contained either, next to no search results for our area, or properties we ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Coraline53


Make the right move.

AdvantagesHelpful, most popular property site.

DisadvantagesNeed more specific searches.

"Right Move is a very popular, well known website, it calims to be the UK's number one property website. I must say I agree. For those of you that know nothing about Right Move, the wesbite concentrates on property and is broken in to sections, these being: For Sale To Rent New Homes Find Agents House Prices Overseas Holiday Lettings I must admit I mainly use the site for the 'For Sale' section but the other sections are all relatively easy to navigate. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Gems87


Find the right move with rightmove.co.uk

AdvantagesSimple and easy loads of choice


"I am currently looking to move out with my boyfriend and after looking into our finances knew we could only afford to rent. So off on the internet I went to search for our perfect pad! The first thing I noticed was how many different websites there were all offering the service I needed however I was unsure as to how reliable and up to date they were as it was so difficult to tell. However I recently seen advertised rightmove.co.uk, and so began ..." Read review

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Community Level 3binkybinky


Everything property on one website

Advantages1000s of properties on one site

DisadvantagesAgents are sometimes out of date

"...an agent that advertise on Rightmove.co.uk this way you are guaranteed to be hitting the biggest number of people. Overall I think this site is great, I often just sit on it in the evenings just looking for a bargain, or also dreaming about houses on there that we cannot afford! The only thing that can let the website down is the actual agents, I have seen houses on the site before, called the agent and found out it has sold, they hadn't got round ..." Read review

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AdvantagesLoads of inormation and easy to use

Disadvantagesnot one!!!

"...to move and are using rightmove.co.uk again as it was so helpful the first time around. FINDING THE RIGHT HOUSE When you first go to Rightmove.co.uk you have several options at the top of the screen, these include renting, buying, and estate agents. If you click on buying it then comes up with a box, which asks you where you would like to search for properties, you can enter either a postcode or a town/city name, when you have entered this ..." Read review

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Community Level 6redballoon


Search for properties

AdvantagesExcellent search tool


"...overseas property and holiday lets. Rightmove.co.uk has the widest choice of property for sale or for rent in the UK. "Over 450,000 houses and flats" It's quite simply a gathering of all the houses that are for sale around the uk and beyond. On the front page there is the search box, which becomes the main use through out using the site. in this search box you can type an area that you want to look at, or you can but in a city, place or postcode ..." Read review

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Community Level 2elmhurstgb


Make the right move

AdvantagesGood fast site, kept up to date.

DisadvantagesNot every agency is on it.

"...promoted by Ian Wright, the rightmove.co.uk site is well worth a look if you are considering moving house. The site is basically a collection of the files of hundreds of estate agents all over the UK. When you get to the site there are a couple of key areas of interest. 1. Find a home – This section is the area that I would imaging gets accessed the most. You have the option of either entering a town or a post code. Once you have done ..." Read review

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Out of date adverts of sold properties

AdvantagesA lot of properties and good search facilities

DisadvantagesOut of date property ads, sold properties advertised a year or more after sale, no response to email

"There are properties on Rightmove which have sold upto and over year ago, they allow agents to advertise themselves through long sold properties. This wastes peoples time, also reduces the value of other properties around these long sold properties. Why the hell does the largest online property portal allow this to go on? Zoopla has stopped this bad practice, yet Rightmove feel they are above the law and blatantly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Sweetpea1075


The right move to make

AdvantagesHuge range of estate agents advertise, easy to use


"Rightmove is a great website and the first place that I looked when I was looking for a house. All of the top estate agents, local and national advertise all of their properties on Rightmove, and there are new properties added everyday. You can search for any type of houses or flats, commercial properties, land or garages for sale or for rent. You can select the town or area that you want to search and select a minimum and maximum price, and you can ..." Read review

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Helping you make the right move in to your new property.

AdvantagesRental properties, properties for sale, holiday lettings, free, easy to use website.


"rightmove.co.uk is an online website which specialises in helping people to look at rental properties and properties to purchase. The website can be used for finding overseas properties, holiday lettings, new homes, properties for rent, properties for sale, agents in your area and local house prices. The website is very easy to use and you don't have to sign up or create an account or pay any money for the features and what you get for free ..." Read review

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