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Just click, book and fly!

AdvantagesEasy to use and lots of cheap fares available

DisadvantagesAmendments are costly!

"...a review on the actual Ryanair.com website and not on the actual flight itself. That would be a different review altogether! What is it: Ryanair is a low cost flight company Ryanair.com is the site where passengers can price up and book flights with the company. The site also allows customers to book a range of other travel arrangements now too such as cheap hotels, car hire and travel insurance. The site: The website is very easy to find ..." Read review

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I'm Ryanair fly me!

AdvantagesEasy to navigate

Disadvantagesnone that I could find

" Italy has long been one of the very few remaining European countries that I have wanted to visit but never had the opportunity or funds. On a whim a few weeks ago I decided to book a few days away for the Easter holidays next year for me and the kids. Never one to trust a travel agent to get me a good deal and being a single parent I refuse to pay supplements on my holidays, which I feel, is a rip off. So with no specific destination in mind but a ..." Read review

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Community Level 3beckslayer


Trip the Flight fantastic.

AdvantagesIt so cheap its crazy I tell you!!!!

DisadvantagesI haven't found any big one's yet, but the site can be a little slow.

"I am so excited I have just bagged myself an excellent bargain! I joined up to the member’s section on www.ryanair.com and I regularly receive offer via my email. Well I went to check my email this morning and they had sent me a new offer through. There were various destinations available including Dublin, Genoa, Brussels and several more, all with prices from 1 pound + airport tax. I am usually a little skeptical when it comes to offers, ..." Read review

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Ryanair - The budget airline

AdvantagesCheap airline fares

DisadvantagesHidden charges

"I know there are many mixed reviews out there for Ryanair, I have used them a few times now to fly to France and Spain and I am yet to come across any problems. I use Ryanair as they are always the cheapest option at the time I want to book, with my mum living in Spain for 6 months of the year myself and my sister tend to take a trip out there once a year for 10 days. I have actually just booked up with Ryanair to go for 10 days to Spain this August. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5hollywoodmum


Easier Than Easy Jet

AdvantagesMuch Cheapness, Special Offers, Very Easy to navigate

DisadvantagesHandling fee

"Before you read this is just to let you know that my review is of the Ryan Air website, the booking process and my experience of using the website not the actual flights as I have not yet been on them. Navigation The Ryan Air hompage is quite self explanatory . Across the top you will find different tabs for other service Ryan Air provide (or their partners) for car hire, cheap hotels, travel insurance, the Ryan Air credit car, etc, etc. Underneath ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Rincon



AdvantagesCheap Bargains

DisadvantagesNo meals on plane

"Welcome to Ryanair.com the online booking facility that rises above the rest when it comes to cheap flights. Brussels £8.00 - Hamburg £4.00 - Glasgow £4.00. All these prices are based on way routes. The list just goes on and on and the prices just get cheaper and cheaper. The customer is simply spoilt for choice, what with a wide range of destinations on offer and at affordable bargain prices. Ryanair has become the leading online booking service; ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


Ryanair. Dodgy deals

AdvantagesCheap deals

DisadvantagesImpractical deals

"Im currently in the process of booking 2 flights to Dublin from Stansted Airport for a friends wedding in Ireland in April. After hearing many of the stories of their cheap flights, I decided to browse the RyanAir website for a good deal. To be honest, im not impressed with their prices and deals but their website is very nice. Layout and presentation. ------------------------ Good. Very Bright and colourful using a White background for ..." Read review

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Ryanair's website - simple to use, but read everything carefully.

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, can log in to retrieve your details and booking with a variety of information

DisadvantagesYou have to read everything very carefully as the website continuously tries to sell you things.

"Ryanair.com is Ryanair’s website and it’s where you make your booking. The website has changed now, it used to be laid out in Ryanair’s colours of yellow and blue, but now it is a more neutral blue and white. You can book flights, flights and hotel, car hire, bus transfers, airport transfers and money transfers. However I have only used it for booking flights and for checking in and printing my boarding passes. The website is fairly straightforward ..." Read review

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Community Level 5buzzard_cad


Lyingair dot com

AdvantagesYou can book online

DisadvantagesSuspect deals, price will rise and rise

"I'll skip the introduction to the company as if you read my reviews you know my feelings on them so I'll move on quickly to the website and what you get. The first page is all flashy colours with blues, yellows or a flashing advert with offers on the latest flights of 9p for destinations from Stansted. Here you can select your origin airport, departure airport, flight dates and passenger numbers in a panel on the left hand side. Hit the button ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Deenie


Great for short flights

AdvantagesCheap, easy to use website

DisadvantagesSmall seats with no leg room, expensive food and drink, charge horrendous prices for wheelchair

"I have flown by Ryanair quite a few times as their tickets are usually the cheapest to Dublin and it is just so easy and convenient to book online through Ryanair's website. However you really do pay for what you get - the seats are small and there is hardly any leg room. I am about 5'8" and my knees were pushing on the seat infront. My fiance who is around 6'2"-6'3" found it very uncomfortable, and chose the aisle seat so he could sit sort of ..." Read review

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Community Level 3leafy81


The additional cost of Ryanair

Advantagesquick, easy to use website and affordable fares

Disadvantageshidden charges and having to pay for airport check-in

"I have just booked a long weekend away in Berlin with 7 friends for next year (May 2007). I have never flown with Ryanair before and only booked on this occassion because it was the cheapest option (£49.09 return including airport taxes etc). The website, whilst garish and full of flashing banners is fairly infomrative and realtively easy to use. However when it came round to actually booking i realised why Ryanair claim to have the cheapest fares ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lizzii


Oh how very cheap!

AdvantagesVery cheap airfares to an within Europe

DisadvantagesBasic travel with basic seats

"So i wanted to go to Scotland but didn't want to pay an extortionate amount - welcome to Ryanair. The online facilities were easy to use and it was just as easy to book. No faffing about, just straight foward pages of easy to read info; remember that you do need a printer though as this is a ticketless airline! Of course being my first flight ever it would have been nice to have the comforts of one of the bigger and more expensive airlines, but Ryanair ..." Read review

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Community Level 1theothegreek


ryanair bargain fares

Advantagescheap ,quick,clean,safe,punctual,book lastminute without needing to wait for tickets to arrive as its a ticketless airline.

Disadvantagesno good if you want anything more than basic service.flies to less central airports in many cities e.g from stansted in london to oslo torp which is about 1.5 hours drive from oslo city centre.same applies for flights to stockholm etc

"ryanair is great to use if you can be flexible on travel dates and often throughout the year you will find from midnught friday till midnight monday,most bookings are offered online only,at promotional rates-i took advantage of these a few times this summer.generally the majority of flights they offer (which are european only) were on average 5-9 pounds return plus tax!which is so cheap you cannot go wrong .most recently i flew from stansted to oslo ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nightchild


come fly with me ....

Advantageslurverly people and ever so cheap :)

Disadvantagessquished bum syndrome

"Well I just had to tell you about the cheapest flight I have ever bought, the company Ryanair is marvellous. I got a return fare from Birmingham to Dublin for a mere £29 including tax. I know from visiting their web-site again that they are beating this price now and are offering flights for only a pound (this does not include tax). Their destinations are from all of the main UK airports to Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1daverob0


Rip Off Air!!



"First, we paid £339-10 for 2 return tickets to Gerona, spain, hardly cheap is it! The outgoing flight took off 25mins late, but somehow arrived more or less on time. I wanted a drink onboard and was offered a WARM 33cl can of Carlsberg lager at £3-80! I declined their kind offer. The return leg was a completely different kettle of fish! On arrival at Gerona airport we joined one of the 2 queues for our flight, we were about 15th in the queue, 11/2 ..." Read review

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